Top hotels in Chobe National Park

Top hotels in Chobe National Park

There are few places in the world where nature remains unspoiled. One such place is the Chobe National Park located in Botswana and is also known to be the first national park in the country. It is one of the most biologically diverse parks where game drives are truly exhilarating. 

Once you enter the Chobe National Park, the breath-taking landscapes and bustling wildlife are sure to give you a one-of-a-kind experience.  

Winding your way through the area, you will come across the dazzling Chobe River. This river remains special for the national park as it makes its way through sandy terrains, small towns, and dense forests.  

chobe national parks

The Chobe National Park has the high concentration of elephants

The most accessible area of the park, Chobe Riverfront, offers the largest concentration of wildlife. You can also head to Savuti and Linyanti Marshes to catch predators in action.  

Sitting on the confluence of the Zambezi and Chobe Rivers, Chobe National Park has abundance of  wildlife , be it elephants, hyenas, lions, or wildebeests.

With so much more to offer, Chobe National park is one of the best destinations to embark on a thrilling safari journey. 

  • How to get to Chobe National Park 

The national park is accessible from all the airports but the Kasane airport (3.7 km) is the closest to the park. Rental cars can also drop you off at the national park easily.

chobe river

The Chobe River

The national park is a popular destination not only for its wildlife but also for the accommodation options it offers. Chobe National Park takes care of its guests very seriously; their hospitality remains exceptional. 

And this also includes providing the best hotels to the visitors near the park.  Don’t look for them far and wide as we offer you this list of hotels found near Chobe.

Check out these top 5 hotels found near Chobe National Park that should make their way straight onto your travel list: 

1. Pangolin Chobe Hotel 

The Pangolin Chobe Hotel is one of Africa’s leading hotels, praised for its unique design and spacious area. This small establishment with only 14 rooms, offers the best place to have privacy and an intimate stay. 

The hotel is situated on the plateau and with such an elevated position, you get to see miles of Botswana’s picturesque scenery.  

Not only this, you get the mesmerizing views of the Caprivi floodplains in Namibia and the Chobe river down below. Lastly, you will be blessed with heavenly sunsets due to the hotel’s westward-facing direction. 

The exterior of the Pangolin Chobe Hotel

The exterior of the Pangolin Chobe Hotel

You will never get bored during your stay at the Pangolin Chobe Hotel as the retreat is full of adventurous activities for its guests. Starting from a river cruise, this hotel has its boats specially designed for comfort, and stability. 

For the safaris, the hotels have their cars which only take a few guests at a time so that everyone gets a view of the park. 

Finally, the hotel’s striking highlight is the fact that the hotel provides photography equipment to their guests for an amazing wildlife photography experience. You guessed it right, everyone embarking on a river or wildlife safari is given a camera and a lens, all free of cost! And if you’re new to the photography world, the Pangolin hosts teach you the basics of photography in no time.

Pangolin Chobe Hotel makes an ideal choice for your stay because it is one of Chobe National parks’ closest properties. 

  • How to reach the hotel: 

The nearest airports to the hotel are the Kasane Airport (1 km) and Livingstone Airport (71 km). As the retreat is also close to Victoria Falls, one can reach Victoria Falls  by car in approximately 1 hour. 

2. The Garden Lodge 

This cozy little accommodation in Botswana is a family-owned place, offering nothing but comfort and satisfaction for guests. The Garden Lodge is located on the Chobe river in a small town in Kasane.  

The small yet generous retreat is committed to providing personal service for anyone visiting the lodges.

The lodges are all en suite, have basic amenities, and come with a private veranda overlooking the Chobe River. The attractive garden of this retreat is constantly blooming with colorful flowers such as hibiscus and frangipani. The airy and roomy lodges receive unlimited sunlight making the guests feel refreshed all day.  

The garden welcomes many birds who usually like to make themselves cozy in the trees and have a taste of the fruits. You might want to keep a lookout for rare African birds that may visit the garden sometimes.

The serene Garden Lodge overlooking the Chobe River

The serene Garden Lodge overlooking the Chobe River

This hotel also provides safaris and boat cruises with an experienced guide in Chobe national park. Sightings of lions, herds of elephants, and wildebeests are guaranteed. 

  • How to get to the hotel: 

The nearest airports to the hotel are the Kasane (3 km) and Livingstone (71 km) airports. The lodges are located just 5 minutes away from the Chobe National Park. If you’re driving from Victoria falls, the lodge is located an hour and a half away.  

3. Muchenje Safari Lodge 

The Muchenje Safari Lodge is located in an isolated place, away from the rest of the lodges near the national park. This retreat is situated high on an escarpment facing the quieter west of Bostwana. 

Muchenje offers rustic yet luxurious accommodations with an incredible view of the Caprivi Strip and the floodplains. The11 private cottages are beautifully designed, each offering a view of the Chobe River and wildlife resting near it. 

The pool area of Muchenje Safari Lodge

The pool area of Muchenje Safari Lodge

The best part about choosing the Muchenje Safari Lodge is the wide range of activities you’ll get. Having their 4WDs and experienced guides, Muchenje has early morning game drives, all-day safaris along with river cruises, and exciting walking safaris to take you closer to  Botswana’s wilderness. 

Other ventures such as the intriguing nighttime safaris, afternoon safaris, community and school visits for a cultural experience, Mokoro trips along the Chobe River are also offered for guests. 

  • How to reach the hotel:

The lodge is located 45 minutes away from Kasane Airport. From Victoria Falls, the Muchenje Safari Lodge is just  2-hours drive. 

4. River View Lodge 

For a truly perfect gateway, head to River View Lodge situated at the Chobe River banks. This hotel is an oasis of tranquility offering the finest sights of nature. 

The lodges and private homes are located in between the magnificently designed garden which is perfect for relaxation. 

sunset of Chobe

The beautiful sunset of Chobe

The retreat is set in a place that allows visitors to relax and unwind while overlooking the iconic view of Chobe. 

The hotel is complete with several activities tailored for every guest staying at the lodge. You can choose to go for game drives with professional guides provided by the hotel, as well as hop on morning safaris or enjoy afternoon boat cruises. 

To make up for most of your time in Chobe, especially near the magnificent river, River View Lodge is the ideal choice. 

  • How to reach the hotel: 

The nearest airport to the river view lodge is Kasane Airport (12 km). The Victoria Falls is just a mere one-hour drive away. 

5. Aha Chobe Marina Lodge 

Aha Chobe Marina Lodge is a gorgeous little hotel, situated in Kasane in the north-eastern region of Botswana. This is one of the few places where you can rejuvenate as well as take on some thrilling safari experience.  

The modern and elegant hospitality adds to the charm of Chobe Marina, making the stay enjoyable. 

The warm hue over aha Marina Chobe Lodge

The warm hue over aha Marina Chobe Lodge

One of the highlights of this hotel includes the special offers it has for guests. You can book your very own themed vacation such as the Easter special, and a long weekend stay. 

The activities in Chobe Marina are unique and plentiful, from your general game drives to a sundowner and sightseeing cruise, tiger fishing, adrenaline-filled bungee jumping, and river rafting.  

  • How to reach the hotel: 

The nearest airports to the hotel are the Kasane (2 km) and the Livingstone Airport (71 km). A car drive from Victoria falls to aha Chobe Marina Lodges takes approximately 1 hour to reach. 

 The Chobe National Park is one of the best destinations for perfect game drives. These hotels near the park are some exceptions, that will provide you with memories that remain everlasting. 


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