Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe


Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe are the three jewels in Africa’s wilderness necklace. With abundant wildlife, birdlife, a wide variety of landscapes, and the majestic Victoria Falls, these three countries have lots of offerings in their kitty bag for nature lovers and adventure lovers.


Namibia, with the grand Namib Desert, Sossusvlei, Damaraland, and wildlife-rich Etosha National park, is the perfect location to start this marathon tour.


Botswana, with its Okavango delta that is filled to its brim with a wide variety of wildlife, has numerous offerings in store for you. The Chobe National Park is another marquee tourist destination in Botswana.

Last but not least, on the list is Zimbabwe with its splendid Victoria Falls, which is popularly known as the ‘Smoke that roars,’ thanks to the roar of the water falling through an overwhelming height.


Clubbing these three countries together on one single tour will be a perfect date with the wild.

Trip Highlights
  • Visit the world’s highest sand dunes at the mesmerizing Sossusvlei
  • Jeep safari in Etosha National Park
  • Adventure sports in Skeleton Coast
  • Sunset boat cruise in Kavango River
  • Game drive in Okavango delta
  • Boat cruises in Okavango delta
  • Game drive in Chobe National Park
  • Visit the Victoria falls
  • Boat cruise in the Zambezi River

Day 1

Arrive at Windhoek

You start your Namibia Botswana Victoria Falls tour from Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia.


You will be taken on a city tour. You can explore the rich cuisines of the place.

Day 2

Sossusvlei and Namib Desert

After breakfast, you will head south from Windhoek through the shrub savanna towards the ancient Namib Desert. You will see the landscape changing from the shrub savanna to hills and then to open plains, which will eventually give away to the sweeping masses of sand. You will reach the lodging facility after an approximately five-hour drive.


The terrain of the journey is very harsh but equally beautiful and scenic. On your way to Sossusvlei, you will catch a glimpse of desert-adapted animals.

Day 3

Experience Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei is one of the highlights of your Namibia Botswana itinerary.


Located in the southern part of the Namib desert, inside the Namib-Naukluft National Park, Sossusvlei is a large, white pan of clay and salt surrounded by red sand dunes that are the highest in the world. The red dunes surrounding the dry white patch, make Sossusvlei any photographer’s delight.


You will head out towards Sossusvlei and Deadvlei early in the morning as the light at this time of the day is best for photography. First, you will be visiting Sossusvlei, and then you will take a short walk to the beautiful Deadvlei.

Day 4

Towards Skeleton Coast

You will head towards the town of Swakopmund or the Skeleton Coast as it is popularly known. Bordered by the mighty Atlantic on one side and the great Namib desert on the other, Swakopmund is the perfect holiday town.


After reaching Swakopmund, you have the day to yourself to explore this town, which, thanks to German architecture, feels like a German holiday town in Africa.

Day 5

Activities in Swakopmund

On this day you will indulge in a wide range of activities in Swakopmund.


You will be taken on an excursion to Sandwich Harbour. Then, you will be taken on a scenic flight over the Skeleton Coast that will give you a unique vantage point of this beautiful location. The Living Desert Eco Tour and various adventure sports like dune biking and tandem sky-diving are also on the list for adventure lovers.

Day 6


After Swakopmund, you visit Damaraland- the treasure trove of landscapes and one of the marquee locations of most Botswana and Namibia luxury tours. Be it the beautiful rock formations at the east or the red-rock wild desert mountains of the west; Mother Nature has laden Damaraland with beautiful landscapes.


After checking in to your lodging facility in Twyfelfontien, you will be taken to see the Twyfelfontien Rock engravings, which are Africa’s most treasured prehistoric rock art and engravings. You will also visit the Open-Air Museum, the Damara Living Museum, and of course, the Organ Pipes rock formation and the Burnt Mountain.

Day 7

Etosha National Park

From Damaraland, you will be taken to your lodging facility inside the Etosha National Park after visiting the Petrified Forest.


