Classic Uganda


Known for its diverse wildlife, preserves, and stunning landscapes, Uganda is one of the best wildlife destinations in Africa. From tracking the chimpanzees in Kibale National Park to tracking gorillas in Bwindi national park to spotting lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, and many other animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park, this tour will take you across the beauty of Uganda. Tracking mountain gorillas in the Bwindi National Park would be one of the best experiences throughout your tour. Spend some blissful time at the Lake Bunyonyi, which is surrounded by beautiful hills and has some of the most adorable little birds that make it popular as the Switzerland of Africa. Known to be the place of 5 islands, Lake Bunyonyi is inhabited by two tribes, namely Batwa and Bakiga. This tour is the best way to explore the beauty of Uganda like never before!

Trip Highlights
  • Gorilla tracking trek in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
  • Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National Park
  • Tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Boat cruise on Kazinga channel
  • Kyambura Gorge walk
  • Bigodiswamp walk
  • Magnificent views of the Rwenzori Mountains
  • Swimming and canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi

Day 1

Arrival at Entebbe

After having a safe flight, you will arrive in Entebbe where you will be met by our representative, who will transfer you to your hotel. Our guide will wait for you under the canopy tents after you pass through the immigration area and walk towards the courtyard.

After reaching your hotel, you can check-in and relax for the remaining day, or you can go out and explore Entebbe.

Day 2


On the morning of the second day of your tour, you will be transferred to Entebbe Airport for your light aircraft flight to Kasese Airstrip, situated near the Kibale Forest National Park. Your private driver/guide and a 4x4vehicle will wait there for transferring you to your lodge. You also have the option of driving down to Kibale National Park, but for that, you have to start early in the morning with packed breakfast. After reaching Kibale, you will go on a Bigodi swamp walk in the afternoon.

Being a fascinating area, Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary is located in Magombe swamp and is famous for various primates species like the baboon, red colobus monkey, black & white colobus monkey, mangabey, L’Hoest monkey, and many other animal species. It is also considered to be a paradise for bird watchers as it has around 138 species of birds.

You will return from the swamp walk and rest overnight at your hotel.

bloat of hippos relaxing on ishasha river near queen elizabeth national park, uganda


Day 3

Entebbe to Kibale

After having an early breakfast on the third day of your tour, you will leave to explore the Kibale Forest National Park. Famous for the highest concentration and greatest variety of primates in East Africa, the Kibale Forest National Park is the best place to spot unique chimpanzees and gorillas.


After you arrive at the visitor center of the national park, the rangers will brief you before you head out to track the chimpanzees. You will also get an hour to track the gorillas inside the national park. Being man’s closest cousins, Chimpanzees are one of the most threatened primate species. You will spot more primates in the national park like the Black and white Colobus monkeys, L’Hoest Monkeys, Grey-cheeked Mangabey, Red-tailed monkeys, bush babies, pottos and many more. The park also has various bird species that include the yellow-spotted nicator, rumped tinkerbird, Little greenbul, green breasted pitta, the crowned eagle, black bee-eater, etc. Elephants are amongst mammals that you can spot during your walk.


After visiting Kibale, you will drive for 3 hours and reach the Queen Elizabeth National Park. If the day is clear, then you will get stunning views of the Rwenzori Mountains.


You will be welcomed and briefed about your stay before you check-in to your room.

Day 4

Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest national park

After having an early breakfast, you will go out for a game drive to look for lions, solitary buffaloes, and elephants towards Kasenyi Track, which is the northern part of the National Park. Owing to the vast population of Uganda Kobs, early mornings are the best time for viewing cats in action as you get a good opportunity to view the animals from a close range.


After your game drive, you will return to the lodge, have lunch, and rest for some time. After resting, you will proceed towards experiencing the Kazinga Channel boat cruise. The Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise is a boat safari that takes you to experience the stunning wildlife and birds of the National Park. A trip down the channel may give you chances to spot elephants, buffalos, huge Nile crocodiles, and many other animals. You will also be able to spot birds like pink backed pelicans, pied and malachite kingfishers, saddle-billed stork, etc. near the shores.

views of rwenzori mountains from the jungles of uganda

Day 5

Queen Elizabeth National Park & Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise

On the fifth morning of your tour, you will get a chance to enjoy the stunning Kyambura Gorge. Having a width of 500 meters, Kyambura Gorge came into existence from a deep erosion from the Kyambura River, which now flows 100 meters below on the valley floor. Forming a border between the Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Kyambura Wildlife Reserve, the gorge is an isolated cover of the riparian forest from the inside. Emerging between open savannah, it allows the resident chimpanzee community to have a restricted territory. You will dive into the gorge and spend your morning on a nature walk with an official Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger. During your walk, you will track the remaining population of approximately 20 individual chimpanzees and other primates inhabiting the gorge. Later in the afternoon, you will transfer to the Ishasha sector for your game drive to search for the tree-climbing lions and other animals. After completing your game drive, you will check into your lodge and relax.

two tree climbing lions in ishasha sector of queen elizabeth national park, uganda

Day 6

Queen Elizabeth National Park

On the sixth day of your tour, you will leave for a relaxing game drive in the morning to search the tree-climbing lions. You may also get the opportunity to spot one of the resident leopards inside the park. Later in the morning, you leave southwards with your lunch to the renowned Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. After arriving, you can relax, and then prepare yourself for your first gorilla tracking experience on the next day.


Day 7

Ishasha sector-Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

On day seven of your tour, you will go for a gorilla tracking expedition. After your arrival, you will be briefed at the headquarters before you set off into the forests. Having a worldwide population of just 1,000, the mountain gorillas in Bwindi are something that you should not miss. Since the gorillas are scattered in the forest, the time taken to track the gorillas varies from half an hour to eight hours. Once the gorillas are located, you will get a maximum of one hour with them. Being one of the most memorable experiences, it brings in a bond between you and the gorillas just after looking into their eyes. Tracking the mountain gorillas is an amazing experience as you nature keeps rewarding you with its stunning beauty. After spending an hour with the gorillas, you will return to your lodge.

wild free roaming mountain gorillas in bwindi impenetrable national park, uganda

Day 8

Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Post a relaxed breakfast head out for Lake Bunyonyi. It’ll be an hourlong drive and you will reach by early lunchtime. Post lunch and a bit of relaxing head out for a nature walk followed by a visit to islands around the lake like Habuharo, Akempene, and Bacuraniko. Soak in nature and come back to your lodge for the evening.


Day 9

Bwindi to Lake Bunyonyi

Today have a relaxing day swimming in the safe and clean clear waters of Lake Bunyonyi which are bilharzia free and without crocs, hippos, and other intimidating wildlife or even fishes. However, being a very deep lake (the deepest in Uganda and the second deepest in Africa) one should be an expert swimmer to venture out. One can also go canoeing and enjoy the natural settings to the hilt. Post lunch you can head out to the Bakora caves and spend some time with the local Batwa (the pygmies) and the Abaheesi (traditional blacksmiths) communities, learning about their lives and livelihoods. Get an insight into their cultural practices, especially their cultural dances. Feel free to shake a leg with them as you end your trip to magical Uganda.

Day 10

Lake Bunyonyi

On the locally advised time, you will be transferred to the airstrip for your light aircraft flight back to Entebbe. You can choose to drive back to Entebbe, but the drive will take more than 10 hours and you will reach by late afternoon. Therefore, taking a flight is a preferred option to go to Entebbe.

After arriving at Entebbe, our representative will assist you in your international flight with pleasant memories of your tour.

small islands on lake bunyonyi, uganda