Top things to do in Laplands

Top things to do in Laplands

Lapland is the northernmost region of Finland and Sweden, which is hailed as one of the most phenomenal parts of the world. This dreamy place is the epitome of magic existing in reality. Providing a one-of-a-kind experience, Lapland stands out from the rest of the places, all for the right reasons. 

The winter landscape of Lapland, FinlandThe winter landscape of Lapland, Finland

Tourists love visiting cities and countries that offer exciting and adventurous activities. Yet, Lapland promises all of these but with a twist! Offering some of the most surreal experiences, Lapland is sure to astonish you. 

Lapland has clear air, clean water, and snow-covered landscapes, a true visual of paradise. Once you land here, there are many activities to choose from that might boggle your mind.  

Hence, we have curated a list of 7 exciting and fun things you can choose to do during your stay in Lapland:

1. Sleep Inside An Igloo Hotel 

Ever wanted to sleep in an igloo but only dreamed about it? Lapland makes this wish come true as it offers many accommodations that are made up of snow and ice. 

The Snowman World Igloo in Rovaniemi and SnowVillage located in Kittila welcomes tourists in a hotel built purely of ice and snow. These igloo hotels are re-built every year with different ice sculptures guaranteeing a genuine igloo arctic experience. 

Ice igloos in the nightIce igloos in the night

Various other igloo retreats in Lapland are sometimes covered with a glass dome. The remaining are shaped like an igloo for an authentic experience. In SnowVillage, some nearby cottages and cabins provide homely warmth after guests spend a night in an igloo suite. You are also awarded a diploma for your stay inside an igloo in SnowVillage! 

This activity is perfect and exciting for those wanting to stay in a unique retreat in Lapland. 

2. Watch The Northern Lights 

Lapland, Finland is one of the main places people love to catch the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. You need a bit of luck from the weather, but Lapland has mostly clear skies that make this phenomenon a common sight in the region. 

The best time to witness the Northern Lights in Lapland is from October to March. When the skies get dark, around 9 PM to 2 AM, this incredible experience can be captured. 

The beautiful phenomenon of Northern LightsThe beautiful phenomenon of Northern Lights

The Finnish Lapland provides you with a spectacular view of the Northern Lights, which prove to be better than any other place. Level up this experience by booking your northern lights tour or viewing them from your igloo hotel room, all bundled up in blankets. 

Either way, Northern Lights never fail to leave tourists start-struck and Lapland provides just that. 

3. Go On A Husky Safari 

Huskies in Lapland are plentiful and provide the right dose of fun for your normal sledding. These friendly and adorable furry companions accompany you during your dog sledding. Dog sledding is a classic Lappish activity that has to be undertaken while visiting Lapland.  

Huskies running in the Lappish snowHuskies running in the Lappish snow

Travel through the Nordic woodland with these huskies and experience the beauty of the winter landscapes of Lapland. Dashing through the iced lakes, husky safaris make your entire trip worthwhile but do hold on tight! 

4. Ride The Reindeer Sleighs

Aside from huskies, Santa’s favorite animal, reindeer, are central to the Lappish Lifestyle. Reindeers are an icon of Lapland and you will come across as many of them as there are humans in Lapland. 

Almost anywhere you go, the majority of the companies offer reindeer rides which prove to be a refreshing experience. Along with seeing the majestic reindeer, you will also ride along with them and observe the beautiful winter wonderland of Lapland. 

reindeer sleigh in laplands

reindeer sleigh in laplands

These sleigh rides are not just for tourism, it is also the way the ancient Sami people in Finland travel around. To experience a spiritual yet magical ride, Reindeer sledding must be on top of your bucket list. 

5. Visit The Santa Village 

Speaking of Santa, did you known Lapland’s main town Rovaniemi is the official Santa Claus home? Whether you believe in the old guy or not, you can’t deny that visiting Santa’s village is a truly magical experience. 

Santa Claus Village is ornamented with cafes and restaurants as well as Santa-themed attractions. This village is also home to Santa’s post office where children from all over the world send letters to him. 

If you would like to experience a Christmas atmosphere, Santa park in the village is a themed Christmas park with rides and entertainment shows for kids. 

magical santa village

magical santa village

There is a rural attraction known as Jolluka where children can spend time with Santa Claus’ elves year-round. They can go fishing with them, help pick berries and look after reindeer with the elves. 

And after all of this, you can meet the very own Santa Claus in his office anytime time of the year, have a private chat, and just bask in the happy experience. 

6. Go For A Ski

Skiing is a favorite way to spend time in Lapland for many tourists and observe the region’s landscapes at one’s own pace. The big ski resorts lie in Lapland and are considered to be a classic winter vacation activity. 

In the roundest fells of Lapland, most of the big four ski resorts of the region can be found. Levi is one of the most popular resorts to opt for as it has 43 slopes to choose from. 

Skiing in Lapland's forestsSkiing in Lapland’s forests

The best months to ski in Lapland is from late October to February after which the snow melts off in May.  

7. Watch The Midnight Sun 

This natural phenomenon is an exceptional one that can be witnessed in the months of Summer, near the north of the Arctic circle and south of the Antarctic circle. The midnight sun is exactly as its name suggests – you get to see the sun shining in the middle of the night. 

The incredible Midnight Sun view from LaplandThe incredible Midnight Sun view from Lapland

This surreal event can be seen in Lapland where the sun sits above the horizon for 70 days. Just like the northern lights, the best place to experience the midnight sun is in Lapland. 

To make the most of this phenomenon, it is recommended to escape to a quieter cottage and make use of the extra hours by fishing, canoeing, or playing a game of golf.  

While there is much to do in Lapland, these are some of the best winter activities that should go straight on your bucket list for a perfect Lappish trip.  


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