Located in the Arctic part of Norway, Tromso is a small city with only 73000 inhabitants. It is an extremely popular tourist destination where people come from all across the globe. The chief attraction of this place is the Tromso Norway Northern Lights. The amazing Tromso Northern Lights tour offers spectacular views to the visitors, with northern lights rippling across the sky in the dark winter nights. The place is surrounded by the magnificent wilderness of fjords and mountains on every side. Tromso is popular for its lively inhabitants, world-class alcoholic beverages, world-famous universities, and its numerous cultural activities. Tromso offers majestic views of the surrounding mountains with excellent hiking opportunities in the summer, and skiing and dog-sledding in winter. Tromso Northern Lights Tour is also filled with colorful cultural experiences. Visit the Polar Museum that showcases daring expeditions that took place in this region and the Art Museum of Northern Norway which displays an extensive permanent collection of artworks by Scandinavian artists. Go to Storgata and indulge in shopping for local handicrafts, Norwegian design clothing, and souvenirs. Enjoy the lip-smacking delicacies of the region.

One can enjoy the normal summer tours of Norway or the famous Northern Lights tours (from October to March).


Location:North Norway

Nearest Airport: Tromso airport

How to reach: Tromso is well connected by air from Oslo

Famous for: Biggest city of North Norway, amongst top places on the planet to see Northern Lights

Best time to visit: Jan to Dec


The cable car rides to see the Tromso Norway Northern Lights, Mountain Floya

Fjord Cruise and fishing, The Arctic Cathedral, Polaria Arctic Experience Center And Aquarium

Polar Museum & Skansen, Tromso Cathedral, Shopping at Storgata



The Cable Car ride to the Mountain Floya: Locally known as “Fjellheisen”, the Tromso Cable Car is a major tourist attraction of Tromso. It offers an amazing view of the Tromso city and its picturesque surroundings of mountains and fjords. Kvaloya, one of Norway’s largest islands can be seen in the background. The cable car is the best way to witness the wonderful Tromso Norway Northern Lights. The scenery are breath-taking. The mountains are the best place to see the Tromso Norway Northern Lights.

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Fjord Cruise & Fishing: One of the best ways to witness the beautiful fjords forests and its wildlife is the 5-hours fjord cruise on the wooden boat called “Fjord Queen”. Indulge in the stunning flora and fauna with delicious lunch and beverages. The cruise commences from the middle of downtown Tromso. Tourists can also fish from the boat or from any shore in Tromso.

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The Arctic Cathedral: This is one of the most famous landmarks of Tromso. Constructed in 1965, it was designed by a famous Norwegian architect, Jan Inge Hovig. The famous cathedral is in the shape of an iceberg with stunning colors and a beautiful glass mosaic. When the sunlight shines through the glass, it creates a stunning image of the cathedral.

Tromso Norway northern lights

Polaria Arctic Experience Center And Aquarium: This unique combination of an experience center and an aquarium is the best place to learn about Arctic nature and animals. It is located inside a cool and artsy building. Tourists can watch great films based on the Arctic and witness real live arctic fishes of all kinds like cod, king crabs, wolffish, and seals. The main highlight of Polaria is where they feed seals and the seals perform wonderful tricks. M/S Polarstjerna, the famous seal-hunting ship, is located just beside Polaria. Tourists can walk around the ship and experience the lives of seal hunters.

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Polar Museum & Skansen: This is the most famous museum of Tromso northern lights tour. This museum explains why Tromso was regarded as the “Gateway to the Arctic”. The exhibits give us an insight into the hardships faced by the trappers on Svalbard through the winter. Learn about the lives of great trappers like Henry Rudi and Wanny Woldstad, and great explorers like Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen.

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Next to the Polar Museum is Skansen, the oldest house in Tromso. It was built back in 1789 as a customs station bank. The locality is surrounded by other small houses, a beautiful garden, and a café in summer. However, only a few buildings are remaining in this old part of Tromso after the great fire in 1969.

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Tromso Cathedral: Locally known as Domkirka, the Tromso Cathedral dates back to 1861. This Northernmost Protestant Cathedral is the only one in Norway made out of wood. The beautiful architecture of the cathedral attracts tourists from all across the globe.


Chasing northern lights at Tromso: The convenient location and stable mild weather of Tromso make it one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in the world. The time between October to March is the best time to view the Tromso Norway Northern Lights. Tourists can go aurora hunting by Fjellheisen cable car. It offers stunning views of the surrounding. The best time to see the Tromso Norway Northern Lights is in the late evening towards midnight. Do not forget your thermal suits while going aurora hunting in Tromso. Needless to say, Tromso is the best place to see northern lights in Norway.

best place to see northern lights in norway