When one thinks about Africa, they imagine the vast Savannah, the forest safaris, and the lions. But with the years of modernization and an increase in the standard of living of people, Africa is changing as well. If one wishes to visit modern Africa which still holds the ancient culture of the place, then your first stop should be Windhoek, Namibia. The capital city of Namibia looks like someone’s imagination. The amalgamation of African and Nama culture along with touches of British and German influences can be seen in the city. The people of the city are simple and friendly at heart but the city is a feat of art. With German architectural monuments to modern museums and parks, the city is the exact definition of continental. Tourists come here at the start or end of Namibia tours from Windhoek to relax, enjoy the variety of food, and shop in one of the largest malls in Africa.


Nearest International Airport:Windhoek

How to reach: By road or flight from Windhoek

Famous for: Capital city and gateway for tourism

Best time to visit: Jan to Dec


Independence Memorial Museum,

Namibia Craft Center,

Katutura Township,

National Botanic Garden of Namibia


The city of Windhoek, Namibia is the activity hub of the African nation. It offers all the amenities that a traveler can require to release the strain of traveling for days. The city offers spas for a traveler to relax and get pampered. It has one of the cleanest streets in the world along with being a quiet city. The clear blue skies, the stupendous views offered by various look-out points in the city as well as the best shopping malls and local markets that sell the shiny, pristine diamonds that Namibia, Windhoek is famous for, along with various hand-made goods and famous hand-made Namibian linen.

The National Art Gallery, National Theatre, and other such attractions are a treat to the voyeurs of art. They arrange concerts, theatre performances, and art exhibitions that woo the eyes and please the soul of the onlookers.

After exploring the wonderful city, one can have a taste of wildlife around Windhoek as well. Etosha National Park has a splendid program of camping and safari. There is also the Swakopmund and Sossusvlei Adventure.


Experiences to Behold:

Christuskirche: Translated to Christ Church, this is one of the oldest Lutheran churches in Namibia. Made from marble and sandstone brought in from Germany and Italy, the church is a sight to behold. The century-old church has a reverent feeling which washes its onlookers with a tranquility that is hard to find anywhere else. The architecture of the church is an amalgamation, much like the city where it belongs as well, with Gothic as well as Roman elements present in it.

Namibia Craft Center: The craft center offers the authentic art and craft of the Panama people. with jewelry made from Ostrich eggs to handcrafted specimens, the market is filled with trinkets that are perfect as souvenirs. Along with the market, an exhibition is displayed, showcasing the ever-changing art and style of Namibia. The market offers employment to the traditional artists of the country and showcases the vibrant colors of the nation in the form of hand-made art.

Katutura Township: The place where no one wants to live. The black people in 1950 were forced to inhabit this township which lies in the North of the capital. Though it has a sad past, the township is now a hub of vibrant colors and people that live here. The markets, shops, and restaurants are famous in Windhoek for their traditions and authenticity.

Independence Memorial Museum: The museum is a modern building which features the sculptures of Namibia’s first president as well as the structure showing the genocide done by the German troops on Nama people. The museum is filled with pictures and paintings showcasing the fight against the apartheid system and how it came to an end. The museum is awe-inspiring and enlightening.

National Museum of Namibia: The National Museum of Namibia is located in a German fort built in 1890 and holds the authentic Namibian San rock paintings. This is a splendid experience for the history lovers who want to explore the story of the nation.

National Botanic garden of Namibia: The garden was made for the conservation of endemic flora and fauna that is not found anywhere else in the world. The strange and beautiful quiver tree, succulents and aloe are some of the flora that is indigenous to the area. The garden hosts around 70 species of birds which are a treat to the bird-watchers.



Windhoek, Namibia is famous for its ice-cold Namibian beer at Joe’s Beerhouse. One can enjoy the local cuisine in various traditional restaurants hidden in Katutura Township. If one wants to experience a beautiful view along with their food, then they should go to Hotel Heinitzburg, which is in a German castle. The city offers various cafes for the taste of Namibian coffee and restaurants offering everything: from German cuisines to sushi to a proper vegetarian Indian meal.