Botswana Zebra Migration


The zebra migration season in Botswana is the period of the year, the wildlife lovers eagerly wait for. During this time, tens of thousands of zebras migrate in search of new vegetation. The humongous herds give rise to a sea of black and white stripes that are a spectacle to behold.

During this time in Botswana, the wilderness bursts with life. Colorful birds, migrating zebras, prowling predators, and the lush green vastness join hands to create a utopia of animal lovers, wildlife photographers, and nature lovers.

The Okavango Delta is a hotspot for viewing wildlife. The natural beauty of the Khwai and its surrounding regions clubbed with its rich collection of flora and fauna make it a fond favorite among tourists. Learn more about the migration in this blog.


The Nxai Pans National Park is the place where you get to witness the spectacular migration of Botswana. It is also known for its rich reserves of wildlife and its magnificent desert landscapes.

Trip Highlights
  • Exploring wildlife and natural beauty of Khwai
  • Helicopter ride to the Nxai Pans National Park over the Okavango delta
  • Witnessing the zebra migration at the Nxai Pans
  • Safari at the Nxai Pans
  • Visit the Baines Baobab

Day 1

Arrival at Khwai

From your pick up point at the Maun airport, you will be transferred via a flight to the Khwai area from where you go to the edge of the Moremi Game reserve. Here, you will get a taste of what the green season in Okavango Delta has to offer.


In the afternoon, you will set out on a safari in the Khwai Concession to see wildlife in their natural habitat. In this region, giraffes, hippos, elephants, cape buffalos, and zebras are common sites during the zebra migration season. You will also catch the occasional glimpse of predators like lions, leopards, and hyenas lurking near their prey.

At night, you return to your lodging facility to enjoy a delicious dinner under the exotic African sky.

Day 2

Exploring Khwai

After an early morning start to explore what the Khwai region has in store, you will indulge in various adventurous activities and guided tours. After that, you return to the lodge for brunch.


If you wish to spend some leisurely me-time, then the sun loungers will be perfect for you. In the afternoon, we again step out in the wilderness to experience life in this vast, secluded reserve.


At night, we return to the lodge in time for dinner.

Day 3

Last day at Khwai

Another exhilarating day in the Khwai awaits you as you set out early in the morning to view the wildlife in the region.


After having a cozy lunch at the lodge, you again immerse yourself into the natural beauty of the Khwai region.

Day 4

Nxai Pans National Park

From the Khwai, you get on a helicopter and fly over the Okavango Delta towards the Nxai Pans National Park to see the zebra migration.


The vast expanse of the delta below you, during the helicopter ride, is a sight that you will remember for a long time. With flocks of colorful birds thronging the newly filled water bodies, thousands of zebras will be taking part in the great migration in Botswana, you will see the wild put all its colors on a dazzling display.


In the Nxai Pans, you will be staying in seasonal camps that offer you a mesmerizing view of the zebra migration. With colorful birds, zebras, and greenery all around you, and the prospect of visiting the thousand-year-old Baines Baobabs looming large, the Nxai Pans will fill your heart with excitement and joy.

Day 5

Witness zebra migration

You start early in the morning to witness zebra migration Botswana, a wildlife spectacle unparalleled in the beauty that will overwhelm your senses.


Apart from zebras, during your safari through the Nxai Pans National Park, you will see wildebeest herds, giraffes, and occasional elephants. Also, keep your eye out for lions prowling in the bushes to pounce on zebras or wildebeests.

Day 6

Visit thousand-year-old cluster of Baines Baobab

On this day, you may opt to go on a visit to the thousand-year-old cluster of Baines Baobab, one of Nxai Pans’ highlights, or you could go on a safari to have your fill of the spectacular zebra migration.


After that, you set out to explore the beautiful views that the desert landscape of the region has to offer. At night, you return for a delicious dinner at your camp.

Day 7


This day marks the end of your zebra migration safari.


You will be transported to the Maun airport by road from where you catch your flight with your heart filled with fond memories of the migration in Botswana that you will treasure for a lifetime.