Lemur Safari


One of the best wildlife tour options for a quick peek at what Madagascar has to offer, the Lemur safari is a seven-day exploration of the interesting mammal species along with a variety of other reptiles and wildlife. The tour begins from Antananarivo, then gives you the chance to encounter the red-bellied lemur, brown lemur, and many other varieties at the Mantadia National Park after which you will get to experience the small island of Palmarium.

Trip Highlights
  • Enjoy the scenic drive to Andasibe Reserve
  • Explore the creatures of the night during the explorative night walk at Andasibe
  • Hear the group calls of the Indri Lemurs in the Mantadia National Park
  • Explore the private reserve of Palmarium with leisure
  • Click some great up-close photographs of the aye-aye lemurs on your evening tour of the Palmarium forests

Day 1

Arrival at Antananarivo

One of the best Madagascar wildlife tours, the lemur safari begins with your arrival at Antananarivo where our representative will meet you and take you to your hotel for accommodation.

The night will be spent here for a respite after a long journey.

Day 2

Antananarivo - Andasibe Tour

The day begins with a drive towards the Andasibe reserve, encountering the lush paddy fields and the highland scenery. After reaching the reserve, the afternoon is spent there discovering the various species of lemurs available along with the diverse wildlife specific to the reserve.


The day ends with an explorative night walk to see the nocturnal species that come out to hunt or roam in the area. The night is spent in Andasibe.

Day 3

Andasibe - Mantadia National Park Visit

The third day of your lemur safari begins with a deeper exploration of the Andasibe, moving on to the Mantadia National Park. A guide will be present to assist you throughout the tour.


The Mantadia National Park is a beautiful collection of flora and fauna, filled with several species of reptiles, wildlife, and of course, lemurs. The Indri lemur, with its teddy bear-like appearance, is one of the main attractions here. It’s easier to hear these black and white mammals before you see them as they communicate through their unique ‘songs’. And it’s always best to try and catch these groups’ calls or songs during the morning.


Some of the other lemur species you can spot here include red-bellied lemur, brown lemur, lesser bamboo lemur, with nocturnal lemurs - brown mouse lemur, greater dwarf lemur, Eastern woolly lemur, sportive lemur, and the aye-aye lemur, another special specie that can be seen only once a year.


After the day-long visit, the night is spent in Mantadia National Park.

Day 4

Andasibe - Palmarium Visit

The day begins with a short drive towards the east coast where Pangalanes canals are located. After a 45-minute boat trip in the passageway formed due to the linking of the several small lakes found in the fishing villages here, you will reach Palmarium which is a private reserve.

The other half of the day is up to your choice of leisure activities which range from exploration of the various lemurs here or maybe a swim in the lake.


The night is spent in Palmarium.

Days 5 - 6

Palmarium Tour

The day consists of a series of short explorations of the reserve, beginning with an early forest walk with the local guides as the point out the various species of lemurs here which include the Indri lemurs, black and red lemurs, Coquerel's sifakas and the black and white ruffed lemurs. The walk is a great opportunity to get close-up and clear photographs of the lemurs.


The aye-aye lemurs are usually explored on a separate trip during the evenings, hence leaving the afternoons for activities of your choice. The evening trip may include boat rides and takes up to an hour-long.


After a fun last day of your lemur safari, it concludes with an overnight stay at Palmarium.

Day 7

Departure from Antananarivo

The tour concludes with an early morning boat trip back to the villages where you will be picked up and driven to Antananarivo to catch your flight back home.