Siberia Siberia tour



Siberia is the most remote, wild and untamed part of Russia. The location is remote, temperatures are unforgiving, the weather can be harsh, but within this starkness emerges some of the finest spectacles of nature. Siberia is home to the famous Siberian Tigers or Amur Tigers, these are the largest amongst all Tiger species and largest wild cats on this planet. Spotting one is extremely difficult as the numbers have dwindled and their movement is extremely unpredictable. However, as of now, the species is surviving well thanks to the local conservation efforts. Another equally exotic species is the Amur Leopard, which is even more rare and more difficult to see.


Another attraction of Siberia is the lake Baikal. One of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, Lake Baikal in Russia has always been a spectacle for the guests. The mountains and forest-covered lake look like a pearl enclosed in a shell, with its clear, shining water. Lake Baikal is home to an array of species of flora and fauna and people come here to cut away from the hustle of the world and enjoy the sheer beauty that is offered by nature in the form of Lake Baikal.


Location: Russia

Nearest Airport: Irkutsk airport

How to reach: By road and helicopter from airport

Famous for: Siberian Tigers, Siberian Leopards, Lake Baikal

Best time to visit: January to April


Mammals: Amur Tigers, Amur Leopards,

Wild dogs,

Asian black bear,

Wolves, elk,

Siberian deer, Siberian weasels


A lake so vast, it looks like an ocean. Yes,Lake Baikalis that huge. This freshwater lake is the ornament of Russia and the Siberian region. The lake is a life-giver to the area’s plants and animals. It attracts migratory birds as they fly away in search of warmer places. Spend some days at the camp here, without any connection from the outside world, and let the magic of the place seep into you. The place provides tranquility to its guests. Experience the dazzling sunrise by the lake and get blanketed under the stars in the night.


siberian tiger on snow in the jungles of siberia

Things to do nearby


Take a stroll through Irkutsk City

Visit the ancient city of Irkutsk, the unofficial capital of the place. Get mesmerized with the outstanding church and cathedral that add to the mystic aura of the place. Relish the delicious local food as you walk through the city. Be prepared to capture lots of photos. The place is covered in scenic beauty and filled with marvelous buildings. The guests can also delve into the heritage of the place by visiting the Irkutsk Museum of Regional Studies.


an asian black bear on a tree in the jungles of siberia

Tread on the Great Baikal Trail

Connect with nature as the guests trek through the shores and cross beautiful villages on their way. The trail will take you through the woods that surround the villages and is relatively easy. Spend the nights during the trek in the guesthouses that are spread around the area. The trail has now been made easier with the help of thousands of volunteers from all around the world.


the amur leopard or snow leopard waiting for its prey in the jungles of siberia

Wind down at Peschanaya Bay

Enjoy the cool breeze by the sea at Peschanaya Bay. The sparking golden sand under the sun will surely mesmerize the guests. The place is a quiet retreat where one can enjoy some of the most exquisite landscapes. It is adorned with ancient pine trees and granite rocks. It is the best place to cherish the exquisite sight of the sun going below the horizon.


winter portrait of siberian husky dog on snow with blue eyes

Find solace in Buddhist Monastery in Ulan-Ude City

The city is a marvel of nature and spell-bounding architecture. The contrasting colors of the green of nature and the bright red of the buildings make the place an attraction. The guests can also get to know about the teachings of the Buddha more deeply at the Monastery of Khambo Lama, Ivolginsky Datsan. The decorated temples that surround the Monastery are a sight to behold.


lots of pieces of ice and hummocks with reflection on lake baikal in siberia at sunset

Altai Mountains

The Altai Republic at the edge of Russia is an amalgamation of geography. Experience the imposing view of mountains from one side, vast and thick forests from another. As the guests trek around the area, they will find various lakes that are the epicenter of game activity in the early hours of dawn as well as in the twilight hours. The guests can set a camp in the National Park and go on excursions to spot the great bears and if luck favors them, the elusive snow leopard as well.


Spotting a Siberian Tiger

It’s a pure feat of luck and patience to spot a Siberian tiger in the wild. One may need to wait for hours and trek through the forests to reach the best position where the majestic tiger can be seen. There are encampments planned and marked in the forest from where it is most probable that one can see the tiger as it roams the jungle, marking its territory and in search of food. If one is lucky enough, they will spot the elusive being without many excursions.

Depending on the hour of the day and the season, one can even expect to catch a glimpse of Siberian cubs, that though look like tiny furballs, are just as ferocious as the adults.