Norway Classic Midnight Sun


With approximately 60,000 kms of coastline (including the islands) Norway is the longest country in Europe – and one of the most beautiful. Norway has so many breathtaking sites in its pocket that the list of ways that you can spend your time here is as long as your imagination. The two weeks Norway Summer Trip via road is ideal for those who want to make the most of Norway’s summer. Start off exploring southern Norway before taking a flight to the Arctic Circle. From the Arctic Circle, rent a vehicle and head to the rocky island of Senja for a two-day adventure of kayaking and cycling before ferrying to smaller Andenes for whale watching. The epilogue of the journey will be at Tromso and Oslo for festivals and outdoor cuisine.

Trip Highlights
  • Stroll through Norway’s Grand capital, Oslo.
  • Gaze at the 9th century Viking Oseberg Ship at Viking Ship Museum at Oslo.
  • Explore Bergen, a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Ride the Tromso cable car or hike to the top of the best views.
  • Go hiking, kayaking, fishing, and cycling at Senja.
  • Watch whales splashing beside you at Andenes.
  • Go into the white heaven of snow Norway’s Arctic.
  • Do ski jumping at Holmenkollen.
  • Visit the Norwegian Booktown with second- hand bookstores, cafes, and art galleries.
  • Cruise along the Norwegian Fjords.
  • Sail along the Norwegian coast on a famous Hurtigruten cruise.

Day 1

Arrive in Oslo

You’ll be starting your Norway vacation with the lively capital, Oslo. The city is surrounded by mountains and filled with charm and character. We recommend you to witness one of the most well preserved Viking ships in the world. The transportation in the city is easily accessible by public transport, so hop in to explore the wonders that Oslo has to offer.

Best activities to do in Oslo are-

A stroll at Aker Brygge – this Oslo neighborhood is known for its beautiful modern buildings.

Viking Ship Museum - here you will find a 9th-century Oseberg Viking ship that will leave your mind blown.

Vigeland sculpture park – decorated by 200 larger than life sculptures throughout the park the Vigeland sculpture park is a pure creation of artwork.

As the sun falls and hunger strikes follow the delicious smell that will lead you to some of the best cuisines found on every street.

ferry is ready to travel from gryllefjord to andenes in norway

Day 2

Train to Flam – Ferry to Balestrand

After the healthy breakfast, take a ride on the Flam railway. The Flam railway is said to be one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. For one hour, the train takes you through the stunning scenery of Western Norway. Always keep your camera close with you as the picturesque scenery doesn’t hold back even for a second. The train goes through waterfalls and stunning landscapes.

After reaching the village of Flam have lunch at a local cafe or the local microbrewery. Go for a stroll of the charming village and take a ferry boat ride to the harbor town of Balestrand through a portion of Sognefjord – Norway’s longest and deepest fjord.

Day 3

Fjord cruise to Fjaerland – Ferry to Bergen

The day will start with breakfast in Balestrand before you commence your Norway Trip on the Fjord cruise. The ride will offer you sight at the Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in continental Europe.

Once you are back on the solid land you can head for Fjaerland’s Village center, Mundai. The village is the home of the famous Norwegian Booktown, which comprises several second-hand book shops, some of which are combined with cafes, galleries, and souvenir shops located in old farmhouses and sheds.

You’ll reach Balestrand again by boat and then connect to your afternoon ferry to Bergen. At night you can check out the city’s vibrant bar and fine eatery cuisine.

Day 4

Exploring Bergen

Bergen is at its best form when experienced while roaming through the streets, the city features colorful wooden houses on the old pier, panoramic views, and hiking trails.


Best Activities to do in Bergen are -

Walk back in time (3 hours)- this stroll starts from the city center and travels through narrow streets up to the mountainside known as “Sandvik Batteriet” with amazing views of the city from the top. During the walk, you will hear some great stories of Bergen’s history and culture.

Explore Bergen’s Parks and Architecture (3 Hours): This walking tour begins with Bergen's largest church: St Johannes, from there you will walk through the botanic garden and towards Bergens most beautiful park: Nygard Sparken. Then you will find yourself walking at the city's narrow streets lined with traditional Bryggen houses.

The rest of the day depends on your feet if you wish to continue exploring the city for a bit more.

colorful houses with snow on rooftop in bergen, norway

Day 5

Bergen – Flight to Tromso

Today you will take a flight to Tromso, the largest city in Northern Norway!

