Author: Alankar Chandra


The search for the best camera bag seems like a never-ending quest, especially when diverse options exist. This is particularly true for photographers, where just one camera bag is never enough. In 2021, as manufacturers introduce an increasing number of unique bags, it will become more challenging to determine which bag suits your camera setup. […]

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Introduction The Great Migration, often referred to as ‘the greatest show on Earth’, is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle and the greatest natural wonder on this planet. The phenomenon has been on every safari enthusiast’s bucket list and others alike. It is one of the most celebrated experiences when massive herds of animals across East Africa participate […]

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As per Norse mythology, the aurora was a fire bridge to the sky built by the Gods. Some even considered the northern lights to be the harbingers of war and death. While such superstitions and speculations have died down, many still do not understand the scientific explanation behind this ethereal phenomenon.   The mighty Sun […]

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Wildebeest calving is an annual phenomenon that occurs in the Ndutu plains in the south of Serengeti in Tanzania every year, around January and February. Nowhere else on the planet, you can expect to see such a large congregation of animals, the experience is something that cannot be described in words. Calving is the first […]

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Desert wildlife is an interesting study of how species wonderfully survive in harsh climatic conditions. Part of the Thar desert ecosystem, The Desert National Park near Jaisalmer is a distinct example of a wildlife fest in the desert. As against the popular belief that the camel is about the sole wildlife that one can hope […]

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The Himalayas are one of the best places for bird watchers because of the rarity and variety of birds that are spotted amongst the highest peaks and valleys of the world. Chopta is probably the brightest example of Himalayan birding, acting as a wonderful base for bird watchers who feel a peck of delight at […]

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If you ever want to see what the African Savannah looks like without being to Africa, then Tal Chhapar is the place. Though small in area at about 16sq km, it resembles an African Savannah in all its glory. The golden grasses host over 10,000 Blackbucks and it is the prime example of successful Blackbuck […]

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The Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary is special in many ways. For one, it hosts India’s only ape species – the hoolock gibbons, and Northeastern India’s only nocturnal primate – the Bengal slow loris. Then, very unusually, it is an isolated forest tract set amidst tea gardens and small villages, unlike most of the Indian forests which are often connected […]

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It was going to be my final safari of this short trip to Ranthambhore, a national park famous for its Tigers, located in the western state of Rajasthan in India. Ranthambhore is the first national park I ever visited back in 2008, and also my first wild Tiger sighting happened in Ranthambhore, so it is […]

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There are only a handful of places in the whole world where sighting of a Cat as elusive as a Leopard is a near certainty. At the first glance, the unassuming rocky hillocks in southern fringes of Rajasthan look the least like a wildlife sanctuary, leave alone giving a promise of Leopard sightings. As I […]

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