Antananarivo Antananarivo tour



Antananarivo also known locally as Tana, is famous for tourists as a destination to let go of all the tension of their routine lives and enjoy the tour at leisure. Antananarivo, Madagascar has a very long and powerful history attached to it. Along with history, the city also has its cultural heritage and unique wildlife. The Haute Ville situated in the main city includes various colonial buildings, cool weather, and steep streets making it a great place to visit. Renowned for its food and shopping, Tana offers tourists with various markets and food joints which are not very expensive but the quality of the items rival that of the best restaurants in Europe.


Location: East Madagascar

Nearest Airport: Ivato Airport in Antananarivo

How to reach: Ivato is connected from African airports

Famous for: Capital City,

International gateway to Madagascar

Best time to visit: January to December


Lemur park, Analakely market, Anglican cathedral, Musee de l’Art et de Archeologie

Birding at the Tsarasaotra Park, Ambohimanga, Immaculate Conception cathedral, Rova complex


The capital of Madagascar, Antananarivoaka Tana is a part of the country you should not take very lightly. Visiting the country, all the tourists land in this city at first because it houses the Madagascar International Airport. So, if you want to visit any part of the country, it is best to begin with the capital itself. You can carry out various activities in the capital city, some of which are as follows:

Explore the Ambohimanga


The Ambohimanga hill, also known as the Royal hill, is considered to be a sacred hill by the Malagasy people and the locals. The royal kings and queens of Madagascar used to stay up there before the French came to the country. A visit to the hill will enlighten you about the living style and culture of the Malagasy people before the colonial era. This place is also included as a UNESCO World Heritage site.



The Lemur Park:


The Lemur National Park, as the name suggests is home to various species of endangered Lemurs. Apart from the lemurs and other wildlife creatures, the park is also home to various kinds of species of plants and this makes it a famous site for botanists all over the world. Other wildlife of the park includes various chameleons, turtles, and many other species of animals. Spotting these animals is easy when you take a Nature walk through the park.


Birding at Tsarasaotra Park:


Tsarasaotra is a small park which is located in the center of Antananarivo, Madagascar. It is a very renowned destination for tourists primarily interested in birding. Lake Alarobia present in this park is the main attraction for all the different species of birds around the park and is the right spot for birding. The Malagasy pond heron and the Meller’s duck are the two common species spotted in the park.



Explore the Musee de l’Art et


Located in the village of Antananarivo, Madagascar this place was established in 1970. Around 7000 archaeological objects are stored here and can be viewed by the tourists. The place is also protected by the Antananarivo University and is a famous site for archaeologists.


Visit the Anglican cathedral


Constructed in 1889, this cathedral has a very unique design and architecture. The cathedral was constructed in a Gothic setting which makes it one of its kind.



Shop at the Analakely market

You will have the opportunity to go shopping through the busy markets of Analakely. Here you will experience the hustle and chaotic experience of the local’s everyday lives. You will also have the chance to buy some fresh vegetables, fruits, and street food from different stalls in the market for a farm-to-table experience.