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Discovery of Namibia


Namibia is located in southwest Africa named after the Namib Desert near Africa’s Atlantic coast. It is home to a multitude of wildlife that includes Zebras, Giraffes, Rhinos, and other game animals. But it is famous for having the highest concentration of Cheetahs in the world. Its capital city Windhoek and the coastal town of Swakopmund are excellent examples of a fine mix of African heritage and German colonial architecture like the Windhoek Christuskirche dated 1907. 

Its wildlife is protected across many national reserves and in fact, Namibia was one of the first nations in Africa to initiate efforts towards wildlife and ecological conservation immediately after its independence from South Africa in the 1990s. 

But Namibia is not just about its wildlife. The Namibia coast along the Atlantic ocean makes for some breathtaking scenery and historic coastal towns. 


Okonjima Plains Camp 

The camp is now home to the AfriCat Foundation which was formed in 1991 to ensure protection for the large carnivores of Namibia, mainly Cheetahs, leopards, and the Namib Lions. But not just the big cats, the Camp is also home to over 250 species of birds including Hartlaub’s francolin, Damara rock runner, and Carps black tits. The place is ideal for walking explorations, mountain hiking, night observations and Bushman’s trail which is a look into the life of a Bushman. 


Little Ongava - Ongava Game Reserve 

Ongava reserve was made out of barren cattle ranches in 1991 into a 30,000-hectare private game reserve dedicated to the conservation of wildlife. A place where previously lions were hunted as soon as sighted, it is now home to many prides and other wildlife, particularly the rhinos. The reserve is just adjacent to Etosha National Park. The Little Ongava is one of the most luxurious lodges in the reserve complete with best-in-class services and facilities. 


Erongo Wilderness Lodge

It is part of the 200,000 hectare Erongo Mountain Nature Conservancy which also provides the opportunity to explore Bushmen rock art. The accommodations here are luxurious and are built in harmony with the rocks and the environment around them. The meals are sumptuous and the facilities are extremely comfortable, to say the least. The place provides you the ultimate wildlife experience but in a relaxing and calming way that is not too strenuous and yet adventurous in its own way. 


Trip Highlights

  • Visit the AfriCat foundation to know more about their conservation efforts and current projects. 
  • Track cheetahs as they roam freely in the wild.
  • Stay at luxurious lodges specially curated for your comfort.
  • Enjoy guided walks at the beautiful Erongo Wilderness Lodge.




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