Sossusvlei lies In the southern corner of Namibia, within the Namib Naukluft National Park. Its tall orange dunes are popular across the whole world. You may feel amazed by seeing endless dunes and it will be an awesome experience for you. It is a place of wonder with its ever-changing shape and color. If you are planning to visit Namibia, you should stay here at least for 2 days. You do not want to miss out on seeing the stark dead tree landscapes of Deadvlei tour and magical appearance of dunes such as dune45. These famous landscapes are the most photographed ones. You will also enjoy the wildlife here.



Location: East Namibia

Nearest International Airport: Windhoek

How to reach: By road or flight from Windhoek

Famous for: Tall orange sand dunes and stark landscapes

Best time to visit: Jan to Dec



Dune 45

Big Daddy and Big Mamma Dunes

Wildlife – Oryx and Ostriches


Things to do:

Feel the adventure of climbing the dunes


You should see the incredible beauty of these ever-changing dunes. You can choose either the morning or the evening time to visit here. The reason is that at this time heat is low, and the color is more vibrant. Having a private vehicle will make it easy for you to explore more dunes along the road. Try to reach out to the top of one of the dunes and feel that you are on a Mars-like landscape. Among all dunes, some like the dune 45 and Elim will leave you speechless.

Exciting hidden vlei and Deadvlei tour

It is about a 6km round walking trip. Here, you can find fossils of 900-years old Acacia trees. It is a wonderful place to have adventures. Walking-in hidden vlei is also a gratifying experience. It is a barren landscape where you can see scattered lone trees. To prevent you from getting lost, the whole walk is signposted. You should make sure that you carry extra water.

The oldest desert and Sossusvlei will give you an amazing drift.


Dunes of Sossusvlei are one of the best options where you can go for ballooning. A hot air balloon is the best way to explore the heart of the desert. These balloons depart before sunrise. Here you can be a witness of the beauty of nature. This opportunity of viewing the stunning landscape from the silence of the hot air balloon should not be allowed to pass by. The pilots are there to ensure your safety at all points

Explore Sesriem Canyon and be on the lookout for water


The Sesriem Canyon is a natural gorge that was shaped out by River Tsauchab millions of years ago. It is one of the few places in Namibia that holds water throughout the year. Deeper hollows in the canyon hold water even in the dryer months.

The early Afrikaans explorers were the ones to name the canyon. The explorers used six (“Ses”) leather straps (“Riem”), which were tied together to create a long rope. These ropes were tied to buckets by the thirsty explorers to lower them and fetch water from the canyon’s floor. Thus, came the name Sesriem Canyon. The canyon is around 4.5kms from the entrance of the Namib-Naukluft National Park. This canyon is worth a visit to view the stunning rock formations.

Be in awe of the Dune 45 and Big Daddy Dune


Dune 45 is called a star dune as the sand forms a shape similar to a star due to winds. The name is so because it is 45 kilometers from the Sesriem Gate. The appearance of the dune changes throughout the day and amazing pictures can be clicked here. The top of the dune offers an amazing panoramic view. At a whopping 325m, Big Daddy is one of the largest dunes in the world. Reaching the top of this dune will earn you bragging rights. However, you would need a huge amount of stamina and water to reach the top.


Where to stay:


Sossus Dune Lodge and Kulala Desert Lodge are some of the most preferred places to stay. Below is why you should try to stay at Sossus Dune Lodge-


Sossus Dune Lodge is built in an environment-friendly manner. It is built in an afro-village style. The accommodation is built mainly from wood, thatch, and canvas. You get a chance to view dunes and mountains from the lodge itself. As the lodge is within the park, it is easy for the guests to reach Sossusvlei before the sunrise and view the splendor of the African desert. The guests can stay at Sossusvlei even after sunset as the lodge is not far. It will make your Sossusvlei experience a memorable one.