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Situated on the northwestern coast of South America, Ecuador or Republic of Ecuador literally translates as ‘Republic of the Equator’. With the Pacific Ocean on its western flank, the country is bordered by Peru and Columbia and also includes the absolutely breathtaking Galapagos Islands.

Originally inhabited by the Ameridian who were incorporated into the Inca Empire, the area was later colonized by Spain until it emerged as a sovereign state in 1830. The historical influence of its rulers and colonies can be seen in Ecuador’s cities, monuments and architecture, with Spanish as its official language. However, Ecuador is a strategically geographically placed nation that has given rise to its large biodiversity centers, and hosts of endemic plants and animal species. It is one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world and the country recognizing its invaluable ecological systems has incorporated the Rights of Nature in its constitution in 2008.


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