Best hotels of Zanzibar

Best hotels of Zanzibar

Zanzibar, an archipelago situated off the coast of Tanzania, holds the esteemed title of being timeless. The best hotels of Zanzibar dot the exotic backdrop of this culturally rich destination, where African, Indian, Arabian, and Persian influences converge to create a unique and enchanting atmosphere. The island’s allure extends beyond its stunning landscapes, offering travelers a memorable experience amidst the harmonious blend of diverse cultures.

The Zanzibar beaches with white sand and turquoise waters, the historic Stone Town, spice tours, and excellent underwater marine life are just some of the reasons to visit this place.

A beautiful view of Zanzibar

A beautiful view of Zanzibar

The tropical paradise is one of the best beach destinations you can visit in Africa. As the small islands of Zanzibar Island can be visited all year round, people can enjoy a wide range of activities here.

However, the best way to enjoy Zanzibar is by staying at the island’s resorts. Having luxurious accommodations, unique interiors, and a view of the ocean, the resorts are an important part of a tropical holiday.

Here are the five best resorts in Zanzibar, that will provide the most immersive experience on your trip:


1. The Residence Zanzibar 

Nestled among the lush 32 hectares of tropical gardens, The Residence Zanzibar provides a secluded hideaway vacation on the island.

The resort is surrounded by natural beauty and sits alongside other five-star luxuries. The tropical gardens meet the soft white sand of the Zanzibar beaches and the clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

The Residence Zanzibar

The Residence Zanzibar

The luxury resort is inspired by the beautiful culture of the island and blends in modernity with Swahili, British, Omani, and Indian influences. Here, you can choose from 66 spacious and luxurious villas fused with contemporary styles and representing its heritage.

The activities offered by the resort are plentiful, where you can dive right into the ocean and explore coral reefs or simply relax near your private pool. You can also explore The Residence Zanzibar’s sprawling gardens where a petting zoo and bird sanctuary are available.

Water sports such as kayaking, Hobie Cat, and Pedal boat can also be enjoyed.

To truly pamper yourself, you can choose the resort’s spa treatments which provide a therapeutical and natural experience.


2. Hotel RIU Palace Zanzibar 

The Hotel RIU Palace Zanzibar is located directly on Nungwi Beach, a beautiful white sand beach. Out of all the RIU Hotel chains, RIU Palace is one of the most elegant categories. It meets the highest standard in terms of sophistication, luxury, and excellence.

This resort in Zanzibar is here to provide a unique experience for guests. It offers 200 cozily furnished rooms which are notable for their design and spaciousness. If you want a more private experience, Hotel RIU Palace also has its villas attached with exclusive pools.

Hotel RIU palace Zanzibar

Hotel RIU palace Zanzibar

The location of the resort is ideal due to its proximity to the Nungwi beach, and Stone Town. There are several activities provided by the resort such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and volleyball games.

There are many daytimes and evening entertainment shows organized by the resort. For lovers of gastronomy, there are live cooking stations as well as a wide range of cuisines available.

At the Hotel RIU Palace Zanzibar, relaxation pools, spas, and hydromassage zones are available for guests.


3. Zuri Zanzibar 

Zuri Zanzibar is a unique resort on the island that is ideal for people who would like to experience the off-beaten path of Africa. The resort is located at the northern shores of Unguja, making it the perfect place to explore.

Zuri Zanzibar has 56 bungalows, villas, and suites which are intricately designed and have local artisanal features. The rooms flow out to seamless terraces which are surrounded by tropical gardens.

Zuri Zanzibar resort

Zuri Zanzibar resort

The resort has a private 300 meters west-facing beach which is free of any big tides. Guests can swim safely all day long and enjoy the breath-taking sunsets.  

With a sustainable and considerate build, the resorts focus majorly on local communities. Guests are also encouraged to donate beneficial items. Zuri Zanzibar is socially and ecologically responsible, which makes sustainability part of your trip. 

If you want to cleanse your soul, you can choose Zuri Zanzibar’s various well-being activities such as mediation, yoga, massages, or outdoor workouts. For adventures, there are always water sports and tours available, such as luxury boat tours and fishing.


4. Baraza Resort and Spa 

Baraza Resort and Spa has one of the most beautiful architecture, having a fusion of Swahili, Arabic, and Indian design. The impressive arches, precious antiques, hand-carved white décor and furniture, and intricate brass lanterns make this resort stand out from the rest. 

It is located along the Bwejuu-Paje beach and is regarded to be an exclusive boutique resort. As much as its interior takes you back to the royal sultan periods, its services are quick and modern. 

Baraza Resort and Spa

Baraza Resort and Spa

The resort only has 30 villas but they are beautifully designed to represent the classic Swahili structure. The spacious and luxurious accommodation has ocean and garden views which make you feel like you are living in an exotic palace.

Baraza Resort is the best place to relax and spend your tropical vacation in peace, but don’t miss out on the enjoyable activities it provides. There are several low tide activities like bicycling along the northern coastlines, snorkeling, football, and volleyball games.

The resort specializes in professional diving and offers lessons and skills to guests. There are also several tours organized by Baraza which helps guests learn more about local culture.


5. Sandies Baobab Beach Zanzibar 

Sandies Baobab Beach is located at the white sand beach of Nungwi, on the northern tip of Zanzibar. The resort takes its name from the century-old yet majestic Baobab plant that surrounds the resort’s compound. It creates a unique tropical oasis absorbed in nature for guests. 

Sandies Baobab Beach Zanzibar

Sandies Baobab Beach Zanzibar

The resort features 105 rooms all designed in Swahili style. They are further divided into a garden, family, superior and deluxe rooms. Sandies Baobab has direct access to the beach, restaurant, pool, and bar which faces the turquoise waters of Nungwi. For rejuvenation, guests also have the choice of spa and wellness center. 

Evenings at the resort are lively and fun where the resort’s amphitheater hosts entertainment, local dancers, musicians, and acrobats.


Zanzibar is an ideal location for an intimate vacation and choosing these resorts will only add to your beach trip immensely.


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