Lemur, Beaches & Baobabs


Madagascar is famous for quite a lot of things and majorly known for three things- baobabs, lemurs, and the Indian Ocean beaches. The Island situated on the east coast of Africa is everything one can wish for. This trip to Madagascar covers the best of these three things, and how!

Start with Morondava and the iconic Avenue of Baobabs, where Baobab trees line up both sides of your road. It is best to visit this place during Sunset. Then go for some Lemur and other wildlife watching at Ranomafana, Isalo and Ifaty and experience Madagascar’s prime wildlife to your heart’s content. Experience the different islands and beaches along the sojourn. At the end of this journey, you would have experienced the very best that this Island nation has to offer.

Trip Highlights
  • Traditional essence at Pirogue.
  • Mighty baobab trees at Avenue of Baobabs.
  • Amboistra, famous for its craftsmanship.
  • Ranomafana National Park.
  • Ring-tailed lemurs at Isalo.
  • Hiking at Andasibe.

Day 1

Welcome to Madagascar

Your flight will land at Antananarivo (Tana) airport, from where you along with your folks will drive to your hotel. After relaxing for some time at your hotel, you will be all set to start your MADAGASCAR VACATIONS.

Since you've just arrived, the first day will be light, all you have to do is either drive or walk to the upper town.

You can see some colonial mansions and churches out there, or if this isn't suited to your interest, how about taking the entire day to chill at the hotel and exploring it?

Day 2

Next stop: Morondava

After breakfast, it is time for your flight to Morondava. Once you reach, in your "Trip to Madagascar", there is a short trip to Pirogue (dugout canoe) from the port of Botry, filling you with traditional feels.

Day 3

Who wants to meet FOSA?

The day starts with driving north to Kirindy forest, a private reserve, to watch Madagascar's largest carnivore and predator, FOSA., along with some other reptiles, birds, and lemurs.

The next step is for our Picture-Loving guests. You'll drive to one of the most picturesque sites in your Madagascar Vacations, the Avenue of Baobabs covered with 25 to 30 mighty baobab trees.

Day 4

Antsirabe awaits for you

On your drive to this place, you will encounter mountains, rice fields, and villages. Stop by at any village to observe the life in Madagascar more closely. And finally, you reach your destination, Antisirabe, a spa town.

Day 5

Did I hear you’re into Craftsmanship?

Keeping the enthusiasm to its peak, let's drive off to Ambositra, famous for its craftsmanship. Grab your lunch and drive off to your destination, Ranomafana, your stay for 2 nights. How about you take a walk to the rainforest and see what you find there?

Day 6

Wildlife Day

This day is going to be a retreat for wildlife lovers. You will be going on a morning hike to The Ranomafana National Park. It houses around 12 species of lemur, including golden bamboo, greater bamboo, and the elusive aye-aye.

Day 7-8

It is time for Isalo

Drive to Isalo, and witness some diverse plant species along with some chameleons and ring-tailed lemurs.

The next day, all energetic, start off to explore Isalo National Park. You would be led by a park ranger on a hike, witnessing varied landscapes and panoramic views. Some special views include, 'dancing' sifakas, ring-tailed lemurs, and 77 species of birds.

If it is your day, you will get to see the rare Benson's rock thrush.

How about doing some swimming in the park's natural pool?

Stay for as long as you wish, you have the day.

Day 9-11

Stay at Ifaty

The first stop for the three days is Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park, the most important remnant of dry deciduous forest in the country.

Have a keen sight and you would find some red-fronted brown, pale fork-marked, and Hubbard's sportive lemurs and Verreaux's sifaka.

The next day, drive off to Reniala Private Reserve, and dive into the spiny forest, owning 2,000 species of plants.

The last day at Ifaty is for the water sports lovers.

Go for, snorkeling, scuba diving, boat trips, or horse riding, whatever pleases you. Or, if you are too lazy to try these things out, stay back at your hotel, sunbathing, and enjoying views of the lagoon and the Mozambique Channel beyond.

Day 12

all three nights

Fly off to Tana for a full-leisure day at the hotel, pleasantly resting at the lakeside location along with being close to the city center.

Day 13-14

A leisure day at Tana

In these two days, you will explore Andasibe to its fullest.

Firstly, hit the Pyreiras Butterfly Farm then continue to Vakona Forest Lodge.

Accompanied by a guide, you will be going for a night walk in the Voimma Reserve, catching a site at satanic leaf-tailed gecko and the giraffe-necked weevil.

Next morning, drive to Mantadia Park and get the chance to be amongst the 1500 hectares of primary forest.

Next, you will be going for a guided hike including, sections of dense vegetation and some steep climbs, giving you an adrenaline rush.

Go back to your lodge, take a walk in Vakona Reserve, watch some less-timid lemurs to which you can stand close to, and get some photographs clicked.

Day 15

Exploring Andasibe

It is more than just a known fact, that you loved the journey, but it is time to depart. But there is still one last stop to add into your album of memories.

Leaving the hotel at Andasibe, early in the morning, you will drive to the Analamazaotra Reserve, which is famous for its population of Indri.

This is a goodbye gift from Madagascar to you, as here, you can listen to these unique species’ mesmerizing songs.

Carrying a bag full of amazing experiences and memories, you drive to the international terminal to fly back to your home.



Each day at your Madagascar Vacations, is at a new place, offering a new experience, letting you make new memories. Full of travel, this trip to Madagascar still manages to give you enough time to relax and enjoy the beautiful island to its fullest, covering almost the entire island. You can adjust the number of days on this trip according to your interests. You might want to stay in a few places for a bit longer while skipping the other places, it is all your choice, at the end of the day.

Carry some extra items of clothing and basic necessities, just in case you decide to stay for a little longer.

One thing is for sure, this trip is going to be totally worth it.