With the help of cable cars get to the top of the mountain's ledge in just 4 minutes.

At the top, all you will need is a camera from which you can capture the spectacular panoramic views of Tromso and surrounding islands, mountains, and Fjords.

Day 6

Tromso – Drive to Senja

After a healthy breakfast, take a three-hour ride to Senja, while enjoying the scenic views of the mountains, islands, and Fjords.

After you reach Senja you will feel a sudden change of aura in the air. When you look around you will be amazed by the diversity of the landscapes.

Imagine a view of the ocean, mountains, lakes, forests, and fields within a short distance, this is the same. Only, here you don’t have to imagine.

Now all you will need is food with you to make the moment perfect. You will get a taste of local delicacies just a few steps further.

Day 7

Explore Senja

Wake up early to get the most out of your Norway Vacations and enjoy your breakfast glancing at the sunrise as the rays slash through the scenic atmosphere.

To explore further you’ll need to hop on in a car and explore it via road.

The villages are linked by roads with amazing views via Senja’s National Tourist Route. You can cover most of Senja’s coast with driving and occasionally stopping to wander around rocks sculpted by the elements of colorful fishing villages in shielded covers.


At day end you can swim at the numerous beaches and eat while watching the landscape bathed in golden light from the midnight sun.

dragons teeth rocks on senja island, norway

Day 8

Ferry to Andenes

Whale Watching.

After breakfast, pack your bag and take a 1.5-hour ferry to Andenes in Andoya Island.

It is so packed with nature, it feels unbelievable.

Andenes is a year-rounded whale watching destination and the northmost point in the world where you can observe Sperm whales. The duration of the trip doesn’t affect your chances of spotting a whale.

Day 9

Hike the Queens Route

A Norway Summer Trip is incomplete without some hiking, So welcome to Queens Route!

At first sunlight, set out towards the fishing village of Stø – a beautiful 2.5-hour drive from Andenes, 93 miles away (151km).

At Stø, you’ll hike along Dronningruta, the Queens route. This 15 km round trip takes you along the shoreline and over the mountains between Stø and Old fishing village of Nyksund, in the further North of Langoya, Norway’s third-largest Island.

When you complete the Hike, drive on the National Tourist Route along the west coast of Andoya – one of the best ways to experience the region's coastline and its characteristic fishing villages with colorful wooden houses.

Day 10

Andenes – Drive to Tromso

Upon arrival in Tromso visit the largest metropolis in the north street by street and absorb its rich culture and aesthetically beautiful architecture, including houses made of wood that dates back as far as the 1700s. You can also see the relics and buildings dating back to medieval times, and learn about the city’s extensive fishing culture.

tromso city in tromsoya island seen from mount storsteinen under the midnight sun, norway

Day 11

Explore Tromso in Summer

Tromso is the kind of place that you will be showing off to your friends and families after your Norway Trip.

You can hike to Mount Flora, especially at twilights as the view is exceptionally astonishing.

There are several ways to get to the top, some prefer cable cars, some prefer climbing 324 steps along the “Sherpa Staircase”.

Explore the frozen wilderness by sea Kayak beneath the beautiful glow of midnight sun. There are also chances of you having sight of puffins, sea eagles, and bottlenose dolphins.

Day 12

Tromso – Flight to Oslo

After such an adventure, a ski jump would be like a cherry on top of a cake. And because this is Norway, it is possible. The popular area Holmenkollen, where a wooded range of hills can be reached by light rail from the city center in about half an hour, you can go snowboarding, skiing and of course Ski jumping.

Day 13

Explore Oslo once more

When life gives you second chances, then you need to utilize it to the fullest. As Oslo has so many things to offer one trip may not be sufficient. Enjoy the city’s popular cafe culture with locals and visitors sipping some of the best coffee in the world. In warmer weather, there's nothing like sitting outside under the sun with a beverage in hand. And on chilly days, stepping inside the cafes for a hot cup of coffee.

aerial view of snow covered holmenkollbakken ski jump hill in oslo, norway

Day 14

Depart Oslo

It's time to bid farewell to Norway and end the perfect Norway Summer trip! Enjoy the last few hours walking Oslo’s neighborhood and take photographs of the places that you forgot to get last time because you were so much hypnotized by the scenic destinations.