Etosha National Park is perhaps the best place for viewing wildlife in the country, especially during the months from May to October. Etosha contains four of Africa’s Big 5- lion, leopard, rhino, and elephant. It is home to the endangered black rhino and two near-endemic antelope species- the black-faced impala and the Damara dik-dik. Giraffe and blue wildebeests are also abundantly sighted in the national park.


After you have checked in, you will be taken on a game drive inside the Park.

Day 8

Game Drive at Etosha National Park

If you are a wildlife lover, then this has to be the highlight day of your Namibia Botswana and Victoria Falls tour. You will be taken on a full-day marathon game drive on the eastern side of the Etosha National Park.


During the drive, you will be visiting the Okaukuejo waterhole, Gedmsbokvlakte, and Olifantsbad, Nebrownii, Salvadora, Rietfontein, the waterhole at Halali. After Halali, you will be stopping over at Hobas and then visiting a few more popular wildlife-watching hotspots.


You will return to your lodge in the evening where a camp-fire will be organized, and you will get to interact with fellow tourists and share experiences of each other’s safaris.

Day 9

Last day in Namibia

You will be taken on an exhilarating game drive spanning the entire day. One of the destinations of today’s game drive will be the Namutoni area.


In the evening, you will return to your lodging facility.

Day 10

Out of Namibia

Leaving Etosha behind, we will be going towards the east towards Divundu, a small rural town by the Kavango River, which is renowned for its rich collection of wildlife. In Divundu, you will get a taste of what life and culture in rural Africa are like.


Divundu is also in close proximity to the Popa Falls, and you will visit this splendid waterfall.


In the evening, there is a sunset boat cruise planned for you.

Day 11


We will be starting early and will head towards Botswana for the second leg of the Namibia Botswana Victoria Falls tour after a game drive at the Mahango Game Park. The drive into Maun is a scenic one.


You will be spending the day at Maun. With no activities scheduled, explore Maun on your own or spend a leisurely day reflecting on the exhilarating first leg of the tour.

Day 12

Into the Okavango Delta

From Maun, you will fly into the Okavango Delta, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. With its rich collection of wildlife and scenic views of the wild, Okavango is one of the highlights of this tour.


After checking in to your lodging facility, there are some interesting activities planned for you in the afternoon. You will be taken on game walks and boat cruises and will also indulge in mokoro activities.

Day 13

Explore Okavango and Chef’s Island

The Okavango Delta is home to numerous elephants, giraffes, cape buffalos, zebras, and hippos. Lions, Leopards, wild dogs, and hyenas are also present in the delta.


You will be taken on game drives, guided bush walks, and boat cruises through the delta channels. Boat cruises in the Okavango are widely sought-after as these cruises offer a unique vantage point to the wildlife and the wilderness. Also, you get to see the beautiful sunset in the delta while sitting back in a mokoro canoe and sipping your sundowner.

Day 14


From the Okavango Delta, you will fly to Kasane, which is a town in close proximity to the Chobe National Park.


With the Chobe River flowing through its heart, the Chobe National Park has abundant wildlife, birdlife, and varied landscapes that make it popular amongst nature lovers. The Chobe National Park is sometimes known as the ‘Land of Giants’ due to the huge number of elephant herds found here. Besides elephants, lions, zebras, cape buffalos, giraffes, hyenas, and hippos are common sights.


You will be taken on a game drive in the park, and a boat cruise through the Chobe River is also planned for you to soak in the magnificence of nature.

Day 15

Victoria Falls

You step into Zimbabwe for the third and final leg of this memorable tour.


After settling in your lodging facility, you will be taken to view the majestic Victoria Falls whose grandeur and magnificence is unparalleled. The height through which the water of the Zambezi river falls is overwhelming and almost scary at times.


In the evening, you will go on a boat cruise in the Zambezi river.

Day 16


This day marks the end of your Namibia Botswana Victoria Falls tour.


Depending on your flight timings, you will be transferred to the airport. Here is where we bid you goodbye until next time.