Antarctica, Chilean Fjords & Falklands


Antarctica is not only an adventurous and remote location; getting there is an expedition in itself. The Antarctica holidays are a cruise trip that lasts around 20 days and starts and ends in Santiago, Chile. The expedition encompasses a magnificent and breathtaking tour of the Chilean fjords, the ancient glaciers of the Antarctic, and the unique landscapes that make up the Antarctic. You will also get to see the awe-inspiring wildlife of Antarctica, which includes penguins, whales, leopard seals, albatrosses, and sea eagles, all while savoring the icy, magnificent, and unique scenes of Antarctica. It is a must-try tour for those of you with a zest for adventure.

Trip Highlights
  • Embark on a mega cruise to Antarctica and hike on the snow.
  • Witness ancient ice structures, glaciers, and mountains while exploring up to 22 sites on the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Pass through the Beagle Channel with majestic penguins, cormorants, and sea lions.
  • Cross the Drake Passage.
  • Explore birdwatching and the English-style towns on the Falkland Islands.
  • Learn about the geography, history, and research activities of Antarctica through eye-opening and enticing lectures from experts.
  • Enjoy observing the wildlife from your deck while enjoying a peaceful cruise.
  • Taste the scrumptious cuisine onboard your Antarctica holidays cruise ship.

Day 1

A taste of Chilean culture

Where: Santiago de Chile, Chile

You will have one day to explore the capital city of Chile, i.e., Santiago, and all its diverse attractions, such as the ancient Andean glaciers, the city skyscrapers, colonial buildings and architecture, and the River Mapacho, among many more, before heading out for your expedition the next morning. You can also discover tall mountains, quiet parks, and bohemian neighborhoods, and taste some delicious Chilean food. You will have an overnight hotel stay here before embarking on your mega Antarctica holidays.

Day 2

Embark on the expedition of a lifetime

Where: Punta Arenas, Chile

You will take a short flight to Punta Arenas, where the MS Roald Amundsen, a hybrid-powered cruise ship made for expeditions, will be waiting to take you to Antarctica to start your Antarctica holidays.

Day 3

Cruise along the Beagle Channel

Where: Patagonia

Your first pit stop is the Chilean fjords, which you will reach while enjoying a cruise along the Beagle Channel, surrounded by fjords and mountains that plunge deep into the icy water. It is a wild and remote location. The ice and glaciers have permeated the mountains, creating isolated islands. You will also get to see some of the exotic wildlife that thrives in this area.

Days 4 - 5

Brave the Cape Horn and the Drake Passage

Where: Cape Horn and the Drake Passage

Cape Horn is the southernmost point of South America. The high seas and challenging landscape and weather conditions make a landing in Cape Horn a difficult task, but there is a good chance that we will.

Following this, in about one and a half or two days, depending on the weather conditions at the time, the MS Roald Amundsen will take you to Drake Passage, which is a water body that connects Cape Horn and Chile to the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica. You will cross the Drake Passage over the West Scotia Ridge and the South Shetland Trench, which is nearly six kilometers deep.

Days 6 - 14

Fare forth into the Antarctic

Where: Antarctica

Finally, the ship reaches Antarctica, a landmass covered in up to four kilometers of ice. The gorgeous white landscape of ancient ice is a magnificent sight to behold. The continent is dedicated to science, tourism, and peace, so there is no other human activity on Antarctica except for tourists and researchers. This also means that the place has been left undisturbed for thousands of years, so tourists need to strictly follow environmental guidelines and rules put in place to preserve the landscape.

The outcome of your Antarctica holidays is also highly susceptible to weather and climatic conditions, given the harsh and unpredictable nature of the weather, wind, and ice in this region. Hence, our program may be subject to changes, re-routes, and shifts in landing, timing, etc. in order to make the most of this expedition. However, we will be able to get a good look at the scenic white view as we kayak and cruise next to the whales. There will be attempts made to land in places including Deception Island, Brown Bluff, Cuverville Island, Half Moon Island, and Neko Harbor. Penguin colonies, seals, glaciers, icebergs, and old whaling stations are some of the major attractions you can find here. And if you’re lucky, we will visit the Polar Circle, which is a rare opportunity to get close to a truly untouched part of Antarctica.

Days 15 - 16

Antarctic wildlife at the Falkland Islands

Where: Falkland Islands

Once the Antarctica leg of the tour is over, we head on to the Falkland Islands, which consist of around 700 smaller islands and two large islands. It is a haven for indigenous Antarctic wildlife that includes colonies of albatross, rockhopper penguins, wrens, caracaras, ducks, and geese. The clear skies, blue horizons, and pristine air make the Falkland Islands an indispensable part of the Antarctica holidays.

Days 17 - 18

Roam the streets of Stanley

Where: Stanley, Falkland Islands

The next couple of days is for exploring the capital city of the Falkland Islands, called Stanley, which is practically a city that reminds one of a typical English town with its red telephone boxes, red buses, and pubs. You can walk the streets and explore the city while you’re here, or enjoy the wildlife tours or birdwatching on Carcass Island or West Point.

Day 19

Final leg of the tour at The Magellan Strait

Where: Punta Arenas and Santiago, Chile

The Magellan Strait is a natural passageway between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. We will come back to the starting point through the Magellan Strait, where you will find another opportunity to spot wildlife from the ship deck.

Day 20

Back to Punta Arenas and Santiago

Where: Punta Arenas and Santiago, Chile

At the end of your Antarctica holidays, we arrive back in Punta Arenas in the morning. From here, you will catch a flight back to the Chilean capital, Santiago. You can head home from here or extend your trip to explore more of Chile.