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Victoria Falls


Named after one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the world, Victoria Falls is a town in Zimbabwe. The town lies on the border of Zimbabwe with Zambia being on the other side of the falls. The town is a part of the Matabeleland province of the country. The town is one of the busiest tourist places of Zimbabwe. The place is visited mainly by tourists of Victoria Falls as the view of the falls from miles of it is awe inspiring and no tourist wants to miss it. A view of the falls from their windows is what they want. The town is located about 960 m above sea level and has a warm yet pleasant climate throughout the year.


Location: Zimbabwe, Africa

Height: 960 m

Nearest rail head: Bulawayo/ Livingstone

Nearest airport: Victoria Falls

Famous for: Victoria Falls

How to reach: well connected via rail, road and air

Months open:all year

Best time:May to October


The most beautiful waterfall in the world


Chobe National park




The Shona is one of the predominant cultures of Zimbabwe. The land is home to descendants of Zulu people, Shona people, Vadoma people, Asian groups, Indians, Chinese etc. people here are mainly followers of Christianity and Mwari culture. The languages spoken in the region include Shona, Bantu, Ndebele and even English. Some of the finest paintings, sculptures and carvings form the core of culture here. Art is an integral part of the country. Theatre is one of the major forms of art in the country.


Victoria Falls is the major attraction of the town. 2/3 rd of the falls lie in the town while the other part is in Livingstone a town in the neighbouring state of Zambia. The presence of the falls makes the town a popular tourist place of the country. Vitoria falls are locally known as Mosi-ao-Tunya a name given by tribe’s about 250 years ago which means ‘The smoke that Thunders’. The falls came to be known as Victoria Falls when David Livingstone discovered it in 1855 and named it after the queen of England. The falls flow throughout the year. The flow is fiercest during month of April. The falls is most visited near the time of full moon. During this period of 4-5 days Night Rainbow is seen just above the falls making it the view of a lifetime. There are several spots around the falls worth visiting especially for those seeking a thrilling experience. These spots include Devils Pool, Lookout Tree, Falls Bridge, Eastern Cataract, Boiling Pot, Knife-Edge Bridge and several others.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park neighbouring the falls is another popular tourist attraction of the town. The park is situated in Botswana. The park is known for the high wildlife population that inhibits the park especially that of lions and elephants. Here both river safari and open game ride are famous and must do activities. While the river cruise gives you a glimpse of the flora and fauna of the park the game drive vehicle takes you deeper into the park to see that what is hidden from outside. This is where the big cats and huge elephants reside. (Passport and visa is a must to enter the park).


Livingstone is a town in neighbouring country of Zambia where the other part of the fall exists. The falls act as a border to the 2 countries. The town is named after David Livingstone who is considered to be the explorer of the magnificent Victoria Falls. The Livingstone express connects the town to that of Victoria Falls. Before the arrival of Livingstone the area was inhabited by tribes of clan of Batoka and others. The Mosi- ao-Tunya National Park is situated here. Many of the major spots of the Victoria Falls are in this part of the fall. The town has been one of the prominent British Colonies. The temperature is quite warm throughout the year.


Being f the top tourist place of the country the region has several option to fill your stomach. There is a wide range of restaurants right from budget restaurants to high class restaurants. Coffee, pizza, continental, Italian, Chinese, American etc. cuisines are easily available in the region. But what s authentic of the place is mostly meat dishes along with some peanut and mushroom dishes. Sadja, Whawha, Nhedzi, Mopane worms, Mapopo Candy are few of the dish must taste when in Victoria Falls.

Reaching Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is connected via air to major cities of Africa like Johannesburg and Cape Town. A flight to either of these and then to Victoria Falls is a convenient option. The Airport of Victoria Falls is about 18kms from the main town. Rail connectivity in the regions of Zambia, South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique is well developed and linked to surrounding regions via narrow gauge. A train to Victoria Falls can be taken from Bulawayo and Livingstone. From here taxi can be taken for further journey. Victoria Falls is connected to South African border via Beit Bridge. Direct routes from Bulawayo and Livingstone are also convenient for going to Victoria Falls.


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