South India Food Tour


Everyone should go on a Deccan food tour at least once in their life, especially the foodies out there, who can’t seem to help their cravings or curb it for good. In a South India food tour, the culinary delights are indescribably good. South Indians love to infuse their meals with spices, and Malayalees, the natives of Kerala can’t do without coconut, which makes their gravies thick and lends their food an incredible taste and smell.


The South Indian culinary expedition covers locations that excel in the culinary department, thus offering you a lifetime opportunity to experience the goodness of South Indian meals and indulge in the sumptuous cuisine of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Trip Highlights
  • Sampling a traditional Thali meal
  • Visiting the temple complex of Kanchipuram
  • Hitting the beachfront of Mahabalipuram
  • The five-hour-long walking-tour from the village of Alangudi in Tanjore
  • Experiencing a bullock-cart ride in Chettinad
  • Meenakshi temple visit at Madurai
  • A houseboat cruise on the backwaters of Alleppey with lunch onboard
  • A cooking session with Mrs Nimmy Paul

Day 1

Arrival in Chennai

Chennai will mark the beginning of your South Indian culinary expedition. Get settled in a hotel, fluff your pillows, and rest well on your first night of the trip.

Day 2


Visit the top attractions in Chennai such as the historic Fort St. George and Vivekananda House and get moving towards Anna Lakshmi restaurant. The restaurant serves a traditional Thali meal during lunch hours, on a banana leaf, including rice and an assortment of colorful dishes, such as gravies, chutneys, and condiments.

Day 3

Chennai - Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram

To attain spiritual enlightenment, the perfect place to visit in Tamil Nadu is Kanchipuram, a popular temple complex. After the temple visit, proceed in the direction of Mahabalipuram, an attractive beachside town, replete with beachfront restaurants that serve seafood. You have the option of picking your favorite fish and getting it cooked the way you like- a speciality of the Deccan food tour!

kerala delicious cuisine on banana leaf

Day 4


Mahabalipuram, which was a dynastic capital and trading port once upon a time, offers plenty to explore, starting from its monuments labelled as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, rock carvings, and temples, to the cultural village at Dakshinachitra.

Day 5


Your Deccan food tour would be incomplete without visits to the rooftop restaurants in Pondicherry, known for their continental dishes, delicious bakery, and aromatic cafes. Wrap up your day by touring the shops and boutiques in the French and Tamil quarters of Pondicherry.

Day 6

Pondicherry - Tanjore

Tanjore is home to one of the most magnificent temples in South India. Visit the temple before sunset to catch an unforgettable view.

kochi fish cuisine

Day 7

Tanjore - Chettinad

On your five-hour-long walking-tour from the village of Alangudi in Tanjore, you will come across the hardworking locals who earn their living by employing various agricultural practices. The next leg of the journey is moving toward Chettinad, popular for its sumptuous cuisine and ingenious mansions.

Day 8


Here is your lifetime opportunity of riding on a bullock cart and getting your tarot cards picked by a not so unassuming parrot! For the non-veg population, Chettinad is a heaven, for the locals here love to add meat in their food, unlike the rest of the Tamilians. The distinct taste of Chettinad dishes is a gift of the South India food tour.

Day 9


The historically significant Madurai presently functions as a prominent pilgrimage center with sprawling commercial scenes. Include Meenakshi Temple, Tirumalai Nayak Palace, its many bazaars and shops from where you can pick a souvenir in your itinerary. The Madurai food safari is a key highlight of the Deccan food tour, where you get to sample Madurai cuisine, including street food!

Kanchi Kailasanathar temple in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

Day 10

Madurai - Periyar

It’s time to bid farewell to Tamil Nadu and head west to Periyar in Kerala. On your way to Periyar, you will come across extensive but verdant land and the Theni Spice Market, one of the largest in South India. Following a thrilling ascent of the Western Ghats, you will reach Periyar by lunchtime. Spend your afternoon by going on a Spice tour, and studying the origin of condiments.

Day 11

Periyar - Kanjirapally

Right in the middle of the midlands of Kerala reside Kanjirapally, which is famous for its extremely delish cuisine. The plenty of spices, locally grown ingredients, and shredded coconut Malayalees add in their meals contribute to the incredible taste, enriching your South India food tour. You will be accommodated in an estate bungalow surrounded by rubber, coffee, vanilla, and cocoa plantations.

Day 12

Kanjirapally - Alleppey

To take pleasure from the joys of riding in a houseboat in Kerala, the best place to hit is the backwaters of Alleppey. You get to enjoy the slow-moving vibrant landscape and the taste of Kerala on your afternoon cruise. Once you disembark, spend your night in a nearby resort and indulge in the best of their culinary delights.

Street at Kanadukathan in Chettinad, Tamil Nadu

Day 13

Fort Cochin

Head back to the mainland after you have briefly toured the surroundings of Alleppey towards Fort Cochin, the most important trading port in South India for the last 500 years. Start exploring the tourist attractions of the city right away, such as Mattancherry, historic buildings, the oldest synagogue in India, St. Francis Church, and the Dutch Fort.

Day 14


The busy fish markets of Cochin are a must-visit, especially in the early morning, when the stench of fresh fish is the strongest and the fishermen sell their most recent catch. Later, visit the place of a renowned Malayalee chef, Mrs Nimmy Paul, who would serve you Sadhya on a banana leaf. Nimmy will explain the significance behind each dish and help you cook dinner.

Day 15


You can navigate areas that you’d missed out earlier on your last day before departing for the airport.


Let the magic of South Indian cuisine make your tastebuds come alive!

madurai food