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Chettinad in Tamil Nadu is a glance at India whose history, though not as famous as the Mughal or British parts, is rich and filled with wonder. Tourists who travel to Chettinad seldom have many expectations with this small area in Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu with a small city and a cluster of surrounding villages. But they all are mesmerized with the place when they reach here.

Chettinad offers the onlookers the elaborate Chettinad palace, pristine streets, finger-licking cuisine, and a rich and colorful history conserved in magnificent museums. The place is a delight, with its quietness and exquisite views. The place gives off a vibe that is different from the rest of India but when the tourists watch the intricate designs that are used in the palaces of Chettinad, they are reminded of the grandeur that can be found in every part of India.


Location: Tamil Nadu

Nearest Airport: Madurai

How to reach: by air/road/train

Famous for: Mansions, temples and culinary delicacies

Best time to visit: October to March


Location: Tamil Nadu

Nearest Airport: Madurai

How to reach: by air/road/train

Famous for: Mansions, temples and culinary delicacies

Best time to visit: October to March


Chettinad is derived from Sanskrit in which Chetti means wealth. The history of this area has been rich and prosperous and it remains so in the present as well. The Natukottai Chettiar is native of this beautiful town filled with palaces and buildings that boast the best of Dravidian Architecture. The people of Chettinad have been known as the brightest minds in banking and were called on by kings and other important people to their court to manage their accounts.

The history of the place is still preserved in the walls of its palaces and museums. The vibe and ambiance of Chettinad have remained unchanged in all the centuries of its prosperity.


Chettinad is one of those few places where a unique culture still thrives that is different from the country and even different from the state that it is located in. The place boasts for not only a rich history but also its culture that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. The tourists can experience the unparalleled culture of the place by walking through its streets and gazing at the mansions such asChettinadu Mansionthat are no less grand than a palace. The cultural art, the unique shops with beautifully made doors, windows, and mantelpieces, which are detached from the old mansions is an incomparable experience.


inside of athangudi palace near karaikudi, tamil nadu

Places of Interest:

Chettinad Mansions:- Karaikudi is the epicenter of Chettinad and all the 96 of its villages where Chittiars reside. This ancestral home is a wonder of the world in itself. The place will blow the tourists’ minds at every turn and view. Each street of the city is lined with mansions so grand, it will feel like one has walked into a Disney movie. The mansions are grand and exhibit the beautiful and intricate Dravidian Architecture. One such example is the marvelousChettinadu Mansion.The stark white limestone will dazzle the eyes of the tourists for sure.

Athangudi Palace:- Athagundi palace is one of the grandest mansions in Karaikudi and deservedly so. The place is mystic and regal. One cannot help but widen their eyes to take in the beauty of this place, with its colorful and bright ceiling and tall, royal pillars that line the hallway, making you feel like you have entered into a great Raja’s Darbar. The Athangudi tiles, after which the palace is named, gives off a mystic feeling to the place.


Temple Trail:- The Chettinad area is ages old and its ancient roots are still intact. As the tourists head to the hills of Pillaiyarpati, they will find the ancient temple dedicated to Ganesh. The temple will spellbind its onlookers because of its construction for it is made by cutting rocks.

The other temple that the tourists can visit is the Kundrakundi Murugan temple. The ceilings of the temple are filled with colorful paintings that will force the tourists to strain their neck and glance at the sheer beauty of it. There is also Solai Andavar Temple, with interesting myths and stories attached to it.


pillayarpatti temple in sivaganga, tamil nadu



The one thing that makes Chettinad stand out from the rest of India is not just its mansions, but also the authentic and unique Chettinad cuisine. The delicacies that one finds here are offered nowhere else in the world. Yes, it is spicy like most of the Indian food but the process of cooking these exquisite dishes, the mix of flavors that are offered here, the spices that are used in the food is grown locally, all these features make the Chettinad Cuisine a delicious experience.

The cuisine is flavored with spices like maratti moku, kalpasi, star anise, pepper, and chilies. Most of the cuisine is based on seafood because of its availability but you will also find the famous Chettinad Chicken, a dish that is so famous that it is made across the world. The cuisine also includes thick and spicy curries, finger-licking lamb biryani, ice cream made of tender coconut, poriyal, urundai, and other such dishes that the tourists cannot help but have a taste of. One will find that most of the vegetables, meat, and spices that are used to make the cuisine are sun-dried which gives it a different flavor.

A Chettinad trip is incomplete and to be honest, lackluster without tasting and enjoying the various flavors of the Chettinad cuisine that is traditionally served on a banana leaf.



chettinad mansions in kanadukathan, tamil-nadu


Where to Stay:

The Bangalahas lessons and tastes of authentic Chettinad cuisine. AtSaratha Vilas, enjoy their food in the wondrous dining hall with its metal ceiling. Stay atChidambara Vilas, the resort that was built more than a century ago. AtChettinadu Mansion,one gets personalized services. Or, one can opt forVisalam-CGH Earth, where the sky-ceiling courtyards give a regal vibe.