Best beach experience of Kenya

Best beach experience of Kenya

When you think of Kenya, you picture exotic wildlife and adventurous safaris. A beach vacation isn’t something that comes to your mind. However, did you know Kenya is actually home to some of the most beautiful beaches?

These incredible Kenyan beaches are studded with stretches of white sandy shorelines, pristine and clear water, and majestic coral reefs. Not missing out on the fun factor, the beaches in Kenya offer many beachside activities as well.

A beach in Malindi, KenyaA beach in Malindi, Kenya

The uninterrupted stretch of shore, towering palm trees, and turquoise water will tempt you to spend days at the beach. The views are breath-taking, something you would only see in movies and postcards. 

Beaches in Kenya have everything that can match your preferences. From daring water sports to secluded spots and fabulous beach resorts, you are bound to get mesmerized by them.  

No two beaches will give you the same experience as they have their distinctive features. You may find one seaside to be cultural while the other appears more urbanized. This is what makes Kenya’s beaches stand out from one another.  

Why visit the beaches in Kenya  

While there are many beautiful shorelines around Africa, Kenya is one of the most famous destinations for perfect tropical beaches. While spending time at the seashore, you will only find comfort, making the experience unmatched.   

Viewing the pictures is enough to convince someone to pack their bags and head over to the beaches in Kenya. However, here are some more reasons why the sandy seashores in Kenya should be on your itinerary:  

1. Away from the modern world  

One always dreams of escaping their monotonous and hectic life every day. That dream becomes a reality once you visit the beaches in Kenya.

Surrounding by serene and calm water, life is slow near these shorelines. You can sit with your book along with a secluded spot or dive under the water for an energizing activity of snorkeling.   

Secluded spots on the Kenyan BeachSecluded spots on the Kenyan Beach

2. Unique coral formations  

Watamu, a town in Kenya, offers unique coral formations in various bays. Kenya has the world’s second-largest coral reef known as the Kenyan Barrier Reef. The reef stretches for more than 140 miles and offers several exciting marine explorations trips.   

Beaches in Kenya provide plentiful snorkeling and diving spots to choose from. The beaches are perfect for advanced scuba divers as well as beginners, suiting according to your level.  

Kenyan Beaches Coral FormationsKenyan Beaches Coral Formations

3. Aquatic animals  

For those wanting to witness the aquatic life of Kenya, several beaches can provide you with glimpses of unique species of fishes. You can come across parrotfish, lizardfish pufferfish, and various kinds of algae.  

A longhorn cowfish

4. An exciting fishing experience 

Kenyan Beaches are a world-class destination for anglers. You can experience deep sea fishing and catch sight of Dorado and yellowfish tuna. Advanced fishing in Kenya offers you to catch your very own billfish like the biggest marlins, swordfish, and sailfish.  

Fishing on the beaches of Kenya

5. Culture  

Kenya’s Indian Ocean islands preserve their culture and history. For example, the islands of Lamu are one of Kenya’s most well-preserved sites of Swahili settlements.

Other similar beaches offer enlightening and spectacular historical settings for travelers 

The vibrant culture of Maasai people

Top best beaches in Kenya  

It can be tough to choose a beach destination in Kenya because they are all perfect in their own ways. However, here is a list featuring the top 5 beaches in Kenya that will make your trip worthwhile:  

1. Diani beach   

Diani Beach is considered to be the supreme beach in Kenya. Located in Kwale County in the South of Mombasa, this beach is one of the most popular destinations.

It provides the ideal beach vacation for travelers due to the endless stretch of white sand, turquoise water, and coconut palms.  

The colorful coral reefs are perfect to swim, float, or relax. The beach is also renowned for its underwater sandbars and extensive palm vegetation.  

Watersports such as surfing and snorkeling are taught on Diani beach. You can relax and enjoy your time at various boutique resorts, lively nightlife, beachside bars, and inviting restaurants. Offering all of this and so much more, Diani Beach is one of the most vibrant Kenyan coastal destinations.  

Camel Rides in Diani Beach

2. Lamu Island  

Situated near the ancient Swahili settlements in north Kenya, Lamu Island is the country’s most exotic beach destination. Lining along its coast are the tropical beaches of Manada Bay and Shela Beach.  

This UNESCO world heritage site offers spectacular views and proves to be ideal for those looking for relaxation. Your trip can be enhanced further if you reside at Lamu’s exclusive beachfront villas, making your stay luxurious and full of comfort.  

You can catch the majestic sunsets in the evening by sailing out on Lamu’s prominent dhow boats.  

Lamu’s Old Town is full of charming hidden gems and can be easily explored with a local guide. Lamu is one of the best places to try out traditional Swahili dishes like coconut rice and Makaki.  

A beautiful sight of the Lamu Island

3. Watamu  

Watamu is popularly known as Turtle Bay and is one of the best beaches for underwater adventures. It is a paradise for divers and snorkellers looking to explore the coral reefs which accompany almost 600 species of fish.   

While underwater, you can easily spot turtle species such as olive ridley, hawksbill and might get a glimpse of the rare leatherback turtle.   

While taking a break from the beach, you can visit the Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve which is the largest coastal forest.   

White Sands of Watamu 

4. Nyali beach  

Located outside Mombasa, it is one of the less crowded beaches in Kenya. You are bound to get all the luxurious conveniences with its upscale restaurants and resorts.  

The calm ambiance at Nyali beach is the perfect gateway for travelers looking for a secluded spot. Having your own private space by your side, you can freely swim, dive, surf and snorkel without any discomforts.  

Near Nyali beach, there are various nature excursions like Nguuni Nature Sanctuary and Haller Park. 

The aquamarine waters of Nyali Beach

5. Kilifi  

It would not be wrong to address Kilifi as Kenya’s bohemian haven. Kilifi is the perfect place to lounge and sunbathe while starring across the aquamarine water.   

To catch the mesmerizing sunset of Kilifi, you can always hop on a dhow boat that will take give you the best sunset view.

One of the main highlights of Kilifi is the extravagant phenomena of bioluminescent plankton lighting up as the night settles in.   

A resort in Kilifi overlooking the beach

To witness the true beauty of coastal Kenya, we hope you mark these beaches for your next trip! 


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