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Best hotels around the Ngorongoro crater

Best hotels around the Ngorongoro crater

Tanzania’s Ngorongoro crater is known to be Africa’s Garden of Eden as it boasts beautiful landscapes and high concentrations of wildlife. The crater is the world’s largest volcanic caldera that is inactive yet remains intact. The word ‘Ngorongoro’ was given by the Maasai people which means the ‘gift of life’ in the local language.

The Ngorongoro crater is 64 kilometers wide and has an area of 264 square km. The caldera is also recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. It is located in the Eastern Great Rift valley in Northern Tanzania.

The scenic Ngorongoro crater of Tanzania
The scenic Ngorongoro crater of Tanzania

The Ngorongoro crater conservation area is included in Africa’s seven natural wonders of the world. In 1959, the huge area became an established national park which witnesses several tourists visiting today.

The crater is home to more than 25,000 wild animals and has one of the highest concentrations of elephant population. Aside from lions, zebras, cheetahs, giraffes, and more, one can also see the famous yet endangered black rhino in the area. There are more than 400 species of birds in the park, making it one of the top destinations for birders.

While visiting Ngorongoro crater, there are endless things to see and do. The best way to enjoy your trip is to opt for hotels that have easy access to the conservation area.

From offering exclusive services to picturesque views, here are the best hotels situated around the Ngorongoro crater:

1. Ngorongoro Serena safari lodge

Seamlessly blending with the beauty of the Ngorongoro crater, the Ngorongoro Serena safari lodge provides unparalleled comfort. The lodge sits high above the plains, into the crater’s rugged rims, and is covered with indigenous vines all over.

Sunset from Ngorongoro Serena safari lodge
Sunset from Ngorongoro Serena safari lodge

The interiors boast torch-lit walls, stylized cave paintings, arched stone passages, and timbered decks. Whether you choose the guest room or the Kimba suite, you are nevertheless promised luxury, privacy, and modern amenities.

With a private balcony that opens up to the vast crater below, one can’t help but feel entwined with nature completely.

The activities for guests at the Serena lodge include games drives, a trip to Olduvai Gorge, bush breakfast, sundowners, nature walks, and more.

2. Pakulala safari camp

Providing a unique camping experience, the Pakulala safari camp is an exclusive accommodation. Perched above the rim of the Ngorongoro crater, the safari camp is surrounded by the extensive beauty of the African landscapes.

Camping at Pakulala safari camp
Camping at Pakulala safari camp

The camp is made of 11 canvas tents, adorned in a classic yet elegant style of the 19th-century safaris. This classic accommodation is spacious and designed in a way that offers an authentic stay.

The tents come along with private terraces that show-off the most spectacular views of the crater. A campfire night in Pakulala tents under the open Tanzanian sky is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As it is situated right at the crater rim, you can easily hop on a safari, trek to the Empakai crater, or visit Lake Natron without crowds of tourists disturbing your vacation.

Equipped with privacy and sophisticated services, Pakulala makes sure to give you unforgettable glamping memories.

3. Andbeyond Ngorongoro crater lodge

Ngorongoro crater lodge sits at the edge of the ancient caldera. This accommodation makes you believe you are on top of the world. Amidst the craters’ admirable beauty, the lodge makes sure to mesmerize you with its incredible architecture that appears straight out of a fantasy.

The lavish interiors of Ngorongoro crater lodge
The lavish interiors of Ngorongoro crater lodge

The interiors of the lodge include Victorian furnishing blended with teak paneling and have a subtle African touch to it. The natural luxury of the lodge offers not only dramatic scenery but also a comfortable experience.

The dwellings at Ngorongoro crater lodge include three camps and 30 suites. Styled with intimate and detailed decor, you’ll find colonial as well as Maasai features. Each room comes with a private dining area and a personal butler.

With a tinge of romance surrounding the lodge, the special safari honeymoon offer is exclusively provided to couples. However, those coming along with friends, families or solo also have the opportunities to undertake treks, game drives, explore lion conservation and enjoy lunch banquets.

4. Ngorongoro wildlife lodge

Situated 7,500 feet above the crater, this wildlife lodge is sure to provide panoramic views of the surrounding greenery and the caldera. The lodge is located a few kilometers from the Ngorongoro airstrip inside the conservation area.

The accommodation is built in a local African style, using materials such as stones and woods. The spectacular sightings of the surrounding area and the crater can be absorbed by staying at the Ngorongoro wildlife lodge.

Views of the crater from the Ngorongoro Wildlife lodge
Views of the crater from the Ngorongoro Wildlife lodge

As this is the oldest and the first-ever lodge to be constructed in the Ngorongoro crater rim, it has a significant history. Up to this date, the wildlife accommodation offers top-class services, amenities, and a pleasurable stay.

There are 80 suites all overlooking the crater along with family rooms, three junior suites, and one presidential suite.

Wildlife viewing and game drives are one of the most popular activities around the lodge. Furthermore, guests can also visit Maasai villages and enjoy the performances of Maasai warriors.

5. Neptune Ngorongoro luxury lodge

Neptune Ngorongoro luxury lodge is positioned outside of the Ngorongoro conservation area but still stands as one of the best luxury accommodations close to the crater. Spread over 50 acres of luscious Tanzanian bush, the beautiful lodge is incredibly sophisticated.

A cozy cabin of Neptune Ngorongoro luxury lodge
A cozy cabin of Neptune Ngorongoro luxury lodge

The property has 20 luxurious and private log cabins attached with modern amenities including a fireplace, conference facilities, and a bar. The large personal terraces have the most magnificent and picturesque vista of the conservation area.

Aside from safaris to the Ngorongoro crater and Lake Manyara, the lodge is famous for offering the best spa facilities. The invigorating and tranquil treatment in the middle of the African bush is a healing experience altogether.

Guests can also visit the lodge’s very own coffee plantations as well as the gorgeous gardens.

6. Ngorongoro Oldeani mountain lodge

The Ngorongoro Oldeani Mountain Lodge sits atop a picturesque hill, outside the conservation area. It provides the most spectacular views of Oldeani Mountain and the Ngorongoro crater. One of the features of this lodge is that it is elevated in such a manner where one can see Lake Eyasi and Lake Manyara as well.

The Ngorongoro Oldeani Mountain Lodge
The Ngorongoro Oldeani Mountain Lodge

The 5-star colonial lodge has 50 deluxe rooms and a Livingstone suite. All the rooms are furnished and decorated lavishly. There is a majestic stone house in the lodge that has all the grandeur including the main lounge, boutique, fireplace, dining room, and more.

The serene lodge is perfect for a relaxing vacation. Activities and excursions such as safaris, nature walks, and sundowners can be enjoyed by guests staying at the lodge.

Visiting the Ngorongoro crater is a special experience. The best way way to enhance it is by choosing a suitable hotel close to the area. Mark these luxurious hotels from our curated list as they offer nothing but comfort in the middle of Tanzania’s wildlife.

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