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Location – Botswana, Africa

Area – 5000 km²

Nearest Airport – Maun Airport

Nearest Rail Head – Lobatse

How to reach – Taxi or shuttle bus from the airport

Famous for – Wildlife reserve, big cats, huge elephants

Months Open – Throughout the year

Best Time – August to October


Maun is one of the major towns of the state. The town is just over a century old which was founded as the tribal capital. The presence of Chobe National Park and Okavango Delta makes it an important tourist place in the state. Maun is the gate to the delta. It provides good accommodation and restaurants and other tourist hubs for visitors. It is the administrative center of the Ngamiland District. The name of the place comes from the term Maung meaning ‘the place of short reeds’.

What to see

Elephants and lions

Sables, zebras, wild dogs and leopards

Bird watching



Setswana is a term popularly used to talk about the culture of the Maun Botswana region. The town was established as the tribal capital in 1915 for the Batawana people. The tribal here are undergoing modernization and in this process are being pulled away from their traditions. The region has been a part of TV series, novels, fiction, etc. It is also the home of writers like Bessie Head. Music is important in the regions. Primary and secondary schools teach traditional music, songs, and dances. Segaba is one of the most used instruments in the region. Silk craft baskets, pottery, and paintings are an important part of regional heritage.

Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta is a swamp in the inland of the state. The region has continuous rising and falling waters. In fact, the delta is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is home to several species of animals and birds. One finds them roaming about the region freely and can be spotted anywhere in the entire region. The region in recent years has become a popular tourist place in the state. The delta is just over 50000 years old when the Okavango River due to quake tremors began to flow into the desert region. The delta is more of an oasis in the desert region.setswana is a term popularly used to talk about the culture of the Botswana region. The region has been for year’s home of various tribal tribes: Tswana, Bakwena, Bakgatla, and others.

Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi is a protected wildlife park in the state of Botswana. The reserve is named after Chief Moremi of the BaTawana tribe of the region. It lies to the east of Okavango Delta. The region was declared as a Moremi Game Reserve Botswana and not a National Park to let the local tribes live in the region where they have been for years. Some of the most contrasting geographical areas can be seen here. The reserve covers about a third of the Okavango Delta. The region is home to several species of wildlife. One of the amazing things about the Reserve is that you can go about here on foot. The delta is rich in the vegetation of Papyrus and reed. This is spread over the majority of the area. The animal population in the region is quite diverse. These include Elephants, Lions, Wild beast, Hippo, giraffe, buffalo, wild dog, hyena, warthogs, and several others. There is an estimate of the existence of 200000 large mammals in the region along with several other small ones. The fish population is quite rich in the region being a delta. The main fish in the delta are Tiger Fish, Sickle Barb and varieties of Cat Fish.


The food is the region is mostly non-vegetarian. The cuisine is influenced by surrounding South African states. Pap, samp, mopane worms are popular dishes here. Seswa and salted mashed meat are considered to be unique to the region. Porridge, maize, and millers also are used in many of the dishes. International cuisines are available in some of the restaurants and hotels. The state is the production center of several beverage brands like Coca-cola, Lion beers, Fanta and Castle beers. Bojalwa Ja Swatwana is the traditional homemade beer made of Sorghum seeds.

Reaching Maun

Maun has an airport of its own. Very few flights run to and from here. There are flights to and from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Gaborone and Kasane. The airport is located on the town’s northern side and can be accessed through a taxi or a shuttle bus.


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