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Riisitunturi National Park


If you want to experience the magic of nature, then you need to gaze at the stunning northern lights! World-famous for its stunning photogenic winter sceneries, Riisitunturi National Park is well-known for its slope bogs and snow-covered spruce trees. Located near Posio city in southern Finnish Lapland, it spreads over an area of 77 sq. km. Established in 1982, the Riisitunturi National Park is a paradise for nature lovers and a haven for hikers. The jaw-dropping view of the frozen snow trees and stunning landscapes from the bare fell tops is something that will blow the minds of all the photography enthusiasts. A trip to Riisitunturi National Park is equal to visiting a fictional wonderland!


Location: Finland

Nearest Airport: Kuusamo

How to reach: It is 54km from Kusamo airport and 2 hrs from Rovaniemi airport

Famous for: Incredible snow landscapes, Ideal for Northern Lights viewing

Best time to visit: Oct to Mar


Northern lights, Kitkajarvet Lake, Kemijoki River

Hanging bogs,Reindeers,

Ikkunalampi,Pikku Riisitunturi,




polar lights above trees in riisitunturi national park

About Riisitunturi National Park:

Being a part of the taiga forest, which is found towards the northern Eurasian continent, the Riisitunturi National Park offers stunning views of the Kitkajarvet Lake from the Fell Tops. Covered with spruce like trees and thick moss, the hanging bogs and hills attract a lot of tourists in the park. The park has 13 tops, which have a height of more than 400 meters. The humid climate in the summers lead to the formation of the bogs, but winter changes the landscape of the park and converts it into a winter wonderland. The increased weight of the ‘smoky’ snow leads to the breaking off of most of the trees inside the park. The remaining trees turn into ghostly white shaped ice Finland forests that offer a surreal sight to the tourists. The Kemijoki River and Lakes Kirkajarvet are the famous water bodies inside the park. With the presence of plant species like Alpine Bearberry, the Alpine Clubmoss, and the Trailing Azalea, the park invites and shelters birds like the brambling, willow warbler, meadow pipit, and the yellow wagtail. You will also get to spot reindeers and brown bears inside the park.


snow covered spruce trees in riisitunturi national park

The beauty of Northern Lights inside Riisitunturi National Park:

The northern lights are nothing but nature’s fireworks, and you get to experience the beauty of this visual light show in the stunning Riisitunturi National Park of Finland. Produced by oxygen molecules that are located around 60 miles from the earth, the Northern Lights attract people from all over the world. With the temperature dropping at night, the sky of the national park clears up, and stars start sparkling. Just after looking at the stunning starry sky, you will start to experience the gradual occurrence of the captivating Northern Lights inside the national. Planning a trip to the national park is a once in a lifetime opportunity as it is the best place to see the Northern Lights in Finland.


northern lights across riisitunturi national park

Ways to Hike in Riisitunturi National Park:-

Hike: The Riisitunturi National Park offers 40 km hiking trails like The Riisin Rääpäsy circular trail, Riisin rietas trail, the Kirinkuoppa trail, and the Kirinmatala trail, that offer spectacular views of the National Park.

Dog Sledge: Feel the thrill by getting on a sled carried by the gorgeous huskies. You can get to enjoy the magnificent snowy forests and even play with and pet the cute huskies.

Reindeer Sledge: A reindeer sled is a perfect opportunity to living your fairytale dream. You will get to feel like a reindeer herder and you will also learn more about the history of these Finnish reindeers.

Snowmobile: A few minutes of snowmobile safari around the stunning landscapes of the park is enough for you to fall in love with the beauty of nature. The thrilling safari will take you along some of the most beautiful trails inside the park.

golden sunrise against winter landscape riisitunturi national park