Southern Madagascar

Day 1

Arrival at Antananarivo

The tour begins with your arrival in Antananarivo, where our representative will guide you to the hotel for accommodation. The first day is to spend exploring this vibrant city.


The capital of Madagascar is also it’s the largest city with a bustling marketplace and a scenic backdrop. You could buy any possible thing imaginable in these markets, which are always busy with vendors and haggling customers. The city is to resemble a hill town in the Mediterranean and has several ancient architectural sites to explore.


The overnight night stay is at Antananarivo.

Day 2

Antananarivo - Andasibe National Park

The next morning starts with an early trip towards the Andasibe National Park, which was previously known as Perinet. The place is vast and filled with various places to visit, hence taking up the next day and half of the tour.


En route to the park, we shall also stop to visit a local museum filled with reptiles and chameleon species, giving you ample time for a good photo-op, with various angles and shots in a controlled environment. This will serve as a good precursor to the other deeper techniques you will explore within the park. We then proceed on to our destination- the Andasibe national park.


After a day-long trip, it is time for rest and hence the night is spent at a hotel in the Park.

Day 3

Explore Andasibe National Park

Inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 2007, the Andasibe National Park is one of the largest in Madagascar ranging over 150 square kilometers in area, primarily consisting of forestland. It is home to over eleven species of lemurs, including the vocal Indri species, who are known for their song-like group calls during the early morning. This is hence one of the best lemur tours Madagascar has to offer, along with the fun exploration of several species of birds and reptiles present.


The Lemurs make terrific subjects for experimental photography and the relaxed environment of the Park helps you test out a lot of compositional techniques, like using slower shutter speed and experimenting with light. After a brief session consisting of tips on how to best edit your photos, the day concludes with an overnight stay in the park.

Day 4

Andasibe - Antsirabe Sightseeing

The fourth day of the tour begins with an early morning drive to Antisbare. The drive is estimated to take around seven hours and hence there will be a lunch stop en route.


Antsirabe is known for its relatively cool climate and is often observed to be a town with a noticeable mix of European atmosphere and Malagasy architecture. It is supposed to be the third-largest town in Madagascar and is known for its tranquility and pulled rickshaws.

The town serves as a beautiful subject for street and people photography, with the bustling marketplaces and colorful rickshaws forming a pretty picture within natural light.


The day ends with an overnight stay in Antsirabe.

Day 5

Antsirabe To Ranomafana Trip

After beginning the day with an early breakfast, we will head out on a four-hour drive to Ranomafana National park. Madagascar’s rice terraces, which will be the main subjects for the photography tour today will be used to learn and experiment with landscape photography. Though a tripod is usually recommended, however, since photography is exploratory, it isn’t always necessary.


Upon reaching the park, the accommodation will be arranged a few minutes away from Ranomafana. You could either visit the park and take a look around or see their thermal baths. The night is spent in Ranomafana.

Day 6

Explore Ranomafana National Park

The day will be spent exploring the huge variety of wildlife in the park.


Famous for being it’s subtropical climate and flora, Ranomafana National Park is said to be the home of over a hundred species of birds and seventy amphibian species, along with housing almost thirteen lemur species. Along the popular greater bamboo lemur found here, the golden bamboo and brown lemurs are some of the species to look out for.


After an entire day of happy exploration, the overnight stay is arranged near Ranomafana.

Day 7

Ambalavao Visit

The day begins with an early morning transfer to one of the most visited parks in Madagascar- the Isalo National Park. Filled with over 80,000 hectares of eroded Jurassic sandstone, the park is covered with either grassland or woodlands, the occasional stream, and deep canyons. Known for its beautiful and vast landscape, the park is home to over six species of lemur and several species of birds as well.


Having garnered skills in wildlife, street, and people photography, this tour will focus on telling stories through your photos. This kind of photography requires you to try and create a different element of a continuous chain of photos, hence creating a story.


The night is spent in Isalo.

Day 8

Ranomafana - Isalo Visit

The visit to Isalo park continues, with deeper explorations into its woodlands and a closer look at the wildlife. The photography session continues as well, giving you the time to capture enough images to create a compelling story.

Overnight stay is arranged at Isalo.

Day 9

Explore Isalo National Park

Similar to the last few days, the tour of Isala park continues with a stay on the Isalo ranch. You could also go for a swim in the pool on the ranch, followed by an outdoor lunch.

The night is spent on the ranch.

Day 10

Trip to Ifaty

Today begins with a pleasant trip that takes you to Ifaty and closer to the Indian Ocean. Upon arrival, you will be shown to your accommodation, which is usually a bungalow by the beach. The rest of the afternoon is for your leisure, with time to spend luxuriating in all that Ifaty’s beaches have to offer.

The night is spent here.

Days 11 - 12

Ifaty Sightseeing

A peaceful and lovely city, Ifaty is great for a much-needed vacation with the right amount of sightseeing and recreational activities.

The next two days will hence be spent exploring the city and its popular tourist spots.

Day 13

Ifaty To Antananarivo

The day begins with a transfer to Antananarivo. You could spend the time left looking for colorful souvenirs to take back home, at the handicrafts markets here.

The night is spent here.

Day 14

End Of Trip

The tour concludes today with a departure flight from the Antananarivo airport.