Kirindy Reserve

Kirindy Reserve


Located in the southwestern part of Madagascar, the Kirindy National Park is very close to the coast. The park houses many kinds of lemur species including the smallest primate known as Berthe’s mouse lemur. This is an endangered species and is very rare. The reserve is very small in size and covers an area of 280 miles. Although it has the largest number of primates in the whole world and thus it is also one of the most visited tourist destinations for the country.



The Kirindy Private Reserve is one of the most thrilling and adventurous places one may find. Many activities such as game viewing, birding, beach visiting, photography, hiking, mixing with the locals, and many others can be carried out at the national reserve.


Location: West Madagascar

Nearest Airport: Morondava airport

How to reach: 2 hours drive from Morondava airport

Famous for: Lemurs, Reptiles, Short hikes

Best time to visit: April to December


It is home to seven species of lemur. ring tailed lemur, red fronted lemur, red tailed sportive lemur, and the dancing Sifaka lemur.

50 reptile, 40 bird and 15 amphibian species are also found in this magnificent forest.


The Kirindy Private Reserve is mainly famous for its adventure and wildlife. This reserve is unique and one of its kind due to various reasons. One of the reasons is that it houses many endangered species of animals in the world. The wildlife of the reserve is very diverse including but not limited to reptiles, mammals, insects, and birds. The wild trees and the natural surrounding make sure to provide a serene atmosphere on the visit.


The park’s unique wildlife is one of the best attractions for lemur lovers. Many different species of lemurs such as the ring-tailed lemur, the red-tailed sportive lemur, thered-fronted lemur,and the dancing Sifaka lemurcan be spotted very easily in the reserve. Other than this, the park also houses the endangered Fossa Cat which hunts the Lemurs. Spotting one of these has become extremely hard with time.


Many other endangered species of wildlife in the park include the leaf-nosed snake, the Kapidolo tortoise, and others.


Kirindy is also home to various species of Reptiles that can be easily spotted in the monsoons. Furcifer Labordi is one of the shortest living reptiles in the whole world and its average life span is around five months. Apart from these, you may find over 70 species of birds in the national reserve and thus if you like bird watching, this may be the spot for you.



Hiking through the National Park:


The wildlife of the reserve is splendid but the flora is nothing less. Going for a short trek or hike in the Kirindy Private Reserve will help you explore the large variety of plants and trees in the reserve. You can hike through the mangrove forests and to the beautiful beaches of Madagascar where you may want to go for a boat cruise. The sacred Baobab trees and the pink flamingos will be the highlights of your hike.