Visit the most exotic forests around the world


The forests around the world are our natural treasures and our last refuge to stop global warming. Whether it is the rainforests of Madagascar or the cloud forests of costa rica or the dry deciduous forests of India, these forests shelter a variety of different wildlife and each of them is an unique ecosystem. For example the forests of Africa house the African Big Five including Lions, Leopards etc, the cloud forests of Costa Rica house plethora of birds including Hummingbirds, Toucans, Tanagers etc, many forests of India are home to majestic Tigers and Elephants while forests of Madagascar are home to plethora of Lemurs, Snakes, Frogs and other reptiles. If you have not experienced a real forest with its wildlife so far, you have missed something in life! Reach out to our destination experts today to understand the options globally and they can co-create an unique trip to an exotic forest anywhere in the world, as per your preferences.