North East India Wildlife


With the essence of true beauty and a refreshing environment, North-Eastern India is one of the best places to spend some quality time with your mates. It is an amalgamation of flora and fauna that do not go unnoticed. The seven sisters of India lie in this fraction of our country, which makes it more worthy to visit at least once. Its charisma will drive your senses with its unique culture comprising folk dances, food, and mesmerizing clothing. The lush green fields will satisfy your eyes and flush your lungs with fresh air. The best part about the visit to Northeast is its national parks, waterfalls, and the heavy rains that will drench you in the pool of excitement and satisfaction. The Asian golden cat is also found in these parks with plains and meadows.


The key facts about visiting North-East India are encountering the sight of the one-horned rhino, a Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Elephant and it is also the perfect Clouded Leopard habitat. The exciting safaris in Manas and Kaziranga National Park await your arrival. Besides the safaris, forest treks in the lands of Orang and Namdapha National Park must be added to your to-do list when you land in the Northeast.

Trip Highlights
  • Multiple opportunities to come face to face with Indian one horn rhino.
  • Other star attractions likely to be encountered on this expedition are Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Elephant
  • Wildlife safaris with top guides at Manas National Park and Kaziranga National Park
  • Enjoy guided forest treks at Orang National Park, Namdapha national park and Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary
  • An elephant safari inside Nameri National Park and Nameri National Park
  • Bird watching at Debang valley
  • Enjoy cruising in the river Brahmaputra river in Guwahati
  • This is a customised trip for you and your group. So you can request us to increase or decrease the number of days as per your requirements. If you have some target species in mind, reach out to us and we will make a customised plan for that.
  • There is no much walking or physical effort needed for this trip.

Day 1

Journey from Delhi to Guwahati

Travel to the heart of Northeast India that is, Guwahati from Delhi via a flight. Post reaching Guwahati Airport, you will reach your hotel with the hotel representative. In the evening after having lunch, have a blissful cruise experience on the Brahmaputra. The enormous Brahmaputra river serves almost the entire Northeast India with its tributaries.

Your day one will end with a visit to the Kamakhya temple.

Day 2

Travel to Manas National Park

Your day two will begin with a road trip to Manas National Park after having breakfast which is the best among all of the biodiversity parks. The next part is going to be exciting owing to an overnight stay in the jungle lodge.

Late in the evening, a visit to the Tea garden and a walk among the plantations will clear your nostrils with the effervescence of tea.

forests of orang national park, assam

Day 3

Expedition at the Manas National Park

Day three brings you an exciting wildlife safari in the Manas National Park. The park has a lot to offer ranging from rare animal species to exciting safari expeditions. In the morning, you will enjoy an elephant ride whereas that will turn into a jeep safari in the evening.

In this safari, you will be able to sight the Hispid Hare, Roofed Turtle, Golden Langur, Asian Golden Cat, and much more.

Day 4

Trip to Orang National Park

Your day four will be dedicated to the trip to Orang National Park via road. The Orang National Park is known for being flooded with flora and fauna and is known for being the Clouded Leopard habitat. You will be allotted a forest rest house for the night.

But before getting into bed, you get to experience a trek in the park.

Day 5

Orang to Nameri

After breakfast, enjoy an elephant ride among the woods of the park. While hopping over an elephant, you will encounter different bird and animal species such as Adjutant Stork, Indian Rock Python, and Blind Gigantic Elephant. After experiencing the highs of Orang National Park, you will be taken to the Nameri National Park.

Dinner will be arranged for you under the twinkling night sky in your eco-camp.

feral horses in dibru saikhowa national park, assam

Day 6

A day at Nameri National Park

Your entire day will be spent at the Nameri National Park which begins with a safari. Post lunch, you can go rafting in the river Jai Bhorali or go for a trek. The park is best known for having peaceful walks and spotting different animal species like the Clouded Leopard and Asian Golden Cat, that you won't find in the rest of India.

Day 7

Kaziranga National Park voyage

This day brings delight as you will be traveling to Kaziranga National Park, a world heritage site. It is known for the presence of one-horned rhinos and abundant tigers. It is the perfect chance to get all your Indian Rhinoceros facts in place. A tour of the tea gardens will await you as soon as you arrive. The fragrance of tea will push your affection towards it. The day ends with an overnight stay at the lodge where you can rest for the next day.

Day 8

Exploring the Kaziranga

The entire day is planned for an exciting expedition in the Kaziranga National Park. Start with a morning safari to explore this beautiful forest and its wildlife, like the Indian Rhino, Indian Elephant, Royal Bengal Tiger and a host of birds and other mammals. Come back for breakfast.

After having lunch, take an afternoon jeep safari to explore the forest further.

two elephants in a water body in manas national park, assam

Day 9

Visit Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary

After a beautiful experience in the Kaziranga, you will get to explore the Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, the second most renowned biodiversity sphere. It is located at the point where river Lohit and Brahmaputra conjugate.

A long journey from Kaziranga to Dibru will tire you out but all the exploration will be worth it.

Day 10

A day out in the Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary

The tenth day of your trip is for you to explore the Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is a bit different from the rest as you will see animal species like the Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian elephant, hoolock gibbon, and much more. It is considered to be the clouded leopard habitat which is a rare leopard species.

The day ends with a stay at the sanctuary.

Day 11

Swing between Dibru and the Debang Valley

The morning begins with a safari in the Dibriu wildlife sanctuary. After that safari, you will move to the Debang Valley. The valley has abundant species of birds that migrate here often in the latter half of the year. Moreover, the valley has certain pools of water where you can spend some time alone.

After the bird watching concludes, you will move back to the lodge for the night.

mountains can be seen from namdapha national park, arunachal pradesh

Day 12

Arrive at Namdapha National Park

Your 12th day in the northeast begins with an early trip to Namdapha National Park with the packed breakfast. It is the largest protected area in the Eastern Himalayas with abundant flora and fauna around to lure you in.

In the evening, you get to enjoy an elephant safari and a trek with the sun setting in the sky.

Day 13

Exploring the perks of Namdapha National Park

Your entire day will be spent at the Namdapha National Park, admiring its beauty and the wildlife scenes it offers. A nature walk has been scheduled for the morning which includes bird watching to begin your day with birds chirping around and the Sun darting its rays. The national park has around 425 bird species with 5 species of Hornbill alone, that is you will get to expand your knowledge.

Day 14

Dibrugarh to Delhi

After waking up in the morning it would be time to leave for Delhi.

Our representative will lead you back to the airport via cab service and with indelible memories of Northeast India.

small huts for visitors in eco camp at nameri national park, assam