Bhutan Birding Tour


Bhutan is paradise on Earth. The well preserved natural beauty of the place is nothing less than ethereal and enchanting. The place is guarded by the mighty Himalayas by one side and is home to valleys and forests that are amassed with various species of flora and fauna. The people who visit Bhutan are left with wonderful memories and praises for the place. Behold the sheer beauty of the Himalayas as you go around the country during Bird Watching in Bhutan. This Bhutan birding trip experience will give you a chance to get a glance at the most magnificent and vibrant birds that are endemic to the Himalayan region. The country conserves its abode and offers an enthralling experience for the bird enthusiasts.

Trip Highlights
  • A glimpse at the preserved beauty of the Himalayas in Bhutan
  • Catch sight of exquisite and rare birds
  • Visit the stunning palaces and dzongs
  • Experience the tranquil beauty of Bhutan

Day 1

Arrival at Kolkata

The Bhutan birding tour will start as you reach Guwahati. After a long journey you can relax on the first day, or optionally take a local tour of this vibrant city.

spotted nutcracker looking back in thrumshing pass, bhutan

Day 2

Reach Samdrup Jongkhar

Guwahati is connected directly to Bhutan by road. As the tourists pass through the city, they can get a chance to get a glimpse of Indian Pond Heron, Striated Grassbird, Blue-tailed bee-eater, and many such exquisite birds that flock in the northern plains of India.

Then the tourists will enter Bhutan and reach Samdrup Jongkhar.

Day 3

Samdrup Jongkhar to Morong

Spend the day in the forests of Samdrup Jongkhar. The forest is amassed with marvelous endemic birds such as Mountain Imperial Pigeon, Large Hawk-Cuckoo, Puff-throated Babbler, Common Green Magpie, and various other species. The trek to these forests is filled with the sights of these colorful birds. The night will be at Morong.

Day 4

Next Stop

Spend the early dawn in the most sought after bird in Bhutan: Nuthatch. Then the tourists will make their way to Trashigang. As the tourists travel, they will stop watching various birds such as Grey-sided Laughingthrush, Long-tailed Broadbill, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Black Eagle, and other species of birds which are hard to find anywhere else.

Day 5


Before reaching Yongkala, the tourists will stop at Kori La. The place is crowded with various species of birds such as Nuthatch, Bhutan Laughingtrush, Broadbills, and others because of the moss and lichens in the forest. By afternoon, the tourists will set camp at Yongkala. The subtropical forest is the most famous bird-watching sight in Bhutan. The place offers the sight of bird species like Golden Bush Robin, Large Niltava, Violet Cuckoo, Ward's Trogon in the valleys at Yongkala.

view of himalayas from bhutan

Days 6 - 7

Birdwatching at Kori La and Yongkala

Spend these two days of this incredible Bhutan birding tour treading the Limithang Road. The road is a famous spot for bird watching in Bhutan. The tourists will encounter Spotted Wren-Babbler, Scarlet Finch, parrotbills, Slaty-bellied Tesia, and other endemic and vibrant birds.

Day 8

A bird watching experience in Yongala

Spend the nights in the pasturelands at Sengor as you tread through the forests in search of unique Blood Pheasant, Gold-naped Finch, Satyr Tragopan, and such diverse species of birds.

Day 9

Explore Sengor

The tourists will traverse through the high pass of Thrumshing in search of high altitude birds. Get a glimpse of Coal Tits, Fire-tailed Sunbird, Red-billed Chough, Spotted Nutcracker and if the tourists are lucky, they can even spot the mystic Himalayan Monal.


After this, they will cross the pass of Yotongla where one may pause to find a glimpse of Darjeeling Woodpecker, Brown Parrotbill, and such. Then they will move onwards to Trongsa.

Day 10

Jakar to Trongsa

The road to Zhemgang is filled with valleys blanketed with forests. These valleys are filled with glorious sights and bewitching birds. If one is patient enough, they can even spot the rare and endangered Golden Langur. This part of bird watching in Bhutan offers sights of prints, Blue-bearded Bee-eaters, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Common kestrels, and other such hard to find birds.

blood pheasant during birding tour in sengor town, bhutan

Day 11

Excursion in valleys to Zhemgang

The habitat of Tingtible Road is abode to a large number of species as well as the rare Golden Langur. One has chances to encounter Spotted Wren-Babbler, Great Hornbills, Cutia, Green Pigeons, and other majestic species. Even the beautiful Nuthatch frequents this habitat.

Day 12

Explore the birds at Tingtible Road

Back at Trongsa, the tourists will indulge themselves in cultural excursions. They will get to know more about the traditions and culture of Bhutan by visiting the Trongsa Dzong. Dzong means fort. The magnificent architectural masterpiece is home to the Royal family. Some parts of it are open to visitors and offer an insight into the grandeur of Bhutanese tradition.

Day 13

Visit the magnificent dzongs

The tourists will spend their morning bird watching at Relele pass. Birds like Himalayan Griffon, Himalayan Monal, and Brown Parrotbill gather at this pass. After this dazzling experience, they will move to Punakha by road, traversing through enchanting sights of valleys of Wangdue Phodrang.

The evening will be spent in the company of White-bellied Heron and Crested kingfishers in the Pho Chu valley.

Day 14

Onwards to Punakha

The day is a mix of birding and cultural excursions. The tourists will spend the morning in search of yuhanis, forktails, woodpeckers, and even Pallas's Fish Eagle. The birds will dazzle you with their diversity and melodious sound.

Spend the rest of the day glancing at the rich heritage of Bhutan. Visit the famous Punakha Dzong, the grand complex of buildings where the first king was crowned. While reaching Punakha, the tourists will cross the exquisite gift of nature, Dochla pass from where one can witness the imposing Himalayas.

blue-tailed bee eater in the northern plains of india

Day 15

Punakha to Thimpu

In the wee hours of dawn, the tourists will go visit the sewage to spot Ibisbill and crakes. These birds can only be spotted early in the morning. Get back to camp for breakfast. After this, they will hike to Cheri Monastery. During this hike, the tourists will keep an eye out to spot vibrant species of birds such as Wallcreeper, Woodpeckers, Brown Dipper, and even the Mountain goat that is present around the Monastery.


Then the tourists will continue to Paro and stay there overnight.

Day 16

Hike to Cheri Monastery

A wonderful experience in Bhutan Birding tours is to travel to the highest pass in Bhutan, Cheli Li Pass. The pass hosts throngs of pheasants of various species. Once the tourist has their fill of bird watching, they will move to their next stop, Kichu Monastery. One of the oldest monasteries in Bhutan, Kichu is home to folk tales and exquisite sights. The place is best to wind down after the whole day of traveling and excursions.

Day 17

Cheli La Pass

The tourists can spend the day in the Paro valley at their leisure or can opt to hike up to the Taktsang Monastery. The Monastery is almost three kilometers above the sea level and offers an enchanting view of the forested mountains that cover the area. The hike is a little difficult but the view of the mountains as well as the exquisite construction of the Monastery makes it worth it.

Day 18

Hike up the Tiger's Nest

Catch your flight to your next destination from Delhi with your minds bewitched and filled with vibrant colors of this bird watching in Bhutan.

himalayan monal on relele pass near bhutan