Norway Unique Hotels For Northern Lights

Norway Unique Hotels For Northern Lights

The main highlights of Norway include the country’s natural beauty and rich culture. The beautiful historic towns, fjords, and picturesque train journeys are part of what makes Norway so enchanting. Yet, one of the most popular reasons why people choose to visit Norway is for the Northern lights or Aurora Borealis. 

Northern Lights sparkling in Norway

Northern Lights sparkling in Norway

Northern Lights sparkling in Norway

Norway is regarded as one of the best countries to watch this natural phenomenon unfold, due to its climate, proximity, and accessibility. But imagine, snuggling into your blankets and chasing the Northern Lights right from the comfort of your bed.

This is a dream that is easily achievable in Norway. When you want to enhance your experience of watching the Aurora Borealis from your accommodation, it becomes an unforgettable memory. 

To catch northern lights, the beginning of September until the middle of April is the best time to plan your trip. 

A number of hotels in the country provide unique and unusual ways that can help you achieve your ultimate dream of watching the northern lights dance comfortably. Check out these 5 unique hotels in Norway, perfect for Aurora spotting: 

1. Tromso Ice Domes

Tromso Ice Domes is one of the best hotels to see the Northern Lights in Tromso, Norway. The ice igloos situated away from the city offers a clear view of the sky. However, the catch is that you will be sleeping in an igloo built only from snow and ice. 

Aurora Borealis overhead a Tromso Ice DomeAurora Borealis overhead a Tromso Ice Dome

Tromso Ice Domes are a unique structure that is built every year in winter. If you plan to watch the northern lights from this hotel, you get to sleep on ice beds. There is a warm dinner provided to the guests by the hotel which is cooked on a bonfire. An exclusive snowshoe excursion to witness the Aurora is the icing on the cake. 

  • How to reach Tromso Ice Domes

By car, the ride from Tromso city to Tromso Ice Domes is 96 km or 60 miles which may take 1 hour 26 minutes to reach approximately. You can also opt for tours that are responsible for taking you to the hotel directly. 

  • Other activities in Tromso:
  1. Explore Tromos’s Artic-Alpine Botanic Garden 
  2. Visit the Polar museum 
  3. Take a cruise to Tromso’s Fjords

2. Lyngen North 

For a quiet place surrounded by nature, Lyngen North in Rotsund, with its quaint cabins and glass-covered igloos, is ideal to watch the Aurora Borealis. As the hotel is away from the city, there no tourist disturbances or crowds.  

Inside a glass igloo of Lyngen NorthInside a glass igloo of Lyngen North

The glass igloos 360-degree accommodations have an overhead roof built with clear glass while you are provided with every facility in your little igloo. In the night, they provide one of the most spectacular sights of the lights from your igloo dome. There are heat pumps and heated flooring to make you as warm and comfortable as possible. 

Lyngenfjord Houses, in contrast to the glass igloos, are made for a group of 8 or more people. The houses are situated down by the sea in a peaceful and beautiful environment, facing the Lyngenfjord. They are equipped with jacuzzis and a grill house.  

  • How to reach Lyngen North

From the city of Tromso, there are daily buses that depart for Lyngen North. If you rent a car, the drive from Tromso city to Lyngen North will be approximately a 3-hour drive.

  • Other activities in Rotsund:
  1. Visit the great outdoors at Reisadalen 
  2. Inspect jewels in Juhl’s Silver Gallery 
  3. Travel to the Lyngen Alps Region 

3. Eliassen Rorbuer 

Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway is a traditional and beautiful archipelago of the country. The sightings of northern lights on this island can be experienced in the renowned cabins of Eliassen Rorbuer.  

The night view outside of Eliasson RorbuerThe night view outside of Eliasson Rorbuer

There are several accommodation options to choose from, namely waterfront, traditional and superior cottages. There are also bedrooms and studio apartments available, matching with guests’ comfort and preferences. 

The accommodations in Eliasson Rorbuer are spacious and offer privacy to their guests. Along with watching the northern lights, you can undertake several activities like hiking, kayaking, surfing, snorkeling offered by the hotel. 

  • How to reach Eliasson Rorbuer

To get to Eliasson Rorbuer, a ferry from Bodo city to Moskenes takes about 3 to 4 hours to reach Lofoten island. From the Moskenes’s ferry station, Eliasson Rorbuer is situated at 10 km. You can easily take a bus or rent a taxi to reach the resort. 

  • Other activities in Lofoten Islands: 
  1. Visit Lofoten Viking Musuem 
  2. Hop on a boat to explore Rost Island 
  3. Walk on the white sand beaches in Lofoten 

4. Arctic Dome  

If you are planning on living in solitary and getting away from everything, the Artic dome in Narvik provides just that. The Artic dome stands alone in the mountains above Narvik where you can have views of Aroura Borealis all for yourself.  

No matter how isolated the place is, Arctic domes are furnished with cozy facilities for the guest. The tent camps provide a barbeque and a terrace complete with views of the mountains.  

The interior of Arctic Domes overlooking the mountains

The interior of Arctic Domes overlooking the mountains

If you have a car or want to hop on a train ride, you can travel to the borders of Abisko from Narvik, which are known for their clear skies, and catch the best Northern light sightings. 

  • How to reach Arctic Dome:

The nearest airport to Arctic Dome is the Narvik Airport, Framnes situated 2 km from Narvik Adventures. 

  • Other activities in Narvik: 
  1. Take a cable car that takes you to the top station of Narvikfjellet 
  2. Visit Polar park that houses several species from arctic fauna 
  3. Go on a ski tour on top of the mountains 

5. Holmen Husky Lodge

Located in Alta, Holmen Husky is another great accommodation to chase the northern lights but with your husky companions!  

Holmen Husky offers a mix between adventure and relaxation that provides nothing but a mesmerizing experience of Northern lights in a creative manner. 

The Holmen Husky Lodges in the nightThe Holmen Husky Lodges in the night

You can experience the Arctic Wilderness and get closer to nature during your stay in one of the Holmen Husky lodges. Along with amenities like saunas, outdoor jacuzzi, and lounges, the furry and friendly sled dogs residing in Holmen are adorable. You can go on a dog sledding ride with huskies or embark on a 2-3 days adventure tour with dogs. You will be accompanied by the guide and travel along the Alta River.  

  • How to reach Holmen Huskey Lodge

Buses to Alta are sparse but travel from Hammerfest, Tromso, Kirkenes to Alta for a shorter duration. If you are traveling by car from Hammerfest or Tromso to Alta, this one of the easiest ways to reach the lodge. You can also fly from Oslo, Tromso, or other smaller airports in different regions to reach Alta.

  • Other activities in Alta: 
  1. Experience snowmobile safari 
  2. Visit the exotic Alta Canyon 
  3. Watch majestic whales in Alta’s fjords 

Regardless of where you stay in Norway, the experience of witnessing the Northern lights proves to be unique at various accommodations. Pick the ideal unique hotel from this list and embark on the journey of catching northern lights. 


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