Kathmandu & Pokhara


Nepal is known as the land of Himalayas and is full of beautiful people, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant culture. Having some of the most beautiful temples, historical monuments, and monasteries, a Nepal tour will not be complete if you do not visit Kathmandu and Pokhara. The majestic snow-clad mountains, scenic views, and adventurous activities make Nepal one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Be it the exemplary Pashupatinath Temple or the Durbar Square in Kathmandu, or the view of the stunning Annapurna range from Pokhara, a Nepal Tour is all you need to take for witnessing the beauty of this vibrant country!

Trip Highlights
  • Explore the Pashupatinath Temple and the Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Pay a visit to Boudhanath Stupa, the world’s largest stupa
  • Witness the beauty of Patan and Bhaktapur
  • Get an opportunity to see Mount Everest from a closer view by taking an Everest Flight
  • Feel at peace by boating at the Pokhara Lake in the evening
  • Experience the magnificent sunrise at Sarangkot
  • Enjoy a farewell dinner along with Nepali Music and Dance in Kathmandu

Day 1

Arrive Kathmandu

After a comfortable journey, you will reach Kathmandu Airport, where our guide will greet you. Later, our guide will transfer you to your hotel, where you can check-in and relax.


Known as the commercial, cultural, and political hub of Nepal, the Kathmandu Valley was once a separate kingdom in Nepal that contained three legendary cities, namely Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. Each of these three cities boasts an artistic elucidation of graceful temples, brick-paved courtyards, ornate palaces, and ancient streets. The valley contains seven UNESCO World Heritage sites.


During the afternoon, you will visit the Durbar Square. Being the historic seat of royalty, Durbar Square has old palaces and temples and palaces that epitomize the resident's cultural and religious life. The kings of Nepal are crowned and their coronations solemnized at the Durbar Square. You will see the Taleju Temple built in 1549 AD by King Mahendra Malla, Kal Bhairav's temple, Nautale Durbar, the Gaddi Baithak, Coronation Nasal Chowk, the statue of King Pratap Malla, Jagannath Temple, and the Big Drum.


You will observe a large wooden lattice screen that hides an enormous gilded face of Sweta Bhairav on the right-hand corner. You will also visit the Numismatic Museum and Tribhuvan Museum inside the Hanuman Dhoka Palace building.

himalayas can be seen from pokhara lake, nepal

Day 2

Kathmandu Sightseeing

OPTIONAL: On the second day of your Nepal tour, you can choose to take an early morning flight for viewing the magnificent Himalayas and Mount Everest. The flight tour will provide you with a clear view of Mount Everest 8848 Meters above the sea level with any obstruction. You will also get to look at the brilliant aerial panorama view of Kathmandu Valley while you take off to see Mount Everest. Each person will have a window seat during the ride so that they can enjoy the breath-taking views of the Himalayas as well as the stunning Mount Everest. This ride will give you the best and the most extraordinary experience of your life.


On the morning of the second day, you will have breakfast and then proceed for the sightseeing.


The renowned Pasupatinath temple will be your first destination. Considered as one amongst the five holiest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Pashupatinath Temple is a beautiful double-tiered structure that is decorated lavishly with silver and gold. The entrance of the temple is guarded by a black stone structure of Shiva’s bull, Nandi. The entry inside the temple is only restricted to Hindus, the other guests can view activities across the Bagmati River.


The next destination will be the Boudhanath Stupa, which is the world's largest stupa.


The Boudhanath Stupa lies on the outskirts of the city. Being on the ancient trade route, the Stupa looks upon the mesmerizing view of the city below with its benevolent Buddha eyes. There are a plethora of activities around the stupa, and you will see the Buddhist chanters, drums beating in the nearby monasteries, and the constant movement of the worshippers.


In the evening, you will enjoy an unforgettable dining experience by eating a four-course meal featuring traditional Nepali food. After having dinner, you will enjoy traditional Nepali Cultural dance and folk music. The cultural show will include various other cultural shows representing more than 100 distinct ethnic groups of Nepal. You will see the Lakhe dance, Newari dance, the Tharu cultural dance, Maithili dance, and many other dances in the show.

himalayas can be seen on a clean day in kathmandu, nepal

Day 3

Visit Bhaktapur and Patan

On the third day of your Nepal Tour, you will proceed towards a sightseeing tour to Bhaktapur and Patan.


Bhaktapur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site just like Patan, and it is referred to as the ‘City of Devotees.’ Also called Khwopa, Bhaktapur remained one of the capitals during the reign of the Malla rulers. Standing on top of a hill, Bhaktapur is just a few kilometers away from Kathmandu.


Being an utter delight for guests, Bhaktapur houses shrines, sculptures, temples, palaces, and various homes and streets that display intricate stonework and woodwork designs. Bhaktapur is full of historical and spiritual references.


The Nyatapola Temple is a 100 feet pagoda structure that lies in the Bhaktapur Square. The shrine is guarded by massive stones at all steps. On the top of the steps, you can view beautiful views of the town below and the surrounding scenery.


The Bhaktapur Durbar Square houses a stunning collection of ancient temples and structures and temples made in pagoda and shikhara styles. The statues, sculptures, and lattice window engravings around the palace are the most significant and stunning pieces of design and architecture in the square.

ancient lhakhe mask dance in patan durbar square, patan, nepal

Day 4

Fly to Pokhara

Post breakfast, you will leave towards the airport for your local flight to the peaceful valley of Pokhara.


Upon your arrival at Pokhara, you will be transferred to your hotel, where you can relax with the magnificent view of the Annapurna range forming the backdrop of the city.


The Annapurna range stretches from the east to west and includes Annapurna I to IV and Annapurna South. Even though the highest is Annapurna I (8091m), it is the Machhapuchhre that dominates all other peaks in the neighborhood. The fish-tailed pinnacle is the snow-capped, needle-pointed mountain that rules the skyline.


Having remarkable beauty, Pokhara lies at an altitude of 827m from the sea level and 200km west of Kathmandu valley. Having a population of around 95,000, Pokhara has various beautiful lakes and offers striking panoramic views of the Himalayas. The city has an ambiance of peace and magic. Being an integral part of the historical trade route extending between India and Tibet, you can still spot mule trains bringing goods from remote regions camped on the outskirts of the town. The city is the land of Magars and Gurungs, who were the hardworking farmers and courageous warriors who are famous as Gurkha soldiers. The Thakalis are another important ethnic group of Pokhara known for their entrepreneurship. The climate is slightly warmer than Kathmandu as the daytime temperature revolves around 15 degrees Celsius in winter and 35 degrees Celsius in summers. The monsoons are very wet and last from mid-June to mid-September. Pokhara also records the highest rainfall in the country.


Foreign guests visit the Damside and Lakeside (or Pardi and Baidam, in Nepali) districts of Pokhara. These areas have strips of hotels and restaurants and are a few kilometers towards the south-west of the main Pokhara bazaar.


In the evening, you will enjoy boating at Phewa Lake. The boat ride is the best way for you to unwind and get a magnificent mountain view. Various colorful wooden doongas are available for you to rent at different boat stations, like the Varahi Ghat and Phewa Ghat. You can also explore the Phewa Lake through a Kayak.

annapurna range view from sarangkot, pokhara, nepal

Day 5

Pokhara Sightseeing

You will start the fifth day of your Pokhara Tour by visiting Sarangkot to see the stunning sunrise.

Lying in Pokhara's Kaski District, Sarangkot offers the guests an enchanting location for viewing the sunrise over the majestic Himalayas with a clear view of both the Machhapuchhre mountains and the Annapurna range. Having a height of 1600 meters, this attractive point is just 45 minutes away from Pokhara.


After witnessing the stunning sunrise, you will return to the hotel, have breakfast, and proceed for the other activities.


You will visit the famed Devi’s Fall, which is locally known as Patale Chango. It is a spectacular waterfall that lies about 2 km south-west of Pokhara Airport. As per legends, a trekker was washed away by the Pardi Khola and later disappeared down into an underground passage beneath the fall.


The other places that you will visit include the Bindhyabasini Temple at the old bazaar, Mahendra cave (House of Bats), Seti Gandaki, the boisterous river flowing underground, nature's wonder at Pokhara & Pokhara Museum.


After having lunch, you will explore the city by visiting the Begnas Lake & Rupa Lake located 15Km from Pokhara. The Lakes are divided by a forested hillock called Panchbhaiya Danda and offer the absolute nature retreat with their seclusion.


Your last location would be the Tibetian Monastery, post which you will return to your hotel.

boudhnath stupa at night in kathmandu, nepal

Day 6

Fly to Kathmandu

After having a delicious breakfast, you will proceed towards the airport for your flight back to Kathmandu.


After reaching, you will reach your hotel and relax for some time.


You will enjoy shopping on the sixth day of your Nepal Tour.


Kathmandu has various bazaars that act as a shopper's paradise. You can purchase handicrafts of brilliant workmanship that carry religious significance. You can also purchase artistic works of metal, stone, silver, gold, wood carvings, and various other famous works all over Nepal.

Day 7

Fly Back Home

You will proceed towards the airport as per your flight schedule.

You will fly back home with all the beautiful memories of your Nepal Tour!