Abisko is a small town located 95 km northwest of Kiruna, close to the border with Norway. With its endless skies, shimmering lakes, and vast expanses of wilderness, Abisko provides a welcome relief from Kiruna’s industrial gloom. Abisko is the best place to see northern lights in Sweden. The Abisko Northern Lights are the chief tourist attraction of this region which draws numerous tourists every year, from all across the globe. So, the accommodation scene in Abisko is quite lively. Abisko is the driest part of Sweden and has a relatively long hiking season. It is framed by the Lapporten, a gate formed by the neighboring hills. During the summer season, tourists come to hike and witness the midnight sun.


Location: North Sweden (Laplands)

Nearest Airport: Kiruna airport

How to reach: Kiruna is connected by air from Stockholm, Abisko is 1.5 hrs from Stockholm.

Famous for: One of the best places on the planet to see northern lights, Abisko sky station

Best time to visit: Jan to Dec


Abisko Northern Lights, SnowShoe Hike

Björnfjell, Ice Fishing

Snowmobile Tour, Narvik War Museum and Narvik Visitors Centre.

The Sami & Reindeer Experience, Snowmobile Sled Tour,

Lake Torneträsk, Ice Climbing



Take advantage of the “Blue Hole” and go Northern lights spotting: The clouds in the sky in Scandinavia make it difficult to spot the Northern Lights in the sky even if the lights are roaring in the sky. Also, coastal climates are unsuitable for viewing the Northern Lights. Abisko is blessed with the “Blue Hole” effect due to the surrounding mountains and lakes. Enjoy the amazing snowmobile rides and retreat at the cozy wilderness camp with snacks and beverages.

Dog Sledding: The dog-sledding trip is another major tourist attraction of Abisko. The dog-sledding tour is packed with adventure and is not simply a leisurely ride down the slopes. It is one of the to-do things for those who love adventure and guarantees great day-workout. Sliding down the slopes with your team of dogs, overlooking the Arctic landscape can be a life-changing moment. The best part is, after your dog-sledding tour, you get a chance to cuddle and play with the adorable huskies. The dogs are treated with great love and care. If you are a dog-lover, this experience is heavenly.

Frozen waterfalls in Abisko National Park: The Abisko National Park is one of the first national parks in Europe. It offers a breath-taking sight and in winter, it turns magical under a dusting of snow. Enjoy a snowy hike from STF Abisko Turistation. One of the most striking features of this park are the frozen waterfalls. It is a marvelous sight that will leave you in awe of the beauty of this place.

Get to know the indigenous Sámi culture: The Sami people are indigenous people who occupied the Sapmi Region which expands over Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Kola peninsula in Russia. Having stewarded the land in the region for more than 5000 years now, the Sami people have preserved their rich culture, heritage, traditions, and language. The tourists can gather the first-hand experience of the lifestyle of the Sami people. Reindeers form an extremely important part of their daily lives. Visit the reindeer firms and get a chance to feed the reindeers or even go for reindeer sledding. Visit the reindeer farms in Ravttas and a small Sami village located 45 minutes away from Abisko.

The incredible ICEHOTEL: One of the top things to do in Abisko is to visit the world-famous ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi. The easiest way to visit the ICEHOTEL is on a guided day trip. It is an engineering marvel and was created in 1989. Surprisingly, the ice structure is redone every year. However, in 2016, a whole new hotel was created with permanent rooms where tourists can stay, even in the summer months. Moreover, this architectural wonder is built in a completely eco-friendly fashion.

Explore Kiruna: the curious town of Kiruna is a day trip from Abisko. It is a mining town and is currently in the process of being moved two miles away from its center. Visit the wooden church of Kiruna which is one of the largest wooden structures in Sweden. This Gothic Revival Style church is more than a hundred years old. The town center is a great shopping destination with local crafts shops and eateries.

Visit Narvik, Norway: Narvik, Norway, is just two hours away by train. Tourists can take a day trip to Narvik. Explore the beautiful fjord city of Narvik by a comfortable shuttle tour. Marvel at the picturesque Arctic landscapes, Lake Tornetrask, the second deepest lake in Sweden, stunning Bjornfell, and fjord beaches at Narvik. For lovers of history, visit the Narvik War museum and witness the problems faced by the Norwegian Army during WWII.

Witness the Abisko Northern Lights: The microclimate of Abisko makes it the best place to see the Northern Lights in Sweden. Because of Abisko’s microclimate, you have an 80% higher chance of witnessing the Abisko Northern Lights here. The Abisko Northern Lights appear more vivid on camera than it appears to the naked eye. The “Blue Hole” effect of the surrounding mountains makes it one of the best places to view the Abisko Northern Lights in Sweden.