Sweden is arguably one of the most beautiful countries you may ever visit. The landscape, the Laplands, and many other features of the country are one of its kind. But one of the best attractions in the country is the world-famous Northern Lights. One of the best places to look upon the lights is Kiruna. The Kiruna Northern Lights Tour is very famous among tourists. The main reason behind this is that it is one of the most northern towns in the country and is close to other great attractions as well. The highest peak of the country, Kebnekaise is also well within the reach of the town. Overall this place will give you a natural and down to earth feeling whenever you visit the country and the dazzling beauty of the Sweden lights will add to the charm. The forests and mountains around the town provide a wonderful base for snow activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, and snowboarding.


Location: North Sweden(Laplands)

Nearest Airport: Kiruna airport

How to reach: by air from Stockholm, Abisko is 1.5 hrs from Stockholm

Famous for: One of the best places on the planet to see northern lights, Abisko sky station

Best time to visit: Jan to Dec


Ice Hotel

Sweden Lights

Kebnekaise Peak

Frozen Torne River


Enjoy the Northern Lights: The highlight of the beauty of the town and probably the country is Northern Lights. The best time to enjoy the Kiruna northern lights tour is in the winter months. There are various ways that you may choose for your convenience such as gazing upon the lights while lying beside a beautiful lake. You may also choose to watch the Sweden lights from a snowmobile or a sleigh.

Snowmobile trips: There are many activities excluding the Northern Lights to enjoy in the town. One of the many such activities is snowmobiling on the vast land laps of Sweden. Things like cars, motorcycles, pillions, and others can be used to ride along on the snow-covered hills. One of the best places for snowmobiling is the stretch of river along with the world-famous Icehotel, Sweden.

Skiing in Kiruna: Skiing is another one of the winter activities in the town. Many skiing trips are offered in the town that takes you through the forests of the town and to the open landscape of the frozen Torne River. You can also enjoy a lunch cooked over an open fire that will be an exhilarating experience.

Dogsledding: The name explains the activity. A sled powered by dogs is what you need going through the snow-covered region of the countryside. Huskies are the main breed used for the purpose. You can also get to handle the sled yourself through the frozen rivers and the open landscape. The experience is quite serene when you ride the sled in dead silence over frozen lakes.

Ice fishing: You may have seen Ice fishing in movies but here you get to have hands-on experience of the same. You cut a hole on the Ice surface and let the hook settle in the cold water below the surface. And you can enjoy whatever you fish out as your lunch. This will be a novel activity for most of the tourists and hence having a guide throughout the process is advisable.


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