Norway Fjord Trip


To provide you with the best experience of a self-driven tour, spectacular Norway’s fjords are waiting for you. This unique tour includes much beautiful scenery. The trip starts from the second largest city of Norway i.e. Bergen.

You can pick a rental car and explore the beautiful fjords, side villages. In your trip, you get a chance of exploring outdoor activities such as hiking, summer skiing, and kayaking. Cruising in Norway fjords gives you an amazing and life-time memorable experience. In your 10 days tour of the best fjords in Norway, you will feel like you are in a fairy-tale. In this sojourn, you can enjoy a closer look at nature and witness a landscape that is often listed as one of the world’s absolute must-sees.

Trip Highlights
  • Pulpit Rock visit above Lysefjord
  • Hiking to the most amazing Voringfossen Waterfall
  • Summer Skiing in Ski Fonna Glacier Ski Resort
  • Spectacular glaciers at Jotunheimen National Park
  • Kayaking on Lake Ardalsvatnet
  • Enjoy local cuisine in nearby villages
  • Mountain Climbing (optional)
  • Norwegian fjords cruising

Day 1

Trip starts from Bergen

Your trip starts from the city of Bergen, one of the oldest port cities in Europe. Bergen hosts you with its hundreds of years of an old culture. It is situated on the west coast of Norway and it is also the second-largest city of the country. Bergen, a city surrounded by oceans, mountains, and fjords. In Bergen, you can taste the local food, shop for your trip, walk through the local market, and enjoy the nightlife.

Day 2

Exploring the city of Bergen with a local guide

Your second day starts with breakfast in your hotel. Find a local guide and start walking through the streets. Some of the famous sites in Bergen are Museums, Bergenhus Fortress, Mt. Sandviken, Mt. Ulriken, and Mt. Floyen. All these sites are very beautiful and give you a glimpse of Norwegian culture. End your day after taking the four-wheels on rent to start your journey from Bergen.

beautiful view of stavanger city in norway

Day 3

Stavanger – The Gateway to Lysefjord

After waking up, you start driving towards Stavanger city, which is 211 km from Bergen. Your way to Stavanger is full of scenic views of Norwegian Coast, tiny fish outposts, ferries, and an undersea tunnel. On your way, you can stay in local villages, have local food, talk about the culture of the city. After reaching Stavanger, you can visit the ancient preserved wooden buildings of the 18th century.

Day 4

Visit Lysefjord

After your breakfast in Stavanger, pack your bag and start moving towards Lysefjord, one of the best fjords in Norway. This is the place where you get a chance to get a view of a fjord for the first time in your life. Here you have to choose from three options to make your day. You can go to trekking of 5 hours in ‘Ferry to Pulpit Rock’ trek, visit ‘Flor & Fjaere' a boat trip through the fjord and then a healthy walk in the garden of flowers and climb the 'Top of Florli’ by a wooden stairway of 4,444 steps.

view from preikestolen or pulpit rock in rogaland, norway

Day 5

A day for Voringfossen Waterfall

After Lysefjord, on the next morning start driving towards your next destination Eidfjord. It takes five-six hours to reach the village of Eidfjord. After 30 minutes of hiking from Eidfjord, you reach Voringfossen waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Norway. Visit Kjeasen Mountain Farm and Hardangervidda Nature Center are the other places you can go to in Eidfjord. This place gives you the experience to face the scenic nature of Norway.

Day 6


For the 6th day, the world's third-largest fjord is waiting for you i.e. Hardangerfjord. It is located in the Hardanger district of Norway. The Hardangerfjord stretches 179 km from the Atlantic Ocean.

Here you can take the experience of Norway cruising and enjoy the scenic view of Hardangerfjord through a cruise. It is amongst the most ancient parts of Norway, here you can watch nearby places and get to know their culture, life, etc.

scenic views of hardangerfjord near odda, norway

Day 7

Visit to Ardal and Sognefjord

After 3 hours of driving from Hardangerfjord, you reach the village of Ardal. After your lunch here you can visit Norway's longest and deepest fjord i.e. Sognefjord. Here you can enjoy the famous Norwegian cruising experience. Jotunheimen National Park is also located in Ardal. You can see Galdhopiggen and Glittertind, which are the two highest mountains in the country.

Day 8

Activities Day

After completing your 7 days scenic view of Norwegian fjords, the 8th day is for activities. On this day you can Kayak or Hike. It depends on you whether you can choose 3 hours Kayaking through the fjord or hiking through Haugstad. Both these activities are very refreshing, after your 7 days of visiting various places, this is like another surprise waiting for you. If someone is not interested in activities, for them, the village of Ardal is there for shopping, food, etc.

small cottages in jotunheimen national park, norway

Day 9

Going back to Bergen

This is the second last day of your trip, after driving through the various fjords, seeing various mountain peaks, taking a lot of photographs, hiking, kayaking, enjoying local food it's time to go back to Bergen, from where our journey started. It takes 4 hours or 211km to reach Bergen from Ardal.

Day 10

Going Back

This is your last day of the trip. With once in a lifetime memories of this sojourn say a final goodbye and move to the airport.

dark clouds over voringfossen waterfall in norway