Namibia helicopter tour

Namibia helicopter tour

Namibia is a country that offers an array of cultural and natural experiences for tourists. It is one of the largest countries in Africa. This diverse destination is famous for various reasons. Some of them include its unique wildlife, tribes, and remote safari camps. But what makes Namibia stand out from others is its extreme landscape. Adventurous travelers can elevate their exploration through a Namibia helicopter tour, gaining a breathtaking aerial perspective of the country’s diverse terrain.

Namibia is known to be the driest African country, as many of its areas are covered with deserts. You get to witness an array of natural topography in Namibia. This ranges from ancient granite mountains to soaring dunes. Moreover, there are rocky moonscapes, endless savannahs, and incredible salt pans.

The beautiful landscape of Namibia

The beautiful landscape of Namibia

Due to such landscapes, Namibia has some unusual species of plants and animals. The vegetation found here differs from other areas.

The Namibian landscape consists of five geographical areas, each known for its distinctive features. They are the Central Plateau, the Namib desert, the Great Escarpment, the Bushveld, and the Kalahari desert.

However, the world’s oldest desert found in Namibia is the coastal desert. Here, you can find the famous Namib desert, Fish River Canyon, and the Namib escarpment.

You can always explore Namibia by embarking on desert drives, hot air balloons, e-biking, and going on road trips. However, if you want to truly experience the desert areas in an adventurous manner, why not hop on one of the famous helicopter tours in Namibia?


Helicopter tours in Namibia

Namibia’s helicopter tours guarantee an extraordinary experience of witnessing its landscape from above. These tours are especially for those who would like to observe the vast desert regions of Namibia.

A helicopter landing over an African mountain

A helicopter landing over an African mountain

You can witness some of the most iconic and historical landmarks of the country by going on a helicopter tour. They are guaranteed to be breathtaking and offer a different perspective of these sandy regions.


Why go on a helicopter tour in Namibia?

Everyone goes on safari rides and road trips, but few choose helicopter tours. It is because this activity is underrated yet special in its way. 

This out-of-the-ordinary experience can make lasting memories for your African trip. If you are someone who loves venturing out on exceptional activities, a helicopter tour is ideal for you.

An aerial view of Namibia's coastline

An aerial view of Namibia’s coastline

While choosing this tour, you will sign up for two things: privacy and luxury. These tours are tailored to offer exclusive and flexible journeys across the Namibian desert regions.

Such types of tours revolve around the client’s preferences and make sure their every need is fulfilled. This is how you get the best service when you go on a helicopter tour.

If you would like to pick any destination in Africa to see from the air, nothing is more perfect than Namibia. With its harsh yet equally stunning terrain spread across the country, you can’t help but admire nature’s spectacular creation.


The best regions for helicopter tours in Namibia 


Sossusvlei is situated within the Namib-Naukluft National Park. Nestled in the southern part of Namibia, this area is popularly known for its red sands.

Here, you can view some of the tallest dunes in the world, reaching almost 400 metres.

The iconic Sossusvlei

The iconic Sossusvlei

The morning and evening light make the red sands appear strikingly vibrant. This is perfect for photographic enthusiasts who would like to take aerial shots of the dunes from above.

You can catch the heavenly sunrise while flying over Sossusvlei in the evening, making the landscape appear even more stunning.


Skeleton coast 

Skeleton Coast appears more like a mirage than a real-life place on Earth. The dazzling white sand beaches and the wide ocean appear straight out of a fictional tale.

The name ‘Skeleton Coast’ comes from the fact that there are skeletons of almost 500 shipwrecks scattered near the coast, some dating back hundreds of years.

A shipwreck seen from above in Skeleton Coast

A shipwreck is seen from above in Skeleton Coast

The remains of ships are usually found behind dunes and further away from the sea. While those driving in 4WDs would have to look extra hard for shipwrecks, you can easily spot them from up in the air.

As haunting and gloomy as that sounds, you will be mesmerized by the coast once you fly over it.

Despite being the least visited place in Africa, the Skeleton Coast is one of those destinations that cannot be found elsewhere in the world.



Close to Sossusvlei is the Deadvlei, a clay pan significantly marked by dead camel-thorn trees. These dark trees are suspected to be 900 years old and known to have been saved from decomposing by the dry climate. They stand strong in contrast to the white pan floor of Deadvlei.

What was once a marsh thousand of years ago rusted into fiery red dunes in Deadvlei. All that remains now is a forest frozen in time. 

The camel thorn trees in Deadvlei

The camel thorn trees in Deadvlei

This beautiful yet haunting Deadvlei desert makes it an alien landscape in Namibia. Nevertheless, one of the reasons to visit Deadlvie is to capture the sunrise or sunset over the huge red sand dunes. You will also get to witness the world’s clearest blue sky in Deadvlei.


Sandwich Harbor 

The most dramatic sights of Namibia can be seen at Sandwich Harbour, which lies in Dorob National Park. While in the air, you will get to observe the giant dunes running straight into the ocean, forming an incredible landscape.

Sandwich Harbour where sand dunes and the sea meet

Sandwich Harbour where sand dunes and the sea meet

The picturesque lagoons, salt pans, and bird sanctuary in Sandwich Harbor are regarded as one of the most important coastlines of Southern Africa.


Types of Helicopter Tours in Namibia 

You can choose from these three major types of helicopter tours to explore the Namibian desert. 

  1. Scenic flights: As the name suggests, you will flow across the most beautiful landscapes of Namibia on a scenic helicopter tour.
  2. Charters: By choosing a charter flight, you can build your custom-made itinerary. The helicopter tour will take you to places you would like to observe.
  3. Photo safaris: In photo safaris, keen photographers can choose to go on a helicopter tour and capture the best shots of the unique deserts from an aerial view. The doors can be particularly opened, providing nothing but an adrenaline-filled experience.

Helicopter tours are a unique activity that must be undertaken at least once in a lifetime. If you are visiting Namibia, you can get to see the most unique geographical landscapes while flying in the air.


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