Highlights of Frozen Continent


An Antarctica vacation is all about cruising at the southern end of the earth, the South Pole. Being inaccessible to people all around the world, the only way to reach the Frozen Continent is by taking a cruise from Ushuaia in Argentina or Punta Aires in Chile. Apart from being stunned from the beauty of Antarctica, the cruise will also take you along the beautiful islands of Falklands and South Georgia. Both these independent islands make a marvelous addition to your trip because of their unique wildlife and remarkable beauty! Getting to Antarctica is no fun if you do not feel some thrill while you pass from the Drake Passage. The Drake Passage is the point where the Pacific, Southern, and Atlantic seas converge and make you experience the roughness of the seawater. If you are a wildlife enthusiast and want to see the birth of cute nestlings, then you should plan a trip around Mid-December. To experience the beauty of this winter wonderland, you should take the cruise for the best trip of your life!

Trip Highlights
  • Dig into the history of the Frozen Continent
  • Explore the science behind the stunning sites of Antarctica
  • Feel the thrill at the Drake Passage
  • Have fun hiking in the dense snow of Antarctica vacation
  • Spend 6 days to explore 22 mindblowing sites of the continent
  • Experience the luxury and enjoy mouthwatering dishes at the cruise
  • Land onto different shores and feel the nature
  • Get in-depth lectures from geologists and wildlife experts
  • Explore the beauty of islands of Falkland and South Georgia

Day 1

Welcome to Ushuaia

Upon your arrival at Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, our staff will take you to an excellent hotel where you can rest. You will be free to explore the city by yourself for the rest of the day of your Antarctica vacation. Some places that you can visit include Museo del Fin del Mundo, Tierra del Fuego National Park, and Beagle Channel.

Day 2


After having breakfast, you can enjoy the morning at Ushuaia by visiting the beautiful waterfront and gaze at the stunning Martial range, which is the southernmost peak of Andes. You can shop for souvenirs and later have a delightful lunch at a cafe.

Later in the afternoon, the guides will welcome you to your luxurious ship to begin your Antarctica vacation. After settling up in your suite, you can wander around the whole cruise and make yourself feel at home. After all the introductions and briefings, you can have your dinner and then step out to experience the beautiful evening light through the Beagle Channel.

Days 3 - 4

Embarkation in Ushuaia

After passing the Tierra del Fuego islands, you will move towards the southern direction to cross the dreadful Drake Passage. Along the way, you will experience the fin whales, humpback, albatross, and other seabirds. You will also cross the southern ocean's biological boundary, The Antarctic Convergence. The staff will brief you about the security procedures as you will be entering Antarctica. On the evening of day four of your Antarctica vacation, you will arrive in the South Shetland Islands.

Days 5 - 9

Cross the Drake Passage

In all these days, you will explore the beauty of the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands.

Being the northernmost islands in Antarctica for your Antarctica vacation, we will explore the South Shetland Islands. You will also experience the surreal beauty of the Gerlache Strait area in the Antarctic Peninsula. The travel plans will change according to the weather, and the expert guides will take you to the best-suited places as per the weather. Having about 20 hours of daylight, the experts will make you experience excellent wildlife and stunning sceneries along with shore excursions.

Days 10 - 11

Explore the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula

After experiencing the beauty of Antarctica, your cruise will start moving towards South America by passing through the Drake Passage. Seabirds will be your companions throughout the journey, and you can also have encounters with the whales in the wild seawater. You will also get to celebrate your Antarctica vacation with the other guests in the end-of-voyage slideshow and the Captain’s Farewell Cocktail. Finally, you will enter back the peaceful Beagle Channel and enjoy the last night of smooth sailing on a cruise towards Ushuaia.

Day 12

Travel back towards South America through the Drake Passage!

After having a delicious meal on the cruise of your Antarctica vacation, the crew will bid you farewell in the port city of Ushuaia. The group will then drop you to the airport to see you off.

To experience the best days of your life full of thrill, adventure, and peace, plan a trip to the Frozen Continent of the earth!