Okavango Explorer


Botswana is a country that has a rich collection of flora and fauna, and safari trips through the reserves of Botswana are a mouth-watering prospect for any adventure lover. Be it the exhilarating game drives through the wildlife-filled Moremi Game Reserve or the boat cruises through the channels of the Okavango Delta overlooking the undisturbed wilderness, Botswana has plenty of activities to offer.


The Moremi Game Reserve is one of the best-known game reserves in Africa and boasts some of the country’s most treasured species of animals. The sundowners, game drives, and picnic lunches in the game reserve are an experience like no other.


The Okavango Delta, one of the tourist hotspots of Botswana, houses a wealth of wildlife and offers scenic views to explorers. The boat cruise through the delta, offering mesmerizing views of the wilderness and the wild, is an experience for the ages.

Trip Highlights
  • Adventurous game drive through the Moremi Game Reserve
  • Guided safaris that will take you closer to Botswana’s rich collection of flora and fauna
  • Picnic lunch inside the Moremi Game Reserve
  • Early morning boat cruises
  • Scenic boat cruise through the channels of the Okavango Delta
  • Wildlife viewing at the Okavango Delta

Day 1

Moremi Game Reserve

After your arrival at Maun airport, you will be taken to your accommodation at the Moremi Game Reserve to start off your Botswana family safari.


After having your lunch, you can explore the surrounding wilderness, and in the evening, you will be taken on a game drive into the reserve. The Moremi Game Reserve is home to lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, cape buffalos, zebras, wild dogs, and many more of Africa’s characteristic species. We will also have a sundowner stop.

Day 2

Game drive in Moremi

We start early on the second day and take you on guided safaris into the reserve to experience nature in its full splendor. In the afternoon, you will be taken on a game drive, followed by a sunset stop in the evening.

Day 3

Marathon game drive

With another early start on the third day of your Botswana family safari, you will go on a marathon five-hour game drive through the heart of the Moremi Game Reserve, following the Khwai riverfront, during which you will see the wild in their natural habitat, in their true colors, and majestic in their appearance. There will be a picnic lunch stop in between for you to savor the local delicacies while sitting in the lap of nature.


After that, you will be taken to a boat station, from where you will be taken to the next camp of the Botswana family safari trip in the Botswana Delta. During the boat ride, you will get a unique vantage point on the wilderness around you and mesmerizing views of nature.

Day 4

picnic lunch

The Okavango Delta, or Botswana Delta, is a treasure trove of wildlife and natural beauty. It is the highlight of most Botswana tours, and not surprisingly so, given the number of activities that can be done at the delta.


The Botswana Delta houses abundant species of wildlife, among which hippos, giraffes, elephants, and zebras are the most common. You also get an occasional glimpse of lions, leopards, and wild dogs.


The scenic boat cruises through the delta channels while viewing wildlife are certainly one of the highlights of your Botswana family safari and are an exhilarating experience. In the afternoon, you will be served high tea.

Day 5

arrival at Okavango Delta

After an early breakfast, you will get on a motorboat for a cruise to the boat station. During the cruise, don’t forget to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the channels. The cruise marks the end of the trip into the wild jungles of Botswana.


From the boat station, you will be taken to a nearby airstrip, from which you will be transported to the Maun airport. Here we bid you goodbye until next time.