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Andasibe Mantadia National Park


Andasibe Mantadia National Park, built-in 1988, is a popular destination for wildlife lovers. Especially for those looking for an exotic animal like Indri indri lemur, this is a must-visit destination. With dense humid forest, plants like pandanus and Ravinia, and greenery of palm-tree and Bamboos spreading through 154 km², you may spot various animals, birds, and insects. Besides, Mantadia National Park has two different areas, the Réserve Spéciale d’Analamazaotra in the south and Parc National de Mantadia to the north of Andasibe village. Further, because of the decent road condition all year round in these areas in Madagascar, guests choose to come here to feel a little bit closer to nature. Relax near the waterfall in the park or spend a day trekking, this is a suitable destination for both a restful holiday and an adventurous trip. The park is home to extraordinary vibrant butterflies too that mesmerize guests with their charm. Further, For guests looking for a quieter escape or a treasure hunt and an adventurous trip, few days stay in the good hotels, and lodges like Vakona forest lodge, and exploring the vibrant richness of flora and fauna around Madagascar is a must in their go-to lists.


Location: East Madagascar

Nearest Airport: Antananarivo airport

How to reach: 3.5 hours drive from Antananarivo airport

Famous for: Lemurs,


Short hikes

Best time to visit: April to December


13 lemur species, such as woody lemur, brown lemur, red mouse-lemur, red-bellied lemur, grey bamboo lemur, diademed sifaka, black and white ruffed lemur and aye-aye.

About 100 species of birds. Many of them endemic, like the Madagascar baza, Madagascar yellowbrow, Madagascar serpent-eagle and Madagascar wagtail,

50 reptile species, among them the biggest chameleon of the island, leaf-tailed geckos, the boa manditra etc


Dense forests wrapped with fern trees, moss, and stunning orchids flowering around September to January, Andasibe Mantadia is the habitat of many reptiles, mammals, and birds. It is fairly easy to spot a golden-colored diademed sifaka, and a bamboo lemur in this park. Besides, bird-watching is also a great option for guests. Not to forget, hot springs of Ranomafana near the park is a great place for swimming where guests can relax after uplifting their moods by locking eyes with exotic birds and wild lemurs.




Filled with spectacular wildlife, the star attraction of Andasibe Mantadia isIndri Indrilemurs. Hearing the peculiar call of these indri lemurs all day long gives guests the feeling of being in a different and magical world. Far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, the dense forests here takes guests closer to more than 100 bird species, 13 lemur species, and 15 mammal species inhabiting these forests. Although there is no guarantee to spot them all, guests may see amazing lemurs species such as woody lemur,diademed sifaka, red mouse lemur, brown lemur, red-bellied lemur, and black and white ruffed lemur while exploring the forests.


Moreover, the incredible wildlife diversity of the park is graced with gorgeous birds, like the Madagascar yellow brow, the Madagascar serpent-eagle, Madagascar baza, and Madagascar wagtail. Additionally, more than 50 of reptiles, 80 amphibians, and a few local endemic fishes may be spotted as well.


About the park


Keeping in mind their interests and physical condition, guests can choose to visit Mantadia or Andasibe according to their preference. Fortunately, both parts of the park can be visited in one day too as Mantadia is just about 15 km north from Andasibe. Guests can book a car and a guide at the park office easily.


While Andasibe is covered with degraded forests, low hills, and few lakes, Mantadia regions are extremely steep. Therefore, guests can choose to visit the area they feel comfortable in. Trails are harder in Mantadia no doubt, but plenty of birds and animals make their regular appearances here which attracts guests from far.


The Sacred Waterfall Circuit inMantadia with several holy places along the way is for those looking for a cultural experience. Besides, in the Rianasoa circuit guests may spot indris, visit a sacred waterfall, and see wild orchids. It usually takes 2 hours to visit these two above mentioned circuits in Mantadia. Tsakoka circuit, on the other hand, takes a longer time to visit but guests may be pleased to find various species of lemurs which makes it worth a visit.