Rainforest & Beaches of North Madagascar


Madagascar is one of those places that is best known for its biodiversity. Many animal and plant species found here are restricted to this region and you won’t find them in any other part of the world. You will experience the chameleon getting along with its surroundings or might just encounter the threatening fossa species. Wildlife treks amid the dense tropical forest must be on top of your to-do list during the visit. Madagascar is also known for its meadows that are meant for expeditions. Most of the tours in Madagascar are scheduled in the latter half of the year due to the oppressive heat during summers. The variety of options available on Madagascar adventure holidays are worth spending your fortune on because they offer you that wildlife experience like never before.

Trip Highlights
  • The fossa is an animal species that resembles a cat and a dog, uniquely found in Madagascar only.
  • Aye-aye animal species is another main attraction in the fields of Madagascar. The animal has a long middle finger which it uses to scoop out insects from the bark of a tree.
  • Three-day cruise travel over Mahajilo and Tsiribihina rivers allows you to experience the true wildlife tours in Madagascar while driving over cool splashes of water.
  • Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park is known for its rock and limestone arrangements that pave a way to trek between the high rocks.
  • Masoala National Park lies on the northeast coast of the island which teems with clear water and mangrove forests.
  • During monsoons, the national parks and the oceans bounding Madagascar are seen with the essence of migratory humpback whales, hence the best time to book your Madagascar adventure holidays.
  • Tent camping in Madagascar is another escapade to look forward to.
  • Madagascar has been an attraction for the foodies as it offers Zebu meat which is the best among man meat types.

Day 1

Flight to Antananarivo

Board an international flight from your country’s international airport to Antananarivo.

Day 2

Stay at Antananarivo

You will be taken to your pre-booked hotel from the airport in Antananarivo by the hotel representative. Check-in to your room and get some rest for a bit. Antananarivo is known for its ambiance and the energy that prevails in its air. Thus, in the evening you can go out and visit the local market to shop for your favorites and enjoy good food in the restaurants nearby.

Post your outing in the streets of Tana, you can chill beside the pool and let the music heal your fatigue.

Day 3

Travel to the north of the country

After having breakfast the next day, you will have to board another flight to the country’s north, Diego where the representative will accompany you for a short distance to the lodge in Joffreville. Antsiranana, now Diego, is an amalgam of different cultures such as Chinese, Indian, Antankarana, and French. The people in this region are nocturnal and enjoy a great night time and prefer taking to the bed in the afternoon.

You can roam around in the village or just spend some time with your mates in the courtyard of the lodge.

Day 4


Day four begins with breakfast in the lodge which will be followed by travel to the Amber Mountains. The mountains have steep slopes that are renowned for an adventurous trekking experience. Your true Madagascar adventure holidays will in fact begin with this trek in the heights of the park. But do not forget to sight various animals from the height and in the park. You will experience how a chameleon blends itself in the surroundings.

The day concludes with a night at the lodge and a campfire.

Day 5

Walk in the contours of Amber mountain

Your day 5 in the Madagascar terrain begins with a trip to Ankarana Special reserve from Joffreville. While traveling to the reserve, you will have a chance to watch the heights and the rock pattern of Red Tsingy. Anyone who has taken tours of Madagascar has loved this part especially. The visit though is conditional to the weather report as the road to red Tsingy is sandy.

In the afternoon, you will arrive at Iharana Bush Camp where you can enjoy the sight of Tsingy from afar.

Day 6

Visit Ankarana Special Reserve

The sixth day is dedicated to the Ankarana Reserve in isolation. You can spend the day boating in the lakes nearby which are adorned with bird viewing. Also, you have an option to walk around in the reserve where a beautiful sight down to the coast awaits you. Later, you can explore the entire reserve and the limestone Tsingy while taking a short trip.

Shorter trips like this are often desirable as you get to experience the bat caves and a suspension bridge where you can look down into the limestone Tsingy.

Day 7

Day out at the Reserve

Day seven brings you on a short trip to a small port of Ankify from the reserve. On arrival, rejuvenate your body for some time and then enjoy the beachside in the evening. Nosy Komba is a striking feature of Ankify port. Beaches and caves are the main attractions that you can look forward to while in Nosy Komba.

But above all, snorkeling must be your top priority for which the arrangements will be made by the hotel staff.

Day 8

Small trip to Ankify

Nosy Komba has a lot more to offer than just beaches. On this day, you will visit the villages on the island and explore more about the culture and the handicrafts. Also, you can walk through the woods as most of the tours in Madagascar are only about getting closer to biodiversity. Your midday meal on the island will be enriched with seafood which is profuse in the Madagascar terrain.

Later, in the evening you will be visiting the local plantations. Most of the plantations in this region are composed of Vanilla, Coffee, and pepper.

Day 9

Exploring the Island

Your trip to Madagascar now shifts to its last leg and that is a flight back to the capital, Antananarivo. This is your last destination in the Madagascar adventure holidays package. You will be taken back to Nosy be Airport from where you board a flight to Tana.

The entire day can be spent in the capital region, shopping around, maybe satisfying your taste buds, or chilling around in the hotel.

Day 10

Back to Tana

You will leave for the International airport after breakfast is over. The hotel staff will accompany you to the airport from where you will board a flight back to your country with a bag of memories of open fields, wildlife, beaches, and the camp nights in your accommodation.