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Arusha National Park


Location: north eastern Tanzania

Area: 137 km 2  (53 sq mi)

Nearest Railhead:

Nearest Airport: Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA)

How to reach: 58 km from Moshi 

Famous for: Mount Meru

Months open: all year

Best time to visit: late June to October



Arusha national park is located in Tanzania and spans the volcanic Mount Meru and is around 4566 meters high. The park is not that big but don’t let its size fool you. It is divided into three areas which are craters or valleys. The first is the Meru Crater that ends at the Jekukumia River and the peak of the mountain lies just near it. Ngurdoto crater is the second region and it lies in the south-eastern grasslands. The Momella Lakes are located in the northeastern region and they have different colored algal deposits and spectacular wading bird displays. After mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru is the second tallest peak in Tanzania. The 300-kilometer axis of all the famous national parks runs from Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater in the west and Kilimanjaro national park in the east.

What to see

In this part of Tanzania, you will get to see various bird and animal species and places like Mount Meru, Ngurdoto Crater, Momella-Seen, and Lake Duluti. While on the safari you will come across some of the most picturesque locations you will ever see in life.



Mount Kilimanjaro is the land of the Chagga people, one of Tanzania’s largest and last ethnic groups. One can say that when one reaches Moshi, Marangu or Machame, there is little indication that one has entered a ‘Chagga town’. Yet in the smaller remote villages, though decreasing year by year, traditional Chagga culture remains fairly indestructible.


The food available is usually simple but delicious.

● Fresh, organic ingredients are resupplied throughout the entire trek.

● A balanced diet is always maintained while on the trek

● Custom dining tents and comfortable chairs are included on every trek.

● Eco-friendly solar lighting is what lights up your meals. The standard menu is as follows:

Breakfast: it is usually a bread toast, jam and margarine combo or eggs and sausages with cereal. Served with tea, coffee or fruit juice. Packed Lunch: carrot or chicken cutlets, veg or non-veg sandwiches and bread, meat and potatoes. Dinner: Soup of the day, bread, meat, salad, vegetables like carrots and pulse cooked till watery. Tea or hot chocolate is also provided. Snacks: crisps or peanuts or popcorn


The park has rich wildlife and its circuit is one of the very best in Tnazania for birding. The major attractions in the park are giraffe, Cape buffalo, zebra, warthog, the black and white colobus monkey, flamingo, elephant, lion, blue monkey and many more. Leopards are hard to spot in this park. Birdlife in this park is of a humungous amount with several birds like the Narina trogon and the bar- trailed trogon as possible highlights along with the range of starling species here.


The plants that grow in this park include shade loving plants and forest growth to tropical palm trees and highland vegetation this is a place for aesthetic pictures and appreciating the forest vegetation. If you look up into the trees, you will see the black and white colobus monkeys waving right back at you if you wave at them. Mount meru waterfall hike The hike will begin on a dirt road is one of the greatest attractions of Mount Meru and there are plantations around. The planations and short bursts of forests with the occasional docile wildlife and lots of birds leads uphill to the waterfall. The waterfall cascades down in all its glory and the short hike makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The waterfall is highly recommended for tourists as the locals out there run shops which have local simple rustic dishes that will make you want to take a bite, all very nutricious and rustic, to be enjoyed in the backdrop of the waterfall.


The multiple lakes together forms a collection of underground water streams and rainfall which attracts the hippos and several types of birds like flamingos, herons, Egyptian gees and many many more. The activities that interest tourists are canoeing with gorgeous views of the tall giraffes and game drives that take you closer to the Buffaloes and the bush bucks. You will also get boxed lunches with the daily delicacies. The mid mornings are the best time to visit the lake and watch the crowd of pink and soak in the natural breeze.

How to reach:

The best way to get to Arusha is by air. There are both direct and one stop flights available to Dar es Salaam in Kilimanjaro which is near to Arusha and the Zanzibar Islands. A cab or a prebooked tour agency car will be enough for the next ride to the lush green park of your dreams 

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