Horse Riding In Tanzania

Horse Riding In Tanzania

For an authentic trip to Africa, nothing beats the country of Tanzania. It is home to the continent’s highest snow-capped peak Kilimanjaro, Maasai tribes, and white-sand beaches. 

Tanzania is considered to have a package full of adventurous and exhilarating activities. Whether you hop on game drives, scale mountains, or embark on a hot air balloon, it provides the perfect thrill to visitors. 

An elephant in a Tanzanian reserveAn elephant in a Tanzanian reserve

Offering an array of exciting activities to choose from, Tanzania is one of the top destinations in Africa. If you are an adventurous traveler, this place will be your haven. And even if you aren’t, the country will tempt you to try out at least one of their thrilling ventures. 

One of the most anticipated activities travelers looks forward to while taking a trip to Tanzania is safaris. There are plentiful options to choose from for game drives that occur in different regions of the country. 

Horse safari in Serengeti, Tanzania Horse safari in Serengeti, Tanzania 

You’ve heard of safaris happening in jeeps and 4WDs. You are also aware that walking safaris are popular and highly energizing. But there is another way you can enjoy your safari tour by becoming one with nature; taking up a horse riding experience. 

Horse riding is a very common and adventurous activity that is offered to travelers in Africa. No doubt it becomes a joy rid for those who already love horse riding. However, many beginners also take up this activity for an exhilarating experience of the wilderness. 

Why Go For A Horse Riding Experience In Tanzania? 

There are various reasons you must explore safaris with your four-legged companion. Some of the primary ones are as follows: 

1. Beautiful Landscapes

The picturesque wilderness of Tanzania is out of the world and nothing is better than experiencing it while horse riding. As you are out in the open, with fresh air around you, you will quickly bond with the land throughout your journey. Horse safaris allow tourists to get a clearer view of their surroundings than sitting inside a jeep. 

The beautiful deserts and iconic savannahs are just some of the sights to discover. 

The picturesque sight of Tanzania's reserveThe picturesque sight of Tanzania’s reserve

2. Wildlife 

Horse riding in Tanzania allows you to ride alongside many animals in the wildlife. Other than a vehicle, riding from horseback allows you to come closer to the animals.

While riding, you can see grazers or have a chance to walk along with their steps without the engine of the jeep disturbing anyone. Horse safaris offer once in a lifetime opportunity to get closer to animals such as the Big cats, flocks of wildebeests, giraffes, and elephants. 

A group of Cheetahs huddled togetherA group of Cheetahs huddled together

3. Guides 

During your horse safari, you will be accompanied by a guide that will take you through the entire journey. As you will be accompanied by the most experienced and friendliest experts, your horse safari experience will be enhanced further.

The horse safari guides are the most knowledgeable about Tanzania’s landscape. Not only do they take care of your safety, but they also provide valuable information about the details of the wilderness. 

Tourists on horsebacks as the Zebras look onTourists on horsebacks as the Zebras look on

4. Horses 

Africa boasts a wide range of selectively bred horses with the best of riding abilities. Some of the breeds include Arabs, Shire Cross, South African Boerperd, and Appalosas.  

The Shire Cross-BreedThe Shire Cross-Breed

5. Freedom 

Riding in the extensive landscape of Tanzania on a horseback provides inexplainable freedom to the rider. You will only be surrounded by Africa’s wonder while riding along with bushes, leaving the real world behind.

This sense of freedom cannot be experienced by riding a safari in the jeep. You will often feel like an explorer yourself as you make your safari journey through Tanzania’s wilderness and savannas.

6. Photography 

There is no doubt that the African landscape is photogenic. But if you’re looking to click some of the best shots, horseback in Tanzania can provide you with the most breathtaking views.

While on a horse safari, you can capture the beauty of Tanzania effortlessly as the views surrounding you are immaculate. 

The beautiful scenery of Tanzania  The beautiful scenery of Tanzania  

7. Unreachable places 

There is only so much a vehicle can let you explore. While on a horseback, you easily ride along the trails and go through the deepest waters of the rivers. 

This makes horse riding adventurous and you get to experience an exciting expedition like no other. 


Best Places To Go Horse Riding In Tanzania 

Riding across the iconic African landscapes with the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro offers an unparalleled experience of horse riding in Tanzania. If you are with your family, friends, or solo, Tanzania is the perfect destination to absorb the authentic African horseback adventure. 

Not only will you be riding by the wonders of Tanzania, but the horse riding trip also allows you to immerse yourself in the African culture and local tribes. Accompanying almost 120 ethnic groups of various identities, Tanzania has always promoted harmony and peace. 

These are the best places in Tanzania to experience the perfect horse riding adventure: 

Arusha National Park 

Encompassing unique wildlife and habitats, Arusha National park offers a breathtaking experience of horse riding. You will encounter the colobuses monkeys and large herds of buffalos near Ngurdoto Crater. Near the glimmering Momela Lakes, you can catch thousands of pink flamingoes, a popular spot for these birds. 

You can easily observe the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance. But one of the significant summits that stands guarding the luscious forests is Mt Meru, Tanzania’s second-tallest mountain.  

The beautiful Arusha National Park with the backdrop of Mt. MeruThe beautiful Arusha National Park with the backdrop of Mt. Meru

Lake Natron 

Situated in the north of the Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Natron is a photographer’s paradise. While riding in the Great Rift Valley, the entire area seems surreal.  

This unique lake is deadly for many creatures due to its high alkaline. However, in the winters, you can spot over two million pink flamingos nesting around the lake.

You can also witness one of the most famous wildlife spectacles of East Africa, the only active volcano in the continent known as Oldonyo L’Engai which means Mountain of God. 

Lake NatronLake Natron situated in the Great Rift Valley

The Serengeti 

Serengeti is one of the most popular destinations in Tanzania due to its extensive landscape. Here, you can witness the phenomenal migration of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles. The dramatic annual migration can give you a chance to watch deadly encounters across the crocodile-infested rivers. 

Keep a sharp eye on the big cats who thrive in Serengeti as this park is an iconic destination to catch glimpses of them. Serengeti will certainly surpass your expectations with its breathtaking beauty. 

The iconic Big Cats of Serengeti The iconic Big Cats of Serengeti 

How To Get To Horse Riding Safari 

You can book your flight tickets for Kilimanjaro International Airport. From there, you will have to transfer to Arusha which is the starting point for Safaris in the country. You can either travel by road or opt for a scenic charter flight to reach your camps in Arusha.  

Do try out horse riding in Tanzania for a thrilling experience that will offer you a unique way to explore the country’s landscape.  


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