North India Winter Wildlife


This 14-day tour will drive you to the best forests of India and will provide you a glimpse at not just the cultural beauty of India, but also its natural treasures. Visit Bharatpur to behold the colors in the sky as you try to catch the sight of different birds. Experience the timeless Taj Mahal. Visit Jim Corbett National Park for its breathtaking landscapes and regular sightings of Tigers and Elephants. Spot exotic Himalayan birds at Sattal as also you watch the imposing Himalayas at the distance as you set out in search of birds. This tour is a dream come true for any wildlife lover and nature enthusiast.

You need to be reasonably fit though there is not much walking involved in this trip

Trip Highlights
  • Experience the magic of winter wildlife in northern India
  • Good chances to come face to face with the Royal Bengal Tiger and Indian Elephant at Corbett national park
  • Experience diverse birding conditions – wetlands birding at Bharatpur, forest birding at Corbett, and Himalyan birding at Sattal-Pangot
  • At Bharatpur see many migratory ducks and water-birds. If you love photography then Bharatpur is a paradise with its mist and diffused light.
  • At Sattal-Pangot experience the best of Himalayan birding – and go after local exotics.
  • Experienced and dedicated birding guide helps you work through your birding checklist.
  • This is a customised trip for you and your group. So you can request us to increase or decrease the number of days as per your requirements. If you have some target species in mind, reach out to us and we will make a customised plan for that.

Day 1

Delhi to Bharatpur

As you arrive in Delhi, you will feel like you have been transported to a different world. The atmosphere of India is filled with vibrant colors with spectacular sights of life in every part of it. From Delhi, you will be taken to Bharatpur. The ride is filled with wonderful landscapes that are crowded by wildlife and birds. You may even spot some Indian birds along the way.

Overnight in Bharatpur.

Day 2-5

Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo National Park is one of the most famous and loved birding spots on the continent. Bird-watchers are attracted to this paradise along with the migratory birds. You can traverse the park riding on rickshaws or on foot, as the path allows. These four days will be spent tracking different paths of the National Park in search of the hundreds of species of birds that reside here or come here in the colder seasons. Watch kestrels, eagles, falcons, raptors and various other birds flock proudly and freely in their habitat and capture the colors in your memory.


One day will be spent at Bund Baretha, the man-made lake that feeds water to the area and is an epicenter of various birds throughout the day. The Bharatpur located Keoladeo National Park also hosts an array of wildlife that can be seen in the meadows and grasslands as you search for the birds. Golden Jackals, boars, Nilgai, Mongoose are some of the species that can be easily encountered in the forest.

Overnight in Bharatpur

Day 6

Excursions in Agra

Before reaching Agra from Bharatpur, you will stop at Fatehpur Sikri. Visit the ruins of Akbar's dream city and dive into the splendor of Mughal Architecture. You will catch sight of some wallcreepers and vultures in the sky of Bharatpur.

Then you will proceed to Agra. Glimpse at the grandeur of the Taj Mahal as one feels the eternal feeling of love enveloping them. The banks of Yamuna river where the Taj Mahal stands proudly are flocked with gulls, terns, sparrowhawks, owlets, and various other species of birds. You will feel mesmerized with the flocks of birds flying in the sky above the magnificent Taj Mahal.

In the evening, you will move to Jim Corbett National Park. The night will be spent on either a train or whichever mode of transport accessible.

Day 7

Birding in Sitabani

As you reach Ramnagar in the morning, you will proceed to Jim Corbett National Park, making a stop at Sitabani. Sitabani region of Corbett is a treat for bird enthusiasts. The forest is crowded with eagles, owls, blackbirds, flycatchers, kingfishers, and dozens of other species. Spend a day tracking through the forest to get the best birding experience in Sitabani.

Overnight in Jim Corbett National Park.

Day 8-9

Safaris at Jim Corbett National Park

On the ninth day of this exquisite birding tour, you will travel to the heart of Jim Corbett National Park, Dhikala. This will be your lodging for these two days. The forest of Jim Corbett National park is rich in wildlife and richer in species of birds. You can encounter tigers, jungle cats, leopards, elephants, deer, and various other animals as you traverse through the forest. Walk along the banks of the Ramganga river to catch the sight of otters and gharials as well.

The trekking through Jim Corbett National Park will bring you the sights of dozens of vibrant and exquisite birds that will leave a mystic effect on you.

Overnight at Dhikala, Jim Corbett National park

Day 10

Visit the beautiful Hill Station Sattal

Set out for Sattal from Jim Corbett National Park, stopping on the way at Kaladhungi house. The house is a museum in Kaladhungi and details the historic grandeur and richness of the forests.

As you drive uphill to Sattal in their vehicle, you may encounter rare and endemic birds such as the mystic Lammergeier and bulbuls.

Overnight in Sattal

Day 11-13

Explore Sattal

Spend the last three days of this birding tour amidst the natural beauty of Sattal. The hill station has various birding spots nearby such as Pangot, Chanfi, Shyamkhet, and Mangoli Valley. All the places attract various migratory birds and are abode to some endemic, Himalayan birds as well.

Spend one day exploring the town of Sattal and buy souvenirs and other trinkets available in the vibrant markets of the place. The hill station offers a majestic view of the landscape covered with Himalayas and valleys.

Overnight at Sattal.

Day 14


Drive from Sattal to New Delhi and as you pass banks of river Ganga and Yamuna, keep an eye out for a glance of birds that flock around the banks of these mighty rivers.

As you reach Delhi, you will catch their flight to their next destination.