Masai Mara Tour Packages


Get ready for memorable adventures with Wild Voyager. Our carefully curated itineraries of Masai Mara tour packages cater to both avid explorers and nature enthusiasts, ensuring an amazing experience amidst the breathtaking landscape and diverse wildlife of Mara. Dive into the heart of the savannah to witness the thrilling great migration and capture the beauty of Africa’s untamed beauty. If you are looking for a shared experience, do check out our group tour Masai Mara safari packages, where you can share the magic of Mara with fellow travelers. 


Enjoy the wonders of this iconic destination with our packages, making every moment an extraordinary encounter with nature.

Trip Highlights
  • Witness the glory of the wildcats in the vast savannahs of Masai Mara
  • Spot the other famous denizens like the giraffe, zebras, rhino, hippo, and the African elephant of this unique ecosystem
  • Explore the area from an insiders perspective by being guided by the best guides
  • Feel the thrill by staying inside luxury camps inside Masai Mara
  • Go for a calming hot air balloon safari
  • Witness the annual wildebeest migration

Day 1

Arrival at Nairobi

On your arrival at the airport, you will be met by our airport representative, who will transfer you to the Hotel.


Being a thriving modern capital, Nairobi is East Africa's most cosmopolitan city. Nairobi is one of the most interesting cities in Africa, and it is full of boundless energy. Having an excellent balance between its past and present, it has a charm of its own. You will spend your night at a nice hotel in this charming city.

Day 2


After having an early breakfast, our driver will meet you at the hotel, and take you for your onward journey to Masai Mara. You can either drive down to or fly into Masai Mara. The drive will take around 6 to 7 hours over tarmac as well as a dirt road. The flight will be a short one for 45 to 50 minutes from the Wilson Domestic Airport.

Our driver will drop you at the airport, and you will be picked up from the designated airstrip inside Masai Mara.

Post lunch, you can rest for a while and then leave for your afternoon game drive. You will come back by late evening and then rest for the day. At night, you can relax by the bonfire with your drinks.

Days 3 - 6

Nairobi to Masai Mara

Home to around 1.5 million wildebeests, The Masai Mara National Park is amongst the most famous wildlife parks on the planet. It is also home to thousands of hippopotamus, Nile crocodiles, Zebras, the rare Wide Rhinos, wild cats, more than 400 bird species among other animals and various types of wild plantations. One of the best attractions is the big five, namely rhinos, elephants, buffaloes, and lions.


You will spend the four days by maximizing on game drive experiences, guided by an experienced Maasai guide cum driver. We will organize morning, mid-morning, and afternoon game drives on all the four days of your Masai Mara luxury safari. You will cover different areas each day and keep track of the herds of wildebeests and zebras gathering on the river banks to cross over to the other side if you are travelling during the migration time. You will be back by sunset, and your evenings will be at leisure by a bonfire on all the days.


One any one day, you can visit the Maasai Village to interact with and see how the Maasai live their life. You can also go for a balloon safari on one of these days. We will also organize for breakfast by the hippo pool and a bush lunch amidst the vast savannas. There will be a sundowner experience on one of these days, and on the last night at Mara, there will be a special bush dinner with Maasai dances.

Day 7

Masai Mara

You can wake up late on the day, and then leave for Nairobi via. flight after having your breakfast. After arriving at the Nairobi Wilson airport by noon, our representative will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the Jomo Kenyatta International airport for your flight back home with pleasant memories of Masai Mara luxury safari.

More Details

The Masai Mara National Reserve

Masai Mara, named after its ancestral habitats, holds cultural significance, with the word ‘Masai’ representing the indigenous tribe residing within the park. The term ‘Mara’ translates to ‘spotted’ in Swahili, depicting the park’s landscape adorned with acacia trees and thorn bushes, set within the breathtaking backdrop of the Great Rift Valley.

Situated in southwestern Kenya near the Tanzanian border, Masai Mara is adjacent to Serengeti National Park, with Masai villages dotting the surrounding area.

Two rivers, the Mara and the Talek, traverse the park, enhancing the scenic beauty of its grassy plains and rolling hills. The unique landscape, marked by circles of trees, savannas, and intriguing cloud shadows, provides a captivating view during a Masai Mara tour.


beautiful view during masai mara tour


Exploring Masai Mara unveils a land filled with abundant wildlife, offering a truly immersive experience within this remarkable ecosystem.

The park’s location and diverse topography make it an ideal destination for those seeking both natural beauty and adventurous activities through tailored Masai Mara tour packages.


Unveiling Masai Mara’s Wildlife through Our Tour Packages

Also known as Masai Mara National Park, this biodiverse haven boasts a rich variety of animal species. Begin on Masai Mara tour packages, offers the chance to witness the African Big Five, with lion prides and herds of elephants making frequent appearances.

Leopards can be observed napping on trees, while Cape Buffalos are abundant in the Mara.

Spread across the park, various animals contribute to its diverse ecosystem. Iconic species like cheetahs roam the Mara, alongside giraffes, zebras, and thousands of grazing wildebeests. The river hosts pods of hippopotamuses, with crocodiles on the lookout for their next prey.


cheetah brothers hunting during masai mara tour packages


The Mara’s fame extends to its collection of rare animals, including sightings of the elusive black rhino during safaris. Endangered species of antelopes, along with the Grevy’s zebra, find a home in the Mara, making it a truly exceptional destination for wildlife enthusiasts exploring Masai Mara tour packages.


Masai Mara’s Birdlife Exploration with Our Tour Packages

Kenya stands as an excellent destination for birders, offering vibrant avifauna sightings. Bird-watchers exploring Masai Mara tour packages can delight in spotting a diverse range of birdlife, including migratory and endemic species.

Masai Mara, alone, boasts a remarkable record of over 500 bird species, encompassing raptors, making bird watching a common feature in Masai Mara tours.


bird watching during masai mara tour packages


The national bird of Kenya, the lilac-breasted roller, is a notable sighting during a Masai Mara tour. The Mara is also home to ground hornbills, while secretary birds add to the park’s avian fame.

The grasslands host various birds, such as Kori bustards and white storks, while swamplands offer sightings of different heron species.

River areas feature kingfishers and turaco, adding to the diverse birdlife of the Mara. Notably, the birds of prey, including the iconic Bateleur, soar across the clear blue skies.

Our Masai Mara tour remains an unforgettable experience, as this destination is a year-round haven for game viewing, with its rich wildlife and birdlife available for spotting at any time of the year.


The Wildebeest Migration

The great migration, also known as the wildebeest migration, is a spectacular wildlife event, considered unparalleled in its grandeur. This never-seen-before phenomenon is the most celebrated experience, exclusively witnessed during Masai Mara tour packages.

This incredible journey involves thousands of wildebeests, accompanied by other hoofed animals such as gazelles and zebras. Originating from Tanzania’s Serengeti, the migration concludes in the Mara towards the end of the year, spanning across two countries.

Driven by the search for food and water, the wildebeests undertake this annual migration, facing various dangers along the way. Predators, including lions, leopards, and cheetahs, lurk from both parks, resulting in dramatic chases and actions.

A significant highlight includes river crossings, particularly near the Mara River, where migratory animals attempt to traverse its waters. This perilous journey becomes a real-life spectacle during a Masai Mara tour, featuring live river crossings.

Beyond its grandeur, the migration offers an emotional experience, showcasing the survival of the fittest. For those seeking to witness this awe-inspiring event, booking Masai Mara tour packages during the migration season is the key to unlocking this remarkable natural phenomenon.

The migration unfolds in both Serengeti and the Mara. However, for the ultimate experience, Kenya Masai Mara stands as the prime location. Travelers enjoy enhanced chances of witnessing this extraordinary event here, thanks to better accessibility compared to Serengeti and a more concentrated route. Plan your Masai Mara tour around this captivating migration.


Timeline of the Migration

There is no fixed schedule for the migration. It occurs according to the climate. The availability of pasture also affects it. One cannot predict the exact migration days. Travelers must always plan an extended Masai Mara tour.

A general timetable is available for the migration. It offers a rough timeline of the events. It takes place according to months.


January to March

In January, the herds start moving. They are joined by other plain animals. Calving season begins in February. One can see the birth of around 8000 wildebeests in a day.

The adults train the younger calves for the journey. This season oversees dramatic killings. Hyenas and wild dogs often follow the herds. One can spot hungry lions leopards and cheetahs.

Rain starts pouring in March. The animals stop grazing across Serengeti. They start heading towards the west.


April to May

Long rains take place in April and May. These months face heaving flooding. This makes it harder to spot herds. The herds reach central Serengeti by the end of May.


June to Mid July

The animals are seen in the Seronera valley. They move into the western corridor. The first river crossing takes place. The animals have to cross the Grumeti River. Those who make it alive across the Serengeti border. They enter the Maasai Mara.


Late July to October

The animals have to cross another deadly river. This time it is the Mara River. It has dangerous Nile Crocodiles.


November to December

These months observe short rains. The Mara is green and luscious. It transforms into a beautiful landscape. The herds disperse into shorter groups. They enjoy ample grazing.

Once the mara grass diminishes, they return to Serengeti. They begin the calving season. The annual migration starts all over again.


When to see the Migration?

Kenya’s seasons are dynamic. There is no fixed timeline for the migration. One can plan the trip according to the animals’ movements. The peak months are from June to October. The herds enter the Mara during these months. The Mara River crossing can also be witnessed.


Private Conservancies

The Mara conservancies aim to protect the park. Within each conservancy lies exclusive accommodation. They offer private access to safaris. Here a range of activities can be enjoyed.

These include night game drives. It also allows off-road game drives. The conservancies restrict the number of guests. This allows for more room. Not many tourist crowds are spotted either.

All of this contributes to a luxury African safari. Less crowd means one can enjoy a safari smoothly. The conservancies have stunning scenery. Lodges and tented camps are built strategically.

There are many private conservancies in the park. These include the famous Mara Naboisho. It is the second-largest conservancy in the Mara. Olare Motoragi is also popular. One can also stay in Ol Kinyei and Mara Triangle.


Engaging Activities for Your Masai Mara Tour with Our Packages

A Masai Mara tour involves several activities. These range from adventurous to leisure. The vast park has a lot to offer. Here are some top activities to enjoy:


Game Drives

They are also called Jeep safaris. Game drives are classic activities. They are guided by experts. Game drives allow travellers to see Mara’s thriving wildlife. One can opt for multiple game drives on the same day. Morning and evening game drives are popular.

Experience thrilling game drives with wildvoyager's masai mara tour packages

Night safaris are permitted only in certain areas of the park. They are accompanied by rangers. It is perfect for photographers or filmmakers. Night-time game drives display nocturnal animals.


Horseback safari

This is an unusual type of safari. Travelers can explore the park through horse rides. It is a unique experience enjoyed in the Mara. Horseback safaris were taken up by explorers in the past. One can enjoy galloping next to various animals. These include giraffes and zebras. During the migration, one can even ride along with wildbeests.


Walking safaris

These are undertaken on foot. It does not involve vehicles. Travelers are guided by experts. What is missed during game drive is covered in walking safaris. One can observe minute details of the Mara. Guided walks offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They are enjoyed at a leisure pace.

Enjoy walking safaris in masai mara with wildvoyager's tour packages.


Community visits

A Masai mara tour is incomplete without a cultural experience. Travelers can meet the Maasai people. One can visit their villages as well. Interaction with Maasai people is a must during a Kenya safari.

experience the Masai Mara culture in our tour packages


Hot air balloon ride

This is best taken in Masai Mara. The ride soars above the Mara Plains. One can spot animals from a bird’s-eye view. Hot-air balloon rides create a special experience.

Enjoy hot air balloon safari in our mara mara's tour packages


Bush meals

Camps and lodges offer bush meals. These include sundowners as well. Travellers can enjoy bush meals at a scenic spot. They are arranged in the open, wild plains of Africa.

Bush Meal in masai mara' wilderness, experience this adventure with our tour packages


Unlocking the Charms of Masai Mara with Our Tour Packages

Begin your journey through the heart of Africa with our exclusive Masai Mara tour packages. Our carefully curated itineraries ensure that you experience the magic of this iconic wildlife destination like never before.


In-depth Exploration of Masai Mara

Indulge deep into the rich landscapes and diverse ecosystems of Masai Mara. Our tour packages offer more than just a glimpse of the famed wildlife; they provide an immersive experience.

From the sweeping savannahs to the winding Mara River, each day promises new adventures and memorable encounters with the region’s amazing flora and fauna.


Tailored Experiences in our Tour Packages

We understand that everybody has different preferences, so our tour packages are designed with customization. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, a photography buff, or a family looking for a unique vacation, we have curated options that will suit every individual’s preferences. Choose the pace, the activities, and the level of luxury that fit your travel style.


Highlights and Attractions Covered

From the world-famous Great Migration to the majestic Big Five, our tour packages will allow you to witness the most iconic wildlife spectacles.

Capture the magic of Masai Mara with visits to local Masai villages, hot-air balloon safaris, and guided walks led by our experts. Your adventure is enhanced with cultural insights and up-close encounters with the region’s incredible biodiversity.


Choosing the Right Masai Mara Tour Packages for Your Adventure

Selecting the perfect tour package is crucial for an enriching and stress-free journey through Masai Mara. Let us guide you through the options, ensuring your adventure matches seamlessly with your preferences and budget.


Understanding the Variety of Packages

Our diverse range of Masai Mara tour packages is designed for every type of traveller. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline-fueled safari, a romantic getaway, or a family-friendly expedition, we have carefully crafted options to suit your desires. Explore the itineraries and choose the one that resonates with your choice of adventure.


Customization Options for Your Preferences

Personalise your Masai Mara experience with our flexible customization options. Want to extend your stay, focus on specific wildlife, or include cultural immersion? Our team is here to tailor your itinerary, making sure that every moment of your journey aligns with your imagination and expectation of the perfect safari.


Budget-Friendly and Luxury Choices 

Travel should not be compromised. Our tour packages offer a spectrum of choices, from budget-friendly options to luxurious indulgences. Experience the beauty of Masai Mara without exceeding your budget, or treat yourself to a lavish escape with exclusive accommodations and personalized services.


Tips for Planning and Booking Your Memorable Masai Mara Tour

Planning a Masai Mara safari is an exciting adventure, and we’re here to guide you through the process. Consider these tips to ensure your journey is seamless and your memories last.


Timing Your Visit: Best Seasons and Considerations

Masai Mara’s wildlife showcases different facets throughout the year. Learn about the best seasons for witnessing the Great Migration, the abundance of predators, or the birthing season.

Plan your visit based on your wildlife preferences and the unique experiences each season offers. Check out our blog to learn more about the Seasons of Masai Mara.


Essential Inclusions in Tour Packages

Our tour packages include more than just accommodations and game drives. Discover the added value with inclusions like expert guides, conservation fees, and exclusive experiences. We believe in providing a comprehensive safari experience that goes beyond the ordinary.


Booking Accommodations and Transportation 

Rest easy knowing your accommodations are handpicked for comfort, safety, and proximity to the action. Whether you prefer luxury lodges, intimate tented camps, or a combination of both, our tour packages offer a range of options.

Additionally, seamless transportation is ensured, allowing you to focus on the adventure while we take care of the logistics.


Wildlife Encounters: Masai Mara Safari Adventures in Our Tour Packages

Prepare yourself for unique wildlife encounters as you begin your Masai Mara safari adventure with our expertly crafted tour packages.


Safari Itineraries and Game Drive Experiences 

Explore the wild heart of Africa with our thoughtfully planned safari itineraries. Each day unfolds with game drives led by knowledgeable guides, offering insights into the behavior and habitats of the magnificent creatures that call Masai Mara home. Capture the perfect shot, witness thrilling chases, and create memories that last a lifetime.


Conservation and Eco-Friendly Tourism Initiatives 

Our commitment to responsible tourism is woven into every aspect of our tour packages. Join us in supporting local conservation efforts and eco-friendly initiatives. From low-impact accommodations to ethical wildlife encounters, we strive to leave a positive impact on Masai Mara’s delicate ecosystem.


Exclusive Wildlife Sightings in Our Packages

Benefit from our local expertise and extensive network to witness exclusive wildlife sightings. Whether it’s tracking elusive leopards, observing majestic elephants, or marveling at the diversity of birdlife, our Masai Mara tour packages unlock doors to the most remarkable moments in natural theatre.