Luxury Namibia Flying Safari


Namibia, a safari destination in southern Africa, is home to several different endangered and endemic species of animals and birds. Your Namibia luxury safari tour takes from the highest dunes in Sossusvlei to the German-influenced capital city of Windhoek to the exploration of diverse fauna. During the trip, you get to explore the dead lake with petrified trees at Sossusvlei, while enjoying the spectacular sunset at the dunes. You will see the influence of German colonization at Windhoek with its blended architecture. At Etosha, you will come across several animals and birds during your game drive. Consequently, we will revel in the local crafts at Omaruru and the granite hills of Spitzkoppe. The wholesome trip also includes visiting the huge seal nest at Cape Cross and the Dolphins at Walvis Bay, along with a visit to the oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert

Trip Highlights
  • The mesmerizing view of the world’s highest dunes in Sossusvlei from the clouds
  • Experiencing beautiful desert sunset and fun activities
  • The stunning Sesriem Canyon and the white-clay pan, Deadvlei
  • Drinking in the sights of the German era in Windhoek with a visit to the Ink Palace, Christ Church, and Namibia’s national museum
  • Witnessing the incredible diversity of Namibian wildlife through your Namibia luxury safari
  • The lovely seaside town of Swakopmund, magnanimous Granite Hills of Spitzkoppe, and the classical rock inscriptions of Twyfelfontein
  • Visiting the Namib Naukluft National Park, the oldest desert on the planet

Day 1

Flying to Sossusvlei

After arriving at the international airport, you will fly down to Sossuvlei via a light aircraft, getting a bird's eye view of the dunes. Sossusvlei is home to the world's highest dunes, which offers spectacular photo opportunities during sunrise and sunset. Today, we will start your Namibia luxury safari by visiting Deadvlei, a lake that is dead and filled with petrified trees.

Next, we will head to the Sesriem Canyon that the Tsauchab River carved out millions of years ago.

The rest of the day will be spent participating in fun desert activities until it is time to enjoy the splendid colors of the sunset.

Day 2

Discovering the German roots of Windhoek

A flight on a light aircraft will take you to Windhoek, Namibia's capital city, to start the day. Windhoek was once under German colonial rule, and its influence can still be seen in the city surrounded by the Eros Mountain and Auas hills. As you explore the city, you will see a blend of colonial and modern design in its architecture. A short walk will take you to the National Museum of Namibia, followed by the Ink Palace, where we will discover the German roots of Windhoek. We will, then, visit the Christ Church, admiring the ancient structure and learning its history.

Day 3

Arriving at Etosha

Today, we will fly down to Etosha via light aircraft. Etosha is one of the best game parks in the world, home to several different endangered and near-endemic bird and animal species. During your exploration, you will come across predatory birds that live in the park year-around and animals like zebra and wildebeest. During wet months, you will see lesser and greater flamingos at the Etosha pan. You also come across the near-endemic black-faced impala along with the very rare sightings of Black Rhino.

Day 4

Game drive at Etosha

Start your day 4 early in the morning with a game drive that lets you see herds of zebras, elephants, antelopes, and lions. Through a guided leopard or cheetah drive, you will get to see the big five game animals, except for buffalo. Utilize the rest of the day to explore the waterholes, where during dry months you will see several animals huddling around.

Day 5

Exploring Damaraland's landscapes

Day 5 of your Namibia luxury safari starts with a flight on light aircraft to Damaraland. Enjoy the beautiful view of the breathtaking mountainous region as you fly over it. Once there, you get the opportunity to observe Rhinos in their natural environment either by walking or on a lorry.

Additionally, you also get to discover the richly diverse wildlife of Damaraland through game drives.

Day 6

Flying down to Omaruru

Today we will fly down to Omaruru via a light aircraft. The Namibian city has a rich and fascinating history but is now known as a local arts and crafts hub. Omaruru is the best place to buy souvenirs of your Namibia luxury safari as you explore how these arts and crafts are produced.

Day 7

Visiting the granite hills of Spitzkoppe

A light aircraft flight will take you to Spitzkoppe, a Namibian peak home to stunning granite hills. The bold colors of the destination will have you excited to walk around. As you explore the hills, you will come across several old Bushmen paintings and inscriptions. We will, then, head to the seaside town of Swakopmund, where you have the opportunity to take part in coastal activities. Alternatively, you can walk around and absorb the charming atmosphere of this little German town before retiring for the day to your luxury lodge Namibia.

Day 8

Visiting the seals and dolphins

Today we will head to Cape Cross, where we will visit its humongous seal nest, which has around 200,000 seals. Next, we will visit the Skeleton Coast, named after several ship accidents in the area. Then we will go to Twyfelfontein to see the ancient inscriptions. Later, we will head to the Walvis Bay, where you can either see the dolphins or go kayaking.

By sundown, we will reach Swakopmund just in time to see the beautiful sunset.

Day 9

Visiting the Namib Naukluft National Park

On Day 9, we will go to the Namib Naukluft National Park from Swakopmund via a light aircraft. The Park is thought to be the oldest desert in the world. After that, we will also head to Solitaire, a tiny settlement, where you will get to sample their tasty delicacies like Apple Crumble. In the evening, it is time to go for a wild cat stroll, during which we will come across different creatures before we retire to your room in a luxury lodge Namibia.

Day 10

Heading back home

Today marks the end of your tour, and our representatives take you to the International airport via light aircraft, where you can catch your flight back home or to the next destination.