Big Cat Safari of India


Experience the crème-de-la-crème of Indian wildlife in this expert curated Indian wildlife tour. Start with the iconic Ranthambore national park, which is India’s best national reserve for spotting the majestic Tiger. After taking short cultural stops at Jodhpur, Bhenswara and Mount Abu, head out to Little Rann of Kutch or LRK. Though constituted as a Wild Ass sanctuary, LRK is more famous for its ground birds and birds of prey like Short Eared Owl or Peregrine Falcon. From LRK take a short stop at Junagarh for the iconic Junagarh fort, post that head out to Sasan Gir, which is the last and only habitat of the endangered Asiatic Lions. See them to your heart’s content and then make the final stop to Velavadar blackbuck sanctuary, where apart from thousands of blackbuck you are also likely to encounter Indian striped hyena and Indian Wolf. However Velvadar’s main claim to fame is that it is the largest Harrier roosting site in the world, and you are likely to come across a few of them.

Trip Highlights
  • Delhi- Explore the bustling capital city of India.
  • Ranthambore National Park- Have fun spotting the Gigantic Bengal Tiger.
  • Jodhpur- Take a tour of the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort.
  • Bhenswara- Visit the tribal village to experience their livelihood.
  • Mount Abu- Stroll through the Dilwara Temple.
  • Little Rann of Kutch- Explore the wildlife and birding habitat of Gujarat.
  • Gondal Sasangir- Visit the Uparkot and Buddhist Caves.
  • Palitana- Take a Dolly Ride to visit the shrine of The Jain Temple.
  • Velavadar National Park- Look for the occasional Blackbuck Antelope.

Day 1

Arrival at Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, where you are met and transferred to your hotel. If your flight reaches on time then, take an afternoon heritage walk to explore the bustling streets and bazaars of Old Delhi. Capture the sunset from a rooftop junction point of the city. Overnight stay at the Florence Inn Hotel.

Day 2

Drive to the Ranthambore National Park

After breakfast, explore the crowded streets near the hotel.

Post lunch board Janshatabdi Express train, fully air-conditioning showcasing wonderful views of the Rajasthan countryside.

Reach Sawai Madhopur, the base for touring the startling Ranthambore National Park.

On arrival at Sawai Madhopur railway station, you will be taken to the hotel. Relax

Overnight stay at The Ranthambhore Bagh or Om Rudrapriya.

Day 3

Ranthambore National Park

Today morning we will start for an exciting safari.

It's a day about spotting down, the wild animals are watchful. The Park is home to gigantic Bengal Tiger, lions, and other animals.


Two types of safaris are available as per tourist's interest. Morning trips start as early as 06:00 am, and the afternoon safari trip begins at 14:00 and the estimated duration is 3 to 4 hours, though the schedule changes according to season and visitors density.

Overnight stay at Om Rudrapriya or Ranthambore Bagh.

Group of Lesser flamingos at Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Day 4

Ranthambore National Park - Jodhpur

This morning we depart to spend the day with the monkeys residing at the stunning old Ranthambore Fort.

National Park is a great place to stop for bird-spotting. After spending quality time trying to capture the bird flocks.


Next, we board from Sawai Madhopur railway station to reach the Blue City, Jodhpur.

You will have an unforgettable train journey with fully air-conditioned sleeper carriages giving you the needed break.

Arrival at Jodhpur and rest at your hotel.

Overnight stay at Ratan Villas or Pal Haveli.

Day 5


After driving for approximately 2.5 hrs, we reach to see the impressive 15th-century Mehrangarh Fort. The city shines magically because of its architectural premise. We take a walking tour through the puzzling narrow streets of the city.


After lunch we depart to traverse towards the mystical Aravalli hills, bordering the legendary Thar Desert. The topography of the area is vivid with a composition of dunes, ravines that captures the visitor's attention.

Overnight stay in Ravla Bhenswara.

Day 6


Home to some of the ancient tribals groups, we travel viva jeep to spend time understanding their lifestyle and culture. The locals are very happy to create an environment that is worthwhile for guests.


Wildlife lovers will have an exciting time spotting wild animals like Langur Monkeys, Antelopes, Wild boars, walking around the sites. The rock-strewn is a natural habitat for leopard and nesting birds like vultures.


Enjoy drinking Masala Chai and biscuits before heading for a safari to get a glimpse of wild Leopard.

Though, it's rare to spot the anticipation of seeing one gives an adrenaline rush.

Overnight stay in Ravla Bhenswara.

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Day 7

Mount Abu

Drive from Bhenswara to the former hill station of Mount Abu. The last hour of the journey is a twisty scenic towards the cliffs of the mountain. On arrival, you tour the beautiful Dilwara Temples, one of the finest creations by Jain architecture in India.


Later, this afternoon you take a walk in the picturesque Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Mt. Abu is famous for its endemic bird Green Avadavat.

The main spot for catching a glimpse of Red-cheeked bulbuls and maybe even a crocodile, before taking in the sunset picture from an extraordinary viewpoint.


Overnight stay in Connaught House.

Note: while visiting Jain Temple no short dress is allowed, cameras, shoes. You can wear socks if you are uncomfortable walking barefoot.

Day 8

Little Rann of Kutch

To drive to Rann of Kutch is a thrilling 4-5 hrs ride alongside the borderlines of Gujarat.

You will stay in a safari-style camp private cabin, which is a short ride to the nature reserve’s grasslands.

Spend time at the Dasada village's nomadic group consisting of the cattle herders, artisans, and farmers. The small village is the perfect base to discover the myriad parts of the Little Rann of Kutch.

The area is populated by 300 species of parading birds, which includes winter migratory birds such as flamingoes, MacQueen’s bustard, and pelicans.

Visit nearby villages, occupied by a mixed group of communities. The village women are specialists in needlework and use herringbone stitches interspersed with small mirrors, motifs, peacocks, and occasional chain stitches for their traditional outfits and other works.

Overnight stay in Rann Riders.

Day 9

Exploring the Little Rann of Kutch

We drive towards the wetlands of Rann of Kutch to explore the birding habitat.

The Little Rann of Kutch, filled with wilderness spread in all directions is home to numerous bird species.

Winter birds like Desert wheatears, cranes, Greater and Lesser Flamingo, stints, Dalmatian pelican, plovers, ruff, stilts, godwits, Steppe eagle, Dalmatian pelican, and storks can be spotted.


After an energized lunch, head for a wild safari to look for the rare and Indigenous Indian Wild Ass, endangered Indian wolf, striped hyenas, and desert cats.

Spotting the occasional Nightjar is quite a challenge.

Visit the locals to know about the salt pan harvest before heading for a stunning scenic ride to the hotel.

Overnight stay in Rann Riders.

a pride of lions quenching thirst in gir national park, gujarat

Day 10

Dasada - Junagadh - Gondal

We start to arrive at the Gondal region at 7-8 hrs travel time. On the way, we stop by a small town of Junagadh entailed with narrow streets having historical significance.

The notable ruins of 300BC, Uparkot Fort, situated here. To arrive at the fort entrance you need to take a horse-carriage ride through the tunneled slopes and zig-zag valleys. Atop of the gigantic fort present, a whole view of the town. Spotted-eagles and Black kites fly high under the infinite sky.

Next, traverse through the Buddhist Caves of depicting ancient cravings leading you to the check-point.


Later, ride to Gondal and stop by the 18th century Naulakha Palace, a private palace museum with some fascinating collection of artifacts.

Taste the slice of royal life in Maharaja's palace, now a renovated heritage motel.

Experience the thrill of hearing melodic sounds of Indian Bats through the overhead passage in the evening.

Overnight stay in Orchard Palace.

Day 11

Gondal - Sasangir - Gir Safari

After breakfast, we proceed to the Orchard Palace under the control of Maharaj to observe the amazing collection of vintage cars.

Next, we drive to the famous Gir Forest National Park for a thrilling gir safari in search of the Asiatic Lions and other wild animals.

Have a good time studying the natural flora and fauna during the gir safari ride.

Ensure to take enough water to hydrate yourself from radiating hot temperatures in the afternoon.

Overnight stay at Gir Birding Lodge.

Day 12

Sasan Gir

Start exploring the wildlife by hiring a safari ride that begins at 6 am and ends around 9:30 am.

Later, have a relishing lunch with mango-pulp and lemon groves on hotel grounds.

In the evening relax, by watching the sun adieu it's the place for the moon to shine.

The next morning we depart to reach Palitana.

Overnight stay in Vijay Vilas Palace.

bengal tiger licking its paw in ranthambore national park

Day 13


We start early around 6 am to avoid the scorching heat waves to visit the ancient temples at the hilltop. There are 863 magnificent Jain temples with white-clad deity structures positioned atop.

As you reach the top you are welcomed with a breathtaking picturesque sight of the Gulf of Cambay.

The main temple premise has a compelling spiritual aura giving guests a calming effect.

You will have a whole day to worship and take blessings before returning to the town.

Dolli caravans are present for people having difficulty in reaching the top.

Overnight stay in Vijay Vilas Palace.

Day 14

Velavadar National Park

After breakfast, we ride through extensive plains, leading to the dense, Velavadar National Park.

After arrival, you will give some downtime before embarking in the afternoon to reach the National park.

Keep your heads up to catch the beautiful Blackbuck Antelope cruising in the forest. Consider yourself fortunate if you spot the endangered Indian Wolf.

The whistling birdlife and the gang of raptors hold your undeviating attention.

Overnight stay in Blackbuck Lodge.

ravla bhenswara hotel in jalore, rajasthan

Day 15

Velavadar National Park - Ahmedabad

If you missed exploring Velavadar National Park, today is the day to visit again.

The drive is approximately 3.5hrs.

Else, you can opt to stay at the hotel to enjoy the scenic view with a cup of coffee.

Later, in the evening you depart to Ahmedabad Airport for your respective flights.

We hope you have a pleasant journey home!