All about Grumeti Reserve

All about Grumeti Reserve

Adjacent to the Serengeti National Park is the Grumeti Game Reserve, a 350,00 acre game reserve the Grumeti Reserve is home to multiple species of birds and animals. The reserve is also a hub for migration during the seasons. Grumeti is now an integral part of the Tanzanian ecosystem and adds value to the travel and tourism of the area. 


The Grumeti river is one the largest and longest flowing rivers in Tanzania. Home to the largest species of the Nile crocodile, the river also acts as a barrier between the Serengeti and Masai game reserve. The river also is home to the migrating species of birds and animals during the months of June and July during the migration season. 


Animals and birds at Grumeti 

The 350,00 acres of wide grasslands is home to an absolutely exotic range of species of birds and animals that are found in the vicinity of the game reserve. During a safari one can be sure to find hoofed mammals like the zebra, deer and wildebeests. In addition to this one can also find the Topi, gazelle and waterbuck. 


Giraffes, buffalo and rhinoceros can also be found at the game reserve. These are a few of the most commonly found animals that reside in the  game reserve at the Grumeti. There are also several carnivorous animals like the cheetah, lion, black jackal and hyena that one can spot during their adventurous safaris at the Grumeti reserve. 


In addition to the fairly spotable animals one can also spot a rare species of birds like the little spotted woodpecker, red carpet robin and the black ronoblek. These are a few of the rare species of birds that one would be lucky enough to spot at the reserve. 

grumeti wildlife

grumeti wildlife

birds of grumeti

birds of grumeti

lions of grumeti

lions of grumeti

Migration at the Grumeti River:

The migration at the Grumeti river is a sight to see for any visitor or wildlife enthusiast who visits the game reserve. This moment of migration is an extremely crucial and important part to the herds especially with the hazards that are seen at the time of migration. The herds usually arrive at the end of June on the South bank of the river to cross to the northern side towards Masai Mara game reserve.

Migration is often seen at the western corridor towards the plains of  Masai Mara. Here is where one can spot herds of deer and wildebeests trying to cross the fast flowing water of the Grumeti River.  This migration is a sight to see for the visitors. 

migration at grumeti

migration at grumeti


Where to stay at Grumeti Reserve 

The 350,000 acres of land at the Grumeti Reserve has several places for the people to stay at. These lodges prove to be extremely comfortable and homely for the visitors to enjoy a fun filled and adventurous stay at the grumeti reserve. 


Serengeti House:

The Serengeti House is made exclusively for those who desire to live amid nature and luxury. The lodge allows the visitors to relax, get beautiful views of the picturesque grasslands of Tanzania. The Serengeti house has the perfect staff to ensure ideal services to the guests with respect to their meals, stay and itineraries.

The lodge has 4 suites that feature panoramic views, en-suite bathrooms, private terraces and outdoor showers. In addition to this the Serengeti house also has several outdoor facilities like a swimming pool, fitness centre and a fire pit. The Serengeti House also features a modern safari for its visitors where they can come in contact with the wildlife of the area. 


Faru Faru Lodge:

The Faru Faru lodge is located in the heart of Serengeti, the lodge is home to a profound sense of well being and fitness centres for its visitors. In addition to this the place also has a scenic view of the rivers and plains that build up around the area of the grasslands. In addition to this the Faru Faru also offers its visitors guided safaris, wine experiences and community services. 


Sabora Tented Camp:

Offering the ideal East African experience to the visitors the Sabora tented camps have the perfect tented camps for its visitors, these tents are placed close to the grounds with the aim giving the visitors a true sense of the Tanzanian grasslands. 

With these tents they also have 9 private suits with private parties and dining areas. They also have meditation centres where guests can emerge themselves into the deep practice of yoga or any other form of fitness. 


Sasakwa Lodge 

The Sasakwa Lodge is home to 9 private cottages that feature an infinity pool of its own. The design of the lodge is a perfect balance between the splendour of the modern world and old world sophistication. The Sasakwa lodge also features the majestic view of the evergreen grasslands and magical sunsets 

In addition to this they also the visitors quintessential dinners under the starry night of East Africa. The private cottages also have personal butler services to the visitors ensuring a comfortable stay at the lodge.


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