Scandinavian Capitals and Aurora


Europe is drenched in a rich history and it is engulfed by natural beauty. The Scandinavia tours allow you to experience the vibrant and varied cultures of Northern Europe. From historic and ancient cities to lofty mountains and fjords, from the Oslo walking tour to the SkyView experience, this trip will take you on a journey of a lifetime. Marvel at majestic waterfalls, well-built tunnels and geological wonders. Go out on a hunt for the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and enjoy fantastic views from the boat. This trip is for all those who want to quench their thirst for adventure.

Kick-off in magical Helsinki with the adventurous Helsinki walking tour, witness the jaw-dropping landscapes of fjords and mountains of Scandinavia and take a ride on the Cable Car on Mount Storsteinen. What more can you ask for? So, are you ready for this? Pack your bags and set off on this marvelous journey.

Trip Highlights
  • Be a part of the Helsinki walking tour and visit Suomenlinna, which holds memories of the past
  • Enjoy the magnificent scenery as you travel from Oslo to Bergen
  • Witness the beauty of Bergen from on top of the Fløibanen Funicular
  • Lose your yourself in the panoramic beauty of the Northern Lights through a comfortable cruise
  • Take a ride on the Cable Car on Mount Storsteinen and enjoy fantastic views of the city
  • Get a taste of the old times by visiting the Gamla Stan
  • Experience the beauty of Stockholm through SkyView

Day 1

Welcome to Helsinki

The magical journey begins when you land in Helsinki. You will be transferred to the hotel from the airport. The capital of Finland is a modern cultural city and you can feast your eyes upon the beautiful structures that are present here. Draped in the rich fabric of history, Helsinki has numerous sights that will pique your interest. You can relax for some time in the hotel after which you will head out and explore these magnificent attractions.

The Helsinki walking tour consists of magical places like the Helsinki Cathedral, Senate Square, the Parliament building, Finlandia Hall, the Sibelius Monument and Temppeliaukio Church (Rock Church) which will take you back in time.

Day 2

Bask in the glory of Helsinki

Have a luxurious breakfast in the morning and spend the day by visiting Suomenlinna, the 250-year-old fortress located on an island just outside the city center of Helsinki. Gawk at this unique historical monument which is one of the largest maritime fortresses in the world. Suomenlinna holds the promise of showing you the colors of the fascinating past.

Day 3

Helsinki to Oslo

Depart from Helsinki with beautiful memories. You will board a flight from Helsinki which will take you to the marvelous city of Oslo. Arrive at the airport and you will be transferred to the hotel. Oslo is the capital of Norway and forms an important part of the Scandinavia tours. You can spend the rest of your time relaxing.

beautiful view of bergen city from top station reached by fløibanen funicular

Day 4

Explore Oslo

Surrounded by lush green forests and breathtakingly beautiful fjords, the city of Oslo is another name for paradise. Spend the day by enjoying the Grand Oslo tour. The Oslo walking tour is inclusive of the Frogner Park, the museum of Viking ships, the Royal Palace, City Hall, and Akershus Fortress. The Holmenkollen Ski Jump will give you a wonderful view of the city along with the fjords that are housed here and the Magic Ice bar will welcome you with a drink in an ice glass. You will also visit 2 museums. You can spend the rest of the day exploring this city that is filled with surprises. It is recommended to visit Karl Johan’s street which teems with many shops, bars, and cafes.

Day 5

The trip from Oslo to Bergen

A good breakfast will set you right up for the long day. You will board a train that takes you to Myrdal. On reaching here, you will board the splendid Flåmsbana which is one of the steepest train lines in the world. The journey from Myrdal to Flåm will leave you spellbound. You will move past steep mountains, magnificent waterfalls, and 20 tunnels before you reach Flåm. On arriving here, you will get the chance to explore this beautiful village. You will then depart from Flåm by boat. The Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, which are the arms of the famous Sognefjord, will refresh your mind as you enjoy a cruise here. After arriving in Gudvangen, you will be transferred to Voss where you will board your train to Bergen. Arrive in Bergen and retire for the day.

beautiful old town of stockholm across the bridge, sweden

Day 6

Bergen welcomes you

Prepare for the day by indulging in an exquisite breakfast. Bergen will warmly welcome you with its culture, amazing urban life, and the beautiful nature all around. You will meet your local guide at the reception and you can then enjoy 2 hours of city sightseeing. The road will take you past beautiful places like the Hanseatic Bryggen, with the church of Mary, the Hakon fortress, and the famous fish market. You will be able to get a splendid view of this enigmatic city when you take a ride on the Fløibanen Funicular, which will take you on the top of the Mountain Fløyen. You can either relax for the day or if you wish, you can take a cruise on the Bergen fjord.

Day 7

Arrive in Tromsø and experience its beauty

You will be transferred to the airport in the morning for your flight to Tromsø. Upon your arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel. In the evening, the Northern Lights Cruise will take you on a journey of a lifetime. The experience of watching the Aurora from your comfortable boat will be extremely surreal. The vibrant hues of blue, green, violet and pink will dance across the sky leaving you mesmerized. The viewing deck on the boat will enable you to enjoy your time to the fullest here. You will then return to the hotel and retire for the day.

mount storsteinen near tromso city, norway

Day 8

Tromsø will leave you spellbound

Start your day with a delectable breakfast. Enjoy 2 hours of city sightseeing in Tromsø on foot. The view over Tromsø and the surrounding mountains are famous for being the most photographed panoramas and you can enjoy these views through a ride on the famous Cable Car on Mount Storsteinen. You can even have a delicious lunch among the clouds if you wish. In the evening, you will set off on the Northern Lights Hunt by road. You can build some beautiful memories by clicking pictures of the magical lights.

Day 9

Witness the magic of Stockholm

The morning is for you to relax. You will be transferred to the Tromsø airport for your flight to Stockholm which, being the capital of Sweden, forms another important part of the Scandinavia tours. Upon arriving here, you will be transferred to the hotel. You can spend the rest of the day walking along the streets and exploring the city. The famous Drottninggatan (Queen Street) will welcome you with its abundant shops, bars, and cafes. You can then retire for the day.

blue sky over suomenlinna or sveaborg sea fortress helsinki, finland

Day 10

Revel in Stockholm’s glory

You will be a part of the Stockholm Grand Tour today. This city, which is built upon 14 islands is surrounded by the Lake Mälaren, and by the Baltic Sea. Drenched in a rich history, this city houses grand public buildings, palaces, and museums. During your sightseeing tour, you will visit the Gamla Stan, which will charm you with its cobblestone streets and medieval alleyways. This magical town also houses the Royal Palace, beautiful churches, well-built cafés, restaurants, and Swedish shops. A visit to the Vasa Museum will take you back in time as you witness the journey of the famous ship Vasa, which foundered after sailing about 1300m. You will also have the opportunity of visiting the SkyView which will give you a fantastic view encompassing all of Stockholm.

Day 11

The tour ends on a happy note

Enjoy a luxurious breakfast. You will be transferred to the Stockholm airport for your flight back home or to another destination. You can bid adieu to this marvelous place and depart with sweet memories.