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Botswana is filled with a rollercoaster of experiences. A trip to the Chobe River, the Okavango Delta, and the Victoria Falls- you can have all of this and much more by choosing one of the best Botswana safari packages to plan your dream vacation.

Just like Africa is known for its lush landscapes that are thriving with wildlife, Botswana also boasts of a large number of species of animals and birds alike. You won't be bored for even a single second, as you explore the depths of Botswana.

Whether it be a quirky and fun-filled mokoro ride at the Delta, or a soothing boat ride at Chobe River, or standing in the presence of the Victoria Falls, you're about to experience a magical wonderland of scenic beauty, infused with adventure and thrill.

Game drives and safaris are immensely exciting as you get to see the wildlife from a lot closer than you can imagine, and you can see them in their natural habitat.

Botswana is going to steal your heart away!

Trip Highlights

  • Go on the most calming boat ride ever, in the Okavango Delta and Chobe River.
  • Experience one of the best Botswana safari packages, which includes delicious meals and adventures galore.
  • Go on frequent game drives and safaris to spot the exotic African wildlife.
  • Go on a shopping spree and collect items for your loved ones and yourself. Take mementos home to remind you of this trip.
  • Get the opportunity to catch sightings of the Big Cats- leopards, lions, and cheetahs, now that you've picked one of the best Botswana safari companies.
  • Explore a variety of landscapes like lagoons, wetlands, grasslands, etc.
  • Catch the herd of Cape buffaloes moving together in the expanse of Moremi.


Day 1

Arrival and trip to the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is a myriad of crystal clear waterways and a unique landscape that you'll get to visit as part of the Botswana safari packages. After your arrival, you'll be taken to your accommodation. Soon, you'll head over to your first activity- a mokoro ride! Mokoros are special types of canoes used specifically in the premises of Okavango Delta. Enjoy your mokoro ride to the fullest as you take in the beautiful sights that pass you by. Okavango supports many different landscapes. Situated in the Kalahari Desert, Okavango has a special place in contributing to the wildlife and vegetation there. You'll go on a guided safari walk where you might spot zebras, giraffes, hippos, elephants, etc.

Day 2

Exploring Okavango Delta

Go on an exploratory walk in the Okavango Delta. There'll be guides present to guide you every step of the way, and you can acclimatize yourself with the wildlife around you. Okavango Delta has unique and rich biodiversity; it'll take you a day to explore it in detail. Take as many photographs as you want and try to capture the beauty you see, in your camera. Have a hearty lunch before you set out on a mokoro ride or a walk again.

Day 3

Trip to the Moremi Game Reserve

After your wonderful experience at Okavango Delta, get ready for another adventurous trip to the Moremi Reserve. Collaborating with the best Botswana safari companies will ensure that no stones are left unturned in the exploration of African wildlife in the best way possible. Moremi brags of a variety of landscapes clubbed together, such as waterways, floodplains, pools, grasslands, lagoon, pans, riparian forests, etc. It's a birder's paradise as well as the perfect place for game-watching.

Day 4

Another day at Moremi Game Reserve

After a delicious early breakfast, go on a game-drive. Moremi is rich with a vast variety of wildlife and birds. You'll find herds of elephants roaming around the plains, as well as the exotic Cape buffalos. Other wildlife animals to see are- wild dogs, lions, leopards, giraffes, zebras, hippos, etc. There are many bird species in Moremi, and any birder would be happy roaming around trying to spot the different kinds of birds, like- Martial Eagle, African Fish eagle, Tawny eagle, African skimmer, Green-winged Pytilia, etc. Go for safaris and game-viewing to make the best out of this Moremi experience.

Day 5

On your way to Savuti (Chobe)

Savuti is infamous for its dangerous predators, the lions, hyenas, and cheetahs. The Savuti River is essential to the ecosystem and is a watering hole for wildebeests, zebras, antelopes, etc. Early morning and late afternoon game drives are the best way to make use of the Botswana Safari packages.

Day 6

Another day at Savuti(Chobe)

Savuti is well-known for the exceptional game-viewing experiences it can provide. So it only makes sense that your day begins with a wonderful game-drive. Return at noon for lunch and then relax! Apart from the afternoon game-drive, you can also discover the Bushman paintings nearby.

Day 7

Visiting the Chobe National Park

All the best Botswana safari packages include Chobe National Park. Not only is it a prime tourist spot, but it also has immense value to the Botswana ecosystem. The Chobe River is integral in building and maintaining the buzzing wildlife and fauna of the Chobe National Park. After your last game-drive in Savuti, you'll visit the Park. The Chobe National Park alone consists of three different landscapes- floodplains, swamps, and woodland. Chobe is famous for Roan and Sable antelopes, as well as the African buffalo and the Big Cats. You'll go on frequent game drives to explore Chobe.

Day 8

From Chobe to Victoria Falls

Look at Chobe from a whole new perspective, as you go on a tranquil boat ride on the Chobe River. Click lots of photographs and capture hippos, crocodiles, and waterbirds! After your Chobe River escapade, head on over to Victoria Falls. Visiting Victoria Falls, and being in the presence of such a mighty form of Nature is exhilarating in itself. You can engage in many activities at Victoria Falls.

Day 9


Your nine-day Botswana tour ends here! You'll be transferred to the International Airport so that you can take a flight home.

There is no doubt that you'll miss Botswana and your experience here. Au revoir!