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Kibale National Park


Kibale National Park was primarily established for the mere purpose of conserving the endangered chimpanzees in this region. It is located close to Fort Portal town in South Western Uganda. In brief, the national park extends up to 774 sq km. It is mostly surrounded by ethereal semi-deciduous forest greens of countless species. The park is but a paradise that not only has scenic views throughout but also possesses a few of the most vividly vibrant wildlife creatures such as reptiles, birds, wild cats, and insects of countless species. However today it is best known as one of the last protected areas for the elusive chimpanzees.


Kibale national park is a vast community that is home to a diversified population of naturalistic creatures including butterflies, mammals, birds, etc. As a nature lover, you should visit the place to absorb what the soothing setting has to offer, along with the explicitly magnificent and gorgeous creatures. Today, this park has become a prominent tourist attraction in Uganda due to its varied population of chimpanzees. In total, Kibale national park comprises about 4 communities filled with habituated chimpanzees. These communities are- the Ngongo community, the Kanyachu community, the Kanyawara community, and the Sebitole community.


Kibale National Park is vitally recognized as the most established and fascinating place for Uganda chimpanzee trekking safaris. Tour through this ever gazing park to have the most delightful experience of strolling through a scenic setting filled with nature and wildlife creatures.


Location: Uganda

Nearest airport: Entebbe International Airport

How to reach: 50 km from Entebbe by road

Famous for: Chimpanzees

Months open: All year

Best time to Visit: Dec to Feb; June to August


Chimp habituation experience

Night walks

13 species of primate live in the forest including red colobus monkeys

Excellent birding in the forest



Kibale National park has a debatable history. Earlier, it was distinguished into a logged forest in 1932 by the British. The British were responsible for protecting and securing the authenticity of the forest. They moreover also utilized it for extracting wood. To add on, this forest was used for extracting wild coffee. After extracting the hardwood, the British planted several exotic and wild trees around the forest.


The habitat in Kibale National park is rather versatile yet exquisite. It extends up to the Queen Elizabeth national park. It forms a sort of border that is known as a wildlife corridor. This corridor is a direct pathway for wildlife creatures to move across both the parks. The park is vast and offers maximal comfort and flexibility to the wildlife creatures like leopards, lions, cats, and much more to move around as they like.


Kibale National Park is chiefly occupied by two tribes namely The Bakiga and Batoora tribes. One can stroll through the village walks to experience the delightful culture of the Bakiga and Batooro tribes. In brief, these tribes follow traditional lifestyles with different divinity beliefs. While encountering the culture of the Kibale National Park, you can also visit Taroo Kingdom Palace that explicitly offers a varied culture and history of this place.


Kibale National Park is home to several distinguishing creatures and their species.

It accommodates creatures of over 13 species. It is home to over 1500 chimpanzees. A few of the popular primates here include Uganda mangabey, lophocebus Ugandae, and Uganda red colobus. It furthermore accommodates creatures like red and blue duiker, sitatungas, giant forest hogs, warthogs, bush pigs, and African buffalos. At the park, you can enjoy a number of fun-loving activities. From nocturnal walks that are surrounded with pleasing greens and hues to chimpanzee trekking and Uganda chimpanzee trekking safaris, this place is an ultimate ecosystem that is a blend of nature’s charm and beauty.


Where to stay:


Kibale National Park offers sophisticated and contemporary accommodation sites that come with flexible amenities starting from swimming pools, picturesque views, spas, and restaurants. The two top-notch accommodations that you can stay in include-

Kyaninga Lodge

Papaya Lake Lodge